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    Equita bailiffs coming back today!! Can anyone help!!
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    • 7th Feb 11, 5:50 AM
    Equita bailiffs coming back today!! Can anyone help!! 7th Feb 11 at 5:50 AM
    Please can someone HELP!!

    I apologise in advance for rambling on but I think itís better to start at the beginning to help you understand my situation fully!

    I am in need of some advice as I have equita bailiffs on my case threatening to remove my goods from my home because of an unpaid PCN. The contravention as they call it happened in may of last yr when I let a potential buyer test drive my car, he stopped on a box junction not realising he did not have enough space behind another car and my back wheels were captured on the cameras, at this time I said to him I was concerned I would receive a notice at which time he agreed that he would pay it should I get one regardless of if he buys the car....
    He didnít end up buying it but I did receive a PCN charging £60, at which time I contacted him, gave him the details and he confirmed it was paid.... About 3 months later I received another notice saying it was unpaid and now asking for £180 plus £5 for registering it with the court. At this time I called TFL and told them that it wasnít me driving the car and that the person that was said they had paid it but they said that it was my responsibility as the registered keeper and that payment was not received. I contacted the test driver and he said he had done it and he didnít know what had happened, maybe a problem with his debit card but said he would pay it again then later called and told me had paid it and gave me the payment reference number they gave to him, so I thought everything was fine.... Now I realise how stupid I was!!

    About another 3 to 4 months later in December 10 I received a letter from equita stating that the dept had been referred to them and that they wanted £198.16 in full (£11.20 being a statutory fee the other £1.96 they donít account for) and to send it by post, I tried calling the test driver and his number is no longer connected so could not reach him. As I can not afford to pay that amount in full I called the number on the letter to arrange a method that I could pay it off. I explained to the lady that I was currently on benefits and the situation that led for this to be and she accepted payments of £20 per wk and sent me a letter that can be scanned at local pay points to make payments.

    I made the first payment but fell behind and missed about three weeks due to financial problems and they sent a letter saying they are coming to remove my goods from my home within 48 hours. The letter was dated Tuesday 25th Jan but I didnít receive it until Monday 31st Jan, three days after the 48 hrs they had given me on the letter!! Which I have no doubt was intentional!!!!!!!
    I tried calling them all day Monday and Tuesday but all I got was an automated message saying their lines were having technical problems and to call back later. On Wednesday I finally got through and after keying in the reference and etc the message informed me that I had been referred to one of their bailiffs and that I should contact them and gave me the number.

    I called him straight away at about 4.30pm and I told him I was calling in regards to my dept with equity, he asked me my name and postcode then told me call back tomorrow as he didnít have his laptop with him to access my details/account, at this time I said ok, but I added "I will be able to make an arrangement to pay it wont I?" he said "yeah, donít worry darlin just call back tomorrow and we'll sort sumink out". I called again the next day (Thurs) about 4pm, I explained I had called yesterday and wanted to make an arrangement, he asked me my name and postcode again then told me to call back again tomorrow, he said that he only works between 2am & 2pm (like I was supposed to know) so I need to call back then. On Friday I called early and he asked my name and postcode again, and then asked me to confirm if the address he was reading was correct. From the second I said yes his whole attitude and tone of voice changed and he became aggressive saying that I couldnít have an arrangement as I have already had one and that he had already planned to visit my home tomorrow to remove my goods (which would be today), he said that unless I can pay the full amount today (Friday) he would be coming. I explained that I have been having financial difficulties which is why I missed payments, that I am on benefits can could not afford to pay in full but wanted to arrange payment in instalments, and offered to pay the arrears now but he said, "NO, WE NEED IT IN FULL OTHERWISE WE'LL HAVE TO ATTEND TOMORROW" I went on to try and make some kind compromise but he didnít reply and I was left feeling an awkward silence, so I said "SO IS THERE NO ARRANGEMENT WE CAN COME TO BECAUSE I DONT HAVE IT" then he said "OK, WE'LL SEE YOU TOMORROW THEN" I was so stunned I didnít know what to say so although I thought f**k you, ignorant c**t (please excuse my language) I said ok and put down the phone.

