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Has anyone else won this, it is a runners up prize for a makeover for myself and a friend, you have to pay £25.00 p.p deposit when you book the appointment at London or Manchester. Anyone been before is it any good



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    I 'won' one of those - didn't take it because I think it's a huge scam. First they make you pay a 'refundable deposit', then they expect you to travel at your own cost to their venue, where they do make you up but also feed you with loads of booze. Then they take photographs of you and offer them to you at vastly inflated prices.

    By that time, you will be so 'under the influence' that you are likely to succumb to what I expect will be considerable pressure that you'll buy anything they want you to buy.

    They also 'recommend' you go to a show, club, restaurant etc "because you will look so stunning" - meaning you'll probably have to stay overnight. Add all your costs up - - then think again whether you have "won" something :rolleyes:

    If you want a good portrait photo of yourself, go to your local beautician (or do your make up yourself), then go to a portrait studio. That way you will get the same at a fraction of the price (and no hangover!).
  • Thanks for your reply, you have confirmed what I thought. I am disappointed as I thought this was my first win. Never mind will keep trying.

    Thanks again
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