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We’re struggling at the moment with the huge volumes of messages we’re getting from Forumites about coronavirus and the impact it’s having on their finances. We’re a small team, with limited resources, but we’re doing our best to manage this spike in demand.
At this time, we need your help more than ever so that we can focus our energy on helping the millions of people affected by coronavirus. For now, we plan to leave the Referrers Board open, but we ask that you only post on here within the Referral Board rules especially of once only per referral and on the correct threads. As always please keep it friendly and within the forum rules.
Thank you for your help and understanding at this really difficult time.

Referrals Board: Please read before posting:

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MSE_MartinMSE_Martin MoneySaving Expert
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edited 4 April 2012 at 10:05AM in Referrers
I’ll be honest. This board is a concession to referrals and whilst we do monitor and regulate it, it is a secondary concern to the site. While the posters on here may be genuine we do not have the time or resources to regulate them. Anyone taking up a referral on this board is doing so at their own risk.

Many companies offer refer a friend bonuses or cash. There are also network marketing companies like Telecom Plus that do the same thing.

People have started to use these boards to get referrals. I have no problem with that, providing these are the best deals as it saves people money.

Yet there is a risk that it biases information - this is why I have set up this board. That way MoneySavers can make sure they benefit each other and everyone saves. Yet there are some rules:

i. If you get a referral benefit - you must declare it:
If possible indicate how you gain.

ii. If another way is cheaper try and let us know. If it is cheaper for someone to sign up without the referral please note this so people have the choice. If you don't note it - other Money Savers will certainly and rightly post it - so play fair to begin with

iii. For those signing up - remember the person posting stands to gain - this doesn't make it bad - it does make it worth double checking.
Always remember before signing up - the fact it is here doesn't mean it is the best deal - always check out the rest of the site to ensure it is the right thing to do.

iv. First come first served Please check to see if someone else has referred the same thing. IF they have post an 'i also do this' on the same thread. Don't start a new thread. This way readers have the choice.

v. Any referrals on the main board will be automatically removed.

vi. If you make large gains from referring here - 10% of the profits donated to the site's charities (see the About Us section for a list of them) would be more than welcome

vii. No illegal goods whatsoever on the site

viii. Affiliates
We class an affiliate as any link where a third party that pays a referral commission is involved. Examples of these are tradedoubler and affiliate future. For a link to be placed on the Referrers board, it must be a direct link to the source and follow the referral guidelines. If a link uses an affiliate middleman before landing on the source page, this will be removed.

ix. General anti-abuse rule
The above rules are for guidance, anyone spamming will be removed and have posts removed. This board is a nice idea to allow MoneySavers to help each other out, yet if people take the mickey out of such a privilege then the board will be removed.

What about if i want to tell people or join in debate about the subject on other boards in this Chat Forum?
You can post in a discussion, but leave the referral out (remember most sites would simply ban all affiliate links!)


Also please read: the Forum Rules
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