    I then scraped together every penny I had (what was supposed to be for groceries, gas and electric) and borrowed the bulk of it to gather the money to pay him. I called him a few hrs later and told him I had managed to borrow some money and asked him how he wanted me to pay, he (now being polite) said I could pay by direct debit but I informed him I only have a basic bank account that doesnít have that facility (and would not trust to give him my bank details in any case) so he said he would collect it from me tomorrow (Saturday 5th Feb.) he added that he had removals to do so he would have to take time out to come to me (but wasnít he planning to come to my home anyway, thought he was coming to remove my goods too, but I ignored this thought and agreed) and we confirmed 10am.

    He called me about 9.50am and said that he would be a bit early if that was ok (still being remarkable nice and polite considering the manner I had received the prior day), I said yes and he said he would be about half an hour and would call me when he was outside and I could come out to meet him (which I preferred as I didnít want him anywhere near my door, felt uneasy about him) and had the exact amount of £178.16 ready for him.

    When he came I went out and he was sitting in his unmarked white van, he rolled down the window and greeted me "MORNING!" I was not impressed as I had not forgotten his aggressiveness toward me but I politely said morning back. I then proceeded to ask him if he had a receipt and he replied "yeah, of course darlin" and began to look around the inside of the van as if looking for something, then looked at me as if he were waiting for the cash, I then said while handing him the cash "HERES £170 AND HERE'S" thatís where he cut me and said "HOW MUCH, WHATS THIS, YOU OWE 500 AND SOMETHING" (to be honest I didnít hear the something I was too stunned), I said "WHAT??" he replied "YES! I TOLD YOU ON THE PHONE" I said "NO YOU DIDNT" and I pulled the letters I have received out of my pocket to prove the amount, meanwhile he was shoving me back my cash and grabbing the letters out of my hand then he said "SEE! LOOK AT THE DATE ON HERE, THATS WHY" I argued that I had been trying to call him all week and wanted to make an arrangement that I did not have and would not pay that amount as I do not know where those charges came from, I added I have not received anything as such in writing. He said "EVERYTIME I COME OUT IT COSTS AND I TOLD YOU ON THE PHONE, AND YOU KNOW WHAT TODAY WAS GONNA BE FREE BUT NOW IM CHARGIN YOU AND YOU NOW OWE £600 AND SOMTHING" by which time he had raised his voice and had become aggressive! Again, I told him not only did I not have it but all I will give is what I owe so he shouted "IM GONNA BE COMING TO REMOVE YOUR GOODS ON MONDAY THEN!" and for a while we were going back and forth him telling me that he told me about the charges on the phone and unless I pay now heís coming back on Monday and me saying no you did not (which he didnít). In the end I walked off and he sped off in his van shouting at me that heíll be back on Monday.

    I could not believe what I was hearing and worst still his actions; I have never felt so violated in my life! I have 2 children and have had to deprive them of the things they need to give him every penny I had and that wasnít good enough!

    Now I donít know what to do...???? I tried calling equity but they keep referring me back to him.

    I do not know his name as he only identified himself as the bailiff from equita, I tried calling him after he left (and after I calmed down) to find out his name and also the exact amount he says I owe so I can ask equita for a breakdown of their costs to compare it and maybe find proof of him extorting me, but his phone was switched off. I also tried calling equita but they will not take my calls and keep referring me to the number the said bailiff

    Also, I thought the best thing I could do is take the money and try to pay it at the pay point (which I did) so that at least the dept is cleared which Iím hoping would give them less reason to harass me!!

    I am expecting him to come back today, if he will come is another thing but if he does I intend to tell him (through the front door) I have already paid it which is all they will get and that I will be writing to equita to demand a full breakdown of the so called fees!
    I also am going to contact northampton court to request a complaints form as I cant let his behaviour slide and feel I need to complain!




