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Post your DFW rules for spending!

Once I had my LBM I came up with some maybe unusual and not so unusual rules for helping me curb my spending! Thought it would be interesting to see how many of you have similar or totally different rules, after all what works for one may work for many more!

I have a very embarassing admission to make in regards to clothes - I can only wear a 'going out' top once in 3/4 months, very silly I know!! I always hated the fact that someone might realise I keep wearing the same top over and over again (maybe its a woman thing?!). Once I decided to hammer the debts I came up with the rule that before I consider buying a new top I must pick one out that I have not worn for 8 weeks and sell it to fund the new purchase! This also goes for my clothes generally, if I can't remember the last time I wore it it's time to ship it out!

For Xmas this year we decided rather than forking out for every individually (I have a daughter, a brother and two step sisters and two step brothers!) we are doing a secret santa where you spend £50 maximum on that one person and buy only for them, this will save me hundreds!!

I am sure I will remember or dream up more over the coming days - please do add yours!!

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  • bank_of_slate
    Here's mine.......DON'T!

    ...Linda xx
    It's easy to give in to that negative voice that chants "cant do it" BUT we lift each other up.
    We dont count all the runners ahead of us & feel intimidated.
    Instead we look back proudly at our journey, our personal struggle & determination & remember that there are those that never even attempt to reach the starting line.
  • Ames
    Ames Posts: 18,459 Forumite
    One that I've mentioned a few times on here. If you see something you want, don't buy it there and then. Go back a few days later and then see if you still want it - most of the time you'll realise it's not as nice as you thought and you don't really want to.

    I did this recently, I went into Waterstones and wanted loads of books that were 3 for 2. I went back yesterday to get three of them and realised that they're expensive versions and I can get cheaper ones either in borders or on the Waterstones website, and they're permanantly cheap so I don't need to get them straightaway, I can just get them when I can afford them more.
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