Electric Toilet is not Money down the Pan!

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I just think that this is such a novel idea that you might like to know about, if only for curiosity value.

Both of my parents suffered from MSA (a degenerative type of Parkinson's) that hinders movement. They both used these toilets for many years.

When my mother moved into a residential home, she took the toilet with her and had it fixed into her en-suite room. It was quite a talking point for a few weeks! I joked that it would be a more useful gift to the home than a garden seat when my mum eventually passed away!

The company staff are very helpful, though you have to get the toilet installed yourself. But every year they will service it - just to make sure you don't get a burnt b*m! But servicing is via a three contract which is not that cheap.

You use the toilet in the normal way but if you flush it whilst sitting down it washes and dries you! If you're not sitting down it works like a normal toilet! It requires an electric supply to dry you and, I think, to warm the water a little!

They cost around £2,000 but is is NOT MONEY DOWN THE PAN!

There are various adaptions to cope with differing disabilities and the company has been going for fifteen years to my knowledge.

The company is called Total Hygiene and the toilet is called a Clos-O-Mat. A web search should reveal their details if your curiosity streches to that!


P.S. I am in no way linked to this company!


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    These toilets have been standard in most Japanese households for over a decade, not just for the elderly, and they're great. You can set the seat temperature and I think the temperature of the water. As you can imagine, the washing-drying thing is a bit of a shock for the first time if you're not expecting it :)
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    Oh please, moderator, you have managed to move me twice now. I am a fragile piece of pottery combined with sensitive electronics!

    However I see that you too are a Clos-O-Mat and have followed me here - moving twice as well!

    I think we had better go back to Washway Road from whence we came! What, I hear you say? Did you not know that we were both for SALE on Washway Road? Here is the link to prove it:

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    Hey, moderator, just went to the bathroom only to find a mesage saying you had taken my toilet away! Can you put it back please, pronto!
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    This sounds very similar to the toilets they had on the Maternity Ward. Excellent if you had stitches or bruising 'down below'. You just had to be very brave to use it for the first time. ???

    I hadn't realised you could get these privately. Can't afford now, but well worth keeping in mind for my Mum as she gets older. Thanks.
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    Yes, they do have these toilets, or something very similar on a Maternity at our local hospital. You can even request to make sure you have an en-suite room that has one fitted!
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    This closomat toilet has been a valuable tool to giving our 32 year old daughter, its given her back her dignity. DD. has a spinal injury and needs assistance from others in showering and dressing, she says it great to be clean and feel fresh with out the aid of others, when going to the toilet.
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    Now, I gather this thread's was moved around a bit when it first appeared, BUT I don't think we had a Health Board in those days, so ...


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