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    Very well said Martin - I especially like the link to the Online Dictionary!!! ;)
  • Comes in the same vein as 'ringgg, ringgg, good evening sir , do you own a mobile phone?
  • MSE_Martin wrote:
    Whether a link pays or not, and how much it pays, doesn't make any difference to the site in any way - it would be the same whether it pays or not

    I think there is another area here that can be exploited, for example Argos.
    There is a very useful argos board on here that I use quite often to get bargains. However, you never get any discount codes for this retailer.
    If you used a link for reserving items it would simply be another method of taking money from the retailer and funding the site or a charity, an act of Robin Hood.
    A cynic is a man who knows the price of everything but the value of nothing.
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