please could somebody advice me asap..

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I have just noticed this board and thought maybe someone could give me some advice.
Basically between me and my partner we have debts as follows..
£260 lloyds tsb credit card (17.9%)
£440 littlewoods (0%)
£650 o/d (?? But high-with lloyds current account)
£350ish overdue utilite bills

The problem is that my partners car has completely failed on us, its a m reg fiesta and has well and truly had it! So we need to get a loan to buy him a new one, I have already been quoted from lloyds as follows.. I havnt agreed yet.
£1000 over 26 months, £50.26 a month. 24.9% interest.

But tbh I am in two minds whether to try and get a higher loan to cover all the debts and only have to pay one repayment each month- I hope that I ould maybe save on interest aswell..??

Could someone please advise me on good companies pref with a lower apr rate? My credit rate is not great, I am never alte on payments but am only 20 so mahybe thats why?

And before anyone tries to give me advice about saving and not getting into debt.. I hate being in debt I am fully aware that I am living beyond my means but we have no othe choice...the reason for ours is that my partner was made redundant 8 months ago and cannot find work, and we have an 8 month old son- so it has been a necessity unfortunetely. I am however now back at work (although only part time so hence the reason why we need a new car asap.. I cant get to work at the moment!!)

Any advice greatly appreaciated. Sorry if its all a bit jumbled.


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