Prudential (Scottish Amicable) - to cash in or not

I have placed this question before but I think in the wrong "thread"

Not sure whether we were missold an endowment policy back in 1989 but have no documentation to hand to prove or disprove it. All I know is that it is not going to meet its projection figure.

Two years ago through an inheritance have been able to pay off our mortgage.

My question is the projected figure on the endownment policy was £23,000 but currently total bonuses are £11k. This year's declared bonus was £120 yet our yearly payments are £420. There is 10 years left to run. The projected figures at

4% growth is £15,500,
6% £18,300,
8% £21,600.

Should I cash it in? Or stay with it as there is life cover? I do have other life insurance polices (I am 56 and in good health!)

And what would the advice be if I did cash it in where would be the best place to invest


  • Hi DML,
    I too am a Scottish Amicable (now Prudential) endowment policy holder.

    I have done some research over a number of years and most experts seem to advise that you should never consider cashing in your endowment. The possibility is you may get very little if you did.

    It is only if you let the policy run its full term that you will qualify for the terminal bonus, which can be quite considerable.

    Try giving the Pru a ring and asking what the surrender value would be, this may help with any decision that you make.

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