Would like to try Parties (body shop avon etc)

I live in Harrogate, I've been to a virgin vie and also a body shop once upon a time.

I enjoyed them but am really nervous about taking the plunge. How does it work what if noone wants a party.

And what company do I start with?
Money money money.

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  • Hi

    I used to be Virgin Vie at home rep - but i decided it wasn't for me. No one had any parties which meant i was not earning. In the end most of the time i was spending money to make some money, which most of the time was put on my credit cards! To be perfectly honest I wouldn't recommend it to people unless u have an exhausted supply of friends who would be willing to place orders with you or hold a party every month! U still need to register as self employed as you need to pay your tax ect.

    I am sure there are many people who would say go for it, that they have lots of fun but you do need to travel, so think about travel costs, when u place an orders you still have to pay for postage which is around £5 for the 7-10 days or around £8 for the express delivery per order, depending on the games that you want to play you have to have a few prizes, which although can be cheap, can be expensive if you hold 4/5 parties every month! So factor that all in when thinking ob what you could earn.

    You get 25% of the total cost of orders. Plus you may have to pay out for the kit and depending on which one it could cost up to £500!!!!!!

    You would also need access to the internet to place your party orders!


    In need of saving money!
  • hey abby

    I work for another party plan so I cant tell you which one to do, but I can tell you look at both of them, list the postives and negatives and then that should help - but party plan itself is real great fun and once u have decided to join it shouuld be with a company whose products you like, so u can feel good promoting the products, and also most of them give staff a huge discount so great freebies for yourself.

    good luck with whatever you choose and enjoy!
    I get paid to party!:rotfl:
  • elliep_2
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    I'm a The Body Shop at Home (TBSAH) consultant and love it. I've been doing it since August, it cost me £95 for my start up kit and I earn 25% on everything that I sell. My upline are really supportive and look after me well. Even after such a short time I've got a few hosts who want regular parties and are not my immediate friends. I would say that the sooner you can get out of your friendship circle the better.

    You have to be prepared to put in time outside of parties to find more parties e.g. by having a stall at a local shop or something because I don't seem to be able to book enough parties purely from parties.

    Earnings are what you make of them though. If you sell enough in a month to reach the bonus targets then you can be earning up to 30% on everything, and if you hit lower targets then you'll earn prducts for yourself / your kit.

    I'm really loving my job and am really glad that I started but I fully accept that it won't be for everyone. If you're interested in joining TBSAH go to our thread on here and see who is closest to you. PM them and ask some questions (or on the thread) They should be happy to come and visit you to talk you through any concerns you may have. That should be true of any company though, you want to make sure that you talk face to face with whoever will be your manager as they will be important to your start up.
  • Hi Abby,

    There are so many companies out there, you need to decide on a product you are passionate about. Then you should go on to do well with it :D .

    I work for Usborne Books and absolutely love it. You generally pay £38 for a kit worth £100+. Each month the kit can vary in price and in content (January is a half price kit for example).

    Good luck in your search for something that interests you!

  • I have just started to sell cards, they are a good buy, and i enjoy doing them,
  • I've worked for Virgin Vie for almost 8 years and no way would it cost you £500 to start! At the moment it costs you £60 for £400+ worth of kit, plus £25 publici liability insurance (a one-off payment) just in case you tread a lipstick into someone's carpet! :p

    There are additional kits which you have the option of buying but it's up to you. PM me if you'd like more details. :D
  • why not try avon? it's hard with party plan id never be able to do enough to make a 'full time' wage out of it, it's pocket money really.
    at least with avon you can sell out of the catlouges aswell if you cant get parties.
  • redl_2
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    I live in Harrogate, I've been to a virgin vie and also a body shop once upon a time.

    I enjoyed them but am really nervous about taking the plunge. How does it work what if noone wants a party.

    And what company do I start with?
    I'd say go for it but remember it's like any legitimate business, you get out what you put in. Think of it as running your own 'shop'.You wouldn't expect customers if you didn't tell everyone about it.
    You don't need an exhaustive list of friends with the company I've been with for 5 years. If you follow the training and advice from the managers, you'll get off to a good start and quickly expand your customer base from those you know. I work for Temple Spa as a self employed consultant and their classes are quite different to other party plans.
    Initial kit, incl all training is £150 plus about £25 for public liability.
    Hope this helps too.
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