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    • ripplyuk
    • By ripplyuk 20th Sep 16, 9:39 PM
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    Duvet dilemma
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    • 20th Sep 16, 9:39 PM
    Duvet dilemma 20th Sep 16 at 9:39 PM
    I have a winter duvet and a summer one and usually wash them at the local laundrette/dry cleaners every 6 months, then vacuum pack the out of season one.

    I know they're meant to be done 3 monthly but it's just too much hassle. It costs £10 each time. I've just realised that I can buy a new duvet for that price. It's also annoying having to store the spare one as it takes up a lot of room.

    I've noticed these all-season duvets which have a 10 tog and 4 tog that can be attached or used separately. If I washed the two parts separately, would they fit in my own washing machine? (It's not a huge drum machine).

    Or, should I just buy new ones instead of washing them? Would yearly be ok to replace it, or would that be a bit too 'dirty'?
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    • Golightly72
    • By Golightly72 21st Sep 16, 3:00 PM
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    I have summer/winter 10 tog and 4.5 tog duvets, and I wash them once a year.

    The 4.5 tog goes in the machine, and I hand wash the 10 tog in the bath as it won't fit in the machine.

    I just fill the bath with hot water and washing powder, let it soak for a few hours, giving it a bit of a swish with a wooden spoon now and then. Then drain the water, and refill without wash powder, letting it rinse a bit, then rinsing under the cold tap as much as I can. Then I leave it to drain in the bath overnight and hang it out the next day. It can still be quite wet so I pick a really hot day for drying it!
    • Slowly57
    • By Slowly57 21st Sep 16, 4:40 PM
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    I've had a Baavet for two years and it just gets aired outside regularly when it's dry and thrown back on the bed in an open-windowed room otherwise. Sunlight is FREE disinfectant (ultraviolet science lol) plus line drying/airing is the best when you can get it!

    I've washed my Baavet pillows in the machine - one at a time - and they came out fine.
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    • ripplyuk
    • By ripplyuk 21st Sep 16, 5:37 PM
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    Thanks for all the replies. I've ordered a Spundown 4-Season duvet and plan to wash it at home. I ended up ordering one of their mattress enhancers too, as that's another thing that's a hassle to wash. My own one has to go to the laundrette. The Spundown one should fit in my machine.

    It wasn't cheap but I figured that I'm spending at least £40 per year for laundering my current stuff, so the new duvet & mattress cover might save money in the long run.

    I was put off the wool duvets after reading a few reviews where people found them not warm enough. They don't have the bouncy, loftiness of regular duvets, and I read they might not 'fill up' the duvet cover, leaving gaps. I still like the idea of them though, and I'll probably try it someday.

    It'll be lovely to have new bedding . My duvets are old, all flattened and worn out.
    • oystercatcher
    • By oystercatcher 21st Sep 16, 7:30 PM
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    I've just read the Baavet website and really really want one now. The only problem being , we don't really need a new duvet at the moment.

    We have 4 ish tog and 10 ish tog duvets just the polyester type ones. I got a slightly better quality winter one a year or so ago from TKMax. I wash them at home in the washing machine (larger capacity but I can't remember exactly how large) and drape over the upstairs bannisters to dry. Once a year for each quilt when we change over.

    Our dogs sleep on our bed so that might put me off the Baavet as it said gentle wash only.
    • drinkupretty
    • By drinkupretty 21st Sep 16, 10:35 PM
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    I bought a 4 tog and a 10 tog separate, both king size. I am using the 4 right now, when it gets cold I will switch to the 10, if very cold I put them together. I have a 6kg washing machine and separately they both fit in my washing machine, although the 10 tog takes a bit of coaxing.
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    • theoretica
    • By theoretica 21st Sep 16, 10:50 PM
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    How cold are your bedrooms? So many of you use thinner duvets than I, and I am wondering if this is all because I am a cold sleeper, or if your idea of a cold bedroom is warmer than mine. I just checked the thermometer in mine and it is 16.5 C and I really wouldn't want anything less than the duvet I have on at the moment which I think is 13 tog. When it gets colder later in the year the old down comforter will go on top.
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    • ripplyuk
    • By ripplyuk 21st Sep 16, 11:07 PM
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    I keep the temperature at 18 C, though it can drop to about 14 C by morning in winter.

    My old house was a different case altogether. It was impossibly expensive to heat so I just heated the living room and kitchen. The bedroom would regularly be around 4 Celsius in winter, hence the mountain of bedding I'm used to having. It was still freezing.
    • katkin
    • By katkin 21st Sep 16, 11:37 PM
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    We have an amazing old style laundrette with a few huge machines. I can get my summer and winter feather washed and dried in the for £10 total. All they need after that is a good airing and fluffing up their as good as new.

    We do them twice a year as we take them camping in fleece cover, sheet etc so they get pretty warm n sweaty but for me it's worth putting a little away to cover the cost.

    I used to get them to do my cream removable sofa and chair cover too until I learn with a pack of glow white, stain remover and biological wash powdering can do them bit by bit myself. The drying is a pain but I like saving the £30!
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    • Spidernick
    • By Spidernick 21st Sep 16, 11:50 PM
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    Am I the only one who hasn't got the faintest idea (and I don't really care) what 'tog' our duvet is? I do find this thread more than a little baffling!
    'I want to die peacefully in my sleep, like my father. Not screaming and terrified like his passengers.' (Bob Monkhouse)

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    • Quizzical Squirrel
    • By Quizzical Squirrel 21st Sep 16, 11:54 PM
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    Quizzical Squirrel
    I wash mine once a year in the bath. I climb in and do a pas de basque on top then rinse with a shower head.

