Superfast Ferries Rosyth/Zeebrugge

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I'm on the lookout for a discounted trip in January. There's a 20% off offer on till the end of December (Aberdeen Press and Journal) but if anyone spots an offer for next year can you post it here please. The current offer password on Saturday was "Discount" can anyone help with the passwords from last Thurs and Fri P & J's. Phone No is 0870 234 2211



  • I wouldn't bother with a ferry. You should try Expedia 4 cheap flights, etc. by the time you've paid for meals, etc. the 20% discount won't do you any good.
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  • Can you give me the name of an airline that will take my car?
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    nice one lol!

    however we did find for us it worked out cheaper/quicker to fly easyjet to amsterdam from edinburgh and hire a car than take the ferry from Rosyth. Granted that was a full fare in July we were facing.

    Would be interested in your experiences of the ferry if you go.....see the boat nearly daily and often talk about going.
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  • Hi dogrose. I have used the ferry since it started. I travel to Zeebrugge and back once a year. I have a house in Spain and I used to travel through England to Portsmouth/Plymouth and take the ferry to North Spain.Going to Zeebrugge is a LOT less stressful although the total journey is a little longer. The ferry is fairly good. the cabins are small but adaquate,food expensive but ok and entertainment reasonable. In otherwords nothing to rave about but not bad. In comparison with Portsmouth/Plymouth ferries the service is a lot better, more friendly. Anything you want to know PM me
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    Thanks guys, I need the car and luggage space as we're driving to the ski-slopes with everyone's gear as the airlines now charge for skis! Family are flying but we're staying for longer. Anyway, we've booked Dover/Calais now. Superfast have cut back on sailings - wonder if the crossing will last?
  • I've always thought ferries too expensive, but any good deals would be great as i'm scared of flying!
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  • DFDS are feeling the pinch with ryanair on some of their routes, their fares have come down a lot, i was offered under £100 for two in a cabin with car on newcastle -gothenburg, they might have similar offers on there amsterdam route, or try Stena CAT across to the hook from Harwich, only 3.5 hrs and cheap. Take food with you to save buying expensive on-board grub.
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