Roscoff's Brasserie Belfast

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Just a word to warn any of you frequenting this eaterie to -


Party of three, starters, mains, desserts and a few beers and bottles of wine. Tried to overcharge by a whopping £64... (Bill £194)

Brought amended bill down with profuse apologies after it was queried. That was ok - looked about right...(£130)

Manageress lands down - "Oh we made a mistake again!" and handed us a bill for £20 more than amended bill - (they had forgot to charge us for a £16 bottle of wine (fair-do's) and were charging £4 for water we never had).
Thought this was a bit rich after initial mess-up, however told them £4 water was not ours. "I'll take that off" (Bill should have been £146)

Swiped switch for £150 nevertheless.

Too annoyed to say anything more, having been kept waiting 10 mins for switch card to come back.

Parting words from manageress as we left - "See you again soon".

Not bloody likely....

Have a good experience at a restaurant - you will tell about 5 people.

Have a bad experience and you will tell everyone!! :'(


  • I think it must be part of Paul and Jeanie's get rich quick scheme - save money on service but keep charging the earth.

    It seems that all of his eateries are long on promises but short on delivery, and very short of food. Try getting something to eat in his cafe at Junction One at lunchtime - long lines, limited choice, surly staff, stale rolls, no drinks but a whopping big bill to make up for all of his shortfalls.

    We only went in because of his name above the door. Jeez, never again! >:(
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    Maybe we should start a thread on restaurant service in N.I. in general - it's pretty appalling!
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    Yeah but is the food totally Rankin?
  • Looks like I put my Rankin reply in the wrong thread - should have been in the Junction One post. That's what I get for having too many windows open at once. I don't know how to move it so I'll leave it here.

    But I agree with the previous poster who would like to start a general thread on bad restaurants.
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    Feel free to start a new thread!
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    his rain city on the malone road is stinkin too. I got a small burger about a year ago - really black burnt on the outside and red/pink on the inside. Yuck!

    and about £7 for the plesure!

    Vote with your feet, until this !!!!!! listens. Perhaps he should spend less time on Ready steady cook, and more supervision in his restaurants!
    if i had known then what i know now
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    I've only been in Rain City on the Malone Road twice in the past year or so but the food has been excellent both times, to give them credit.

    Sure, it's a bit more expensive than most pubs that offer a similar menu in Belfast these days but I thought it was worth it.
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