Money Spinning Programme on BBC1

Next series you should present it Martin you'd be far better - I'll be your co-host if you want I'd love to deal with all of these idle teenagers - let me 'at 'em!!!!



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    Tell them that not me. I would love to do it. The BBC for some reason avoids even talking to me when there's a new TV money series on! I never get anywhere. It's deeply frustrating.
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    I have done - although the BBC website is so hopeless who knows where the e mail will have gone too, hope some other money savers will join in too.

    PS <<<<Blushes>>>>> at receiving a reply from THE Martin Lewis - truly honoured :D
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    for what its worth - might be an idea if we all bombarded them

    Thank you for your e-mail regarding 'Money Spinners'.

    Firstly, the role of BBC Information is to respond to comment, query or criticism concerning programmes on any of the BBC's national, regional and local television or radio services. We also deal with issues related to BBC's policy. For future reference, you can e-mail us directly at:

    [email protected]

    I appreciate you would like Martin Lewis to present this programme. We do find that viewers' opinions are an invaluable source of feedback for BBC programme makers. Styles and policies are continually being assessed and changed based on feedback from the general public. Your views have been registered and form part of our daily feedback to programme makers and BBC management. Comments such as yours help us plan future programmes.

    You may wish to enter the competition on the programme's website. This provides viewers a chance to have family finance consultation by Lorne:

    Thank you again for contacting us with your views.
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