Martin on Lunchtime News 2/12/04

Did any one else see Martin on the Lunchtime News today? He was giving his usual passionate 'never ever ever' speech about using store cards for credit.

God, that man is passionate...... :P :P :P

The presenter looked like he wanted to start laughing and just muttered 'Yes, I think we get the message!' ;D


  • Pat__3Pat__3 Forumite
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    Yes I saw it too, wasn't Martin cool about it though 8),he is getting the point across. ;D
    Actually I thought when Martin finished, he kind of sat back and looked like the cat's got the cream, big beaming smile ;D.

    Plus did you notice when the new's reader introduced Martin that he also gave the web address :o. really good plug from the new's reader ;)

    And I liked the shirt Martin ;):)
  • jo_b_2jo_b_2 Forumite
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    Martin would still look sexy in a bin bag! ;) ;D :-[
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