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  • hallowitch
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    • 7th Feb 11, 6:25 AM
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    • 7th Feb 11, 6:25 AM
    OK lets get one thing strait the bailiffs cant enter your property to remove goods as he has never gained peaceful entry

    For a Pcn they can only charge you for 1 letter and 3 visits the fees for visits are 28% +vat

    1st visit fee would be £55,49
    2nd visit fee £71.36
    3rd visit fee £91

    these figures are approx all fees are subject to VAT however I'm not sure if they add the VAT after every visit or at the end

    Its not Northampton court you need to complain to its the council that issued the PCN you MUST make a Formal Complaint address it to Chief Executive (you will find his name on there web site)
    As this is Equita find out if Capita administrate the PNCs Equita are part of the capita group of company's (one of the reasons its important to make your complaint Formal and address it to CEO)

    If you must speak to the bailiff record the call if you cant tell him everything in writing

    do you still own the car
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  • hallowitch
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    • 7th Feb 11, 6:49 AM
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    • 7th Feb 11, 6:49 AM

    Is your bailiff certificated to Equita
    the list is not always 100%
    Ministry of Justice Public Register of bailiffs on 020 3334 6355
  • misstiny
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    • 8th Feb 11, 7:08 AM
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    • 8th Feb 11, 7:08 AM
    Hi Hallowitch, thankyou so much, not only for taking the time to read my essay (lol) but also for all your advice and links, they have been very helpful!!

    I do apologise for the delayed reply though, one piece of information led to another then another, have read so much im overloaded with information but at least now I know what im doing and dont feel so worried about it! SO THANK U!!


    I did check to see if he was certified to equita and he is.....
    No, thankfully I sold the car just before I recieved the first letter! PHEW!

    Also, as I expected he didnt come yesterday (monday) as he said he would, but I did call him to find out his name (to check if hes certified) and the exact amout he claims I owe which was £525.24 plus £140.00 which he says is for coming to collect the money (which he refused to take) last Saturday!

    Which basically means that (judging from the fees you told me about above) even if I have been charged for a letter and a visit (which really the visit he should not be charging me for as he was coming to collect the money not to levy distress or anything as such) he is still charging me an excess of £360 odd which is more the dept itself which would be £305!
    I recorded the call and have emailed equita to get a breakdown of the fees / charges!
    • kaya
    • By kaya 8th Feb 11, 9:01 AM
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    • 8th Feb 11, 9:01 AM
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    • 8th Feb 11, 9:01 AM
    dont let them in, dont open the door, keep all windows and doors shut, they cannot force entry, they get about 3 attempts to recover the debt from you(they are employed by the court) , if you dont let them in or pay them after the three attempts(it used to be 3, maybe somebody can update it if things have changed) the court view the debt as unsatisfied and take it out of the bailiffs hands, all the bailiff charges are REMOVED from your debt(they dont get paid if they can't do their job) so the debt reverts to the original amount you owe.
  • sjwilliams
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    • 2nd Apr 11, 11:34 AM
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    • 2nd Apr 11, 11:34 AM
    I am having the worst nightmare ever I currently pay my council tax but recently I received a letter from Equity Bailiffs saying they will reposess my belongings ??? the thing is it is under my maiden name and I have been married 6 years now I really dont understand where this debt is from I have tried to contact the bailiff but to no avail please please PLEASE help I have 2 young children and I cant let their belongings get taken from them
  • lemaruk
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    • 8th Jul 11, 4:11 PM
    Equita help
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    • 8th Jul 11, 4:11 PM
    My partner is being chased for outstanding parking tickets, 2 lots of £359.00. They have visited the house and given us a 24 hour notice and said they are taking the car. I have explained to them I have tried to get a loan but cannot get one in time, also I have asked to pay in installments but they said they cannot do that.

    They have visited us twice already so when they come to get the car that will be the 3rd time. I need the car to get to work and also visit my elderly nan who lives in London I live in Stafford.

    Are they allowed to take the car its in my boyfriends name, i'm willing to clear the amount just cannnot do it all at once ? How many times can they keep coming back ? He is not the friendlist of people either.

