Endowment-Advice Required

Hi there,
Wondered if anybody could give me some advice on Endowments.
I have a endowment mortgage with standard life for £43k. It was sold to me by a financial advisor.
It started on 26 Feb 1999 and runs for 25 years.
It was noted that if the investments ran at 6% then that would pay it off.
About a year ago I received a letter from standard life to say the endowment was on target!!!! so I have just left it. Im pay £92.34 each month.

My question is : Should i look into it or try and sell it?

I thought it was about time I looked into this endowment malarky...
Any advice would be grateful

paul ;)


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    Sounds like a fairly good endowment.

    6% is a reasonable target growth rate. Standard Life bonus rates do have the potential to achieve that over the long term. Plus there is the demutualisation payout in 2006.

    If its on track in the early years (when its extremely rare for endowment to be on track), then its a good sign. Probably down to the fact that yours didnt have much going into it prior to the stockmarket crash and as Standard Life treat each policy based on the time it is invested, you have gained from this.
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