    I dry them outside but it has to be a really hot day, and I wash them early, because they take forever to dry.
    • queengoth
    • By queengoth 22nd Sep 16, 12:36 AM
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    After a couple of cat related accidents, I sewed two lines straight down the middle of my king sized duvet then cut between these to make two. I added Velcro so they can join back together but now each 1/2 will fit in the washer as needed. Warning there may be a few feather flying if you don't split the contents carefully.
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    • tealady
    • By tealady 22nd Sep 16, 5:44 AM
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    I have a 4.5 tog duvet and a memory foam mattress. Before I had the mattress I used a thermal underblanket under the bottom sheet and a throw over the duvet. Blanket and throw were washed in Spring and put away till the colder nights, duvet was washed once a year.
    The only real problem I have in wite is if my feet are cold I can't get to sleep so I have bed socks.
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    • Gwendolyn
    • By Gwendolyn 22nd Sep 16, 10:07 AM
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    I've had a Baavet for two years and it just gets aired outside regularly when it's dry and thrown back on the bed in an open-windowed room otherwise. Sunlight is FREE disinfectant (ultraviolet science lol) plus line drying/airing is the best when you can get it!

    I've washed my Baavet pillows in the machine - one at a time - and they came out fine.
    Originally posted by Slowly57

    I've just moved to Baavet pillows and duvet so this is great for me to know. I sleep so much better.

    In terms of huge feather duvets - what are the washing options? We have no local laundrettes - I could drive about 20 miles to one.
    Option B is a local service who will pick it up and return it cleaned for £20. I used them last year out of desperation when OH had had the flu and they cleaned the duvet and brought it back the next day.
    Option C - wash in bath but will we have enough warmth to dry at this time of year.
    Option D - replace duvet - it's 15 years old.....Yes I have kept a duvet for 15 years and washed it only twice in that time...oops
    • Slowly57
    • By Slowly57 22nd Sep 16, 3:04 PM
    • 54 Posts
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    oooh I'd go Option B - better than:

    a) the washing line breaking under the weight of the wet duvet
    b) wrecking the washing machine
    c) wrecking the kitchen floor as overloaded washing machine walks across it whilst attempting a spin
    d) wrecking my back on account of a) + wet duvet wrangling

    Of course you may be hardier/luckier than me Gwendolyn LMAO
    getting my ducks in a row and my parachute ready Oct GC £19.00 / £200 28/9/16 - 26/10/16
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    • peachyprice
    • By peachyprice 22nd Sep 16, 3:22 PM
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    We use a feather 4.5 tog all year round, it goes in the washing machine every month or so, out on the line to dry, then fluffed up in the tumble dryer.

    The children have hypo-allergenic single duvest, they go in the washing machine too.
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    • Slowly57
    • By Slowly57 22nd Sep 16, 3:24 PM
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    From Baavet:

    Is my Baavet machine washable?
    Our care instructions tell you to handwash or dryclean your Baavet however if you have a very, very, gentle cycle on your machine it is possible to machine wash it. Untreated wool will shrink and felt if subjected to anything more than the gentlest wash, if you're not sure then a gentle handwash will do, then spin and line dry, but DO NOT TUMBLE DRY. You will be amazed how quickly your Baavet will dry without the need for tumble drying.

    Anyway wool is an extremely clean organic fabric, you only have to dig into the fleece on a sheep's back and see how clean it is. It's a much cleaner filling than polyester or down, both of which attract dust. So we suggest you air your Baavet on a sunny day and let nature do the cleaning for you."

    I washed my pillows on a short, cool wash with minimal agitation as I was worried about felting the wool. I've started to double-case my pillows so I can concentrate on hot washing them instead. Everything else gets aired. Lots of info on the website.

    And I don't worry too much about laundering this kind of stuff (bed linen - yes) - after all you wouldn't wash your mattress .....
    getting my ducks in a row and my parachute ready Oct GC £19.00 / £200 28/9/16 - 26/10/16
    Saved nearly £100 each on car + home insurance 2016 by telling my insurer about better quotes elsewhere - feeling assertive - yay!
    • DigForVictory
    • By DigForVictory 22nd Sep 16, 3:54 PM
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    I think it comes down to Just How Nice your duvets are. Exotic down in some stratospheric threadcount? Worth having cleaned, worth making the space to store to sleep under top notch benevolent cloud.

    Me, I & the offspring sleep under supermarket products. After 6 months, I *know* how much abuse my duvet has taken - whoever thought breakfast in bed was a luxury never had to try to wash coffee & marmalade out of their bedlinens, & as for the teenagers - I'm pretty sure the safest place for those poor abused duvets is the tip.

    So I buy cheap, use & abuse, then carry on.

    However I do have two genuine down duvets, repurposed from grandparental genuine eiderdowns, and they live a very sheltered life in heavy duty plastic, awaiting a child to leave. First to go gets these glorious comforting clouds, but they have to stay sealed as husband has a stonking allergy thereunto.

    Baavet is news to me, and I shall suggest to Himself that he consider this as a Christmas present. With my luck he'll reveal a wool allergy too but a gal can dream!
    • SIRENS
    • By SIRENS 22nd Sep 16, 7:58 PM
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    I also have the 2 that clip together I think a 4.5 and a 10, only really use the 4.5 as dh is always hot even in the depths of winter, we have no heating apart from gas fire in the living room and he has the fan on in the bedroom all year round

    I have a seperate single duvet that I put on my half of the bed when it's very cold Wash all mine the machine , the kids once a year as they don't use them during the summer they have a quilted bed throw thingy. And my 4.5 twice, luckily my machine is 9kg so can fit even the 10 tog king size in.

    I remember as a kid before duvets my mum used to have those big heavy army blankets, topped with a waffle looking coverlete, always woke up in the morning with a mouth full of fluff from the blanket!
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