    It is making me sick with worry.

  • rdchick
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    • 8th Jul 11, 4:23 PM
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    • 8th Jul 11, 4:23 PM
    Hi Michelle,

    From my understanding they can only take what is yours, so if the car technically doesn't belong to you they shouldn't be able to take it. do you have a garage where you can put it? don't leave it near your house as they'll just put it on the back of a truck and take it that way. xxx
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    • chanz4
    • By chanz4 8th Jul 11, 5:21 PM
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    • 8th Jul 11, 5:21 PM
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    • 8th Jul 11, 5:21 PM
    were the parking tickets for the car? If so yes they can
    • scaredy_cat
    • By scaredy_cat 8th Jul 11, 5:30 PM
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    send a message to Herbie21 or look at her website -

    it is a premium call but that is the only fund she gets to help pay for the site and services.
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  • lemaruk
    The tickets are for the car yes, the car is my boyfriends also.
  • lemaruk
    Does anyone know if the maximum amount of visits is still 3.
  • boo5612
    Hi I have had a bailiff call on Thursday and they want me to pay £800.00 by today but I can not get the money, they told me that they would be coming back for my stuff if I donít pay up but I have not had any letters from the company and when I called them to talk about it they said it had gone to the bailiffs and they didnít want to talk about it I have offered to pay £100 each month starting from the end of this month when I get paid and they have said no as it has gone to the bailiff is there nay help or advice I can get as it is making me ill worrying about it
  • hallowitch
    Hi I have had a bailiff call on Thursday and they want me to pay £800.00 by today but I can not get the money, they told me that they would be coming back for my stuff if I donít pay up but I have not had any letters from the company and when I called them to talk about it they said it had gone to the bailiffs and they didnít want to talk about it I have offered to pay £100 each month starting from the end of this month when I get paid and they have said no as it has gone to the bailiff is there nay help or advice I can get as it is making me ill worrying about it
    Originally posted by boo5612

    what debt are they collecting (parking ticket,council tax, magistrate court fine ect)
    what bailiff company is it

    have they previously levied your goods
  • hallowitch
    Ive got to go out for a few hours so with the little information given i cant help you very much at the moment

    please lock your doors(they can open an unlocked door and walk in) close any open windows and hide your car (they cant remove your car if its on finance/HP) they have no legal powers to force entry so don't let them in and if you must speak to the bailiff on the phone record the call
  • karaleanne
    ive had a few problems with the baliffs at equita last year my partner was out of work and we ocurred council tax arrears which got sent to them i recieve 2 letters dated several days apart but put through my door on the same day the one stating to ring the baliff to sort out repayments the other saying they where coming to remove good from my house ??? i then rang and soon as i spoke to the baliff which was a very rude agressive vile b***h she called me a liar and said that i didnt have this letter in front of me stating to ring to make a repayment she then procceeded to tell me im cominhg to your house to remove your goods i wasnt best pleased . so i rang my local council and asked to speak to a enforcement office as speaking to the baliff was like talking to a brick wall .luckliy the lady at the council rang equita and got me a arrangment put in place so i have made monthly payment to the every month but no casue they are no trying to tell me i needed to pay the first of every month ive broken the agreement i never payed the first of every month one month i payed 60 pound in the one month due to me not having the money the following month so even though ive made monthly payments every month it was still not good enough for this so called person > tryed to speak to her again and once again the vile rude tone in her voice .my partner spoke to her and told him cause i made a payment the 2nd of august then one on the 24th of sep im not sticking to the arrangemnt ?.they still get the money each month this is what as made me sick witth worry dont think i would have worried so much if i had missed the monthly payment but i havent .i once again rang the local council and explained that yes might not have payed on that date but they still have had the payment within the month he did tell me that equita are very firm when stating a payment date but he said as he can see i have kept up the payments he will ring them and get if put back in place .i couldnt thank him enough my advice speak to citizens advice or go back to the person you orignally owe the money to cause equita are the biggest waste of time why they even have a call centre i dont no!!!
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