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  • lozza1985
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    • 27th May 09, 5:11 PM
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    • 27th May 09, 5:11 PM
    Hi! I've never done an Avon party before, but if I was going to one I'd love being able to paint my nails so maybe have a few different nail varnishes & the hand creams etc so people can pamper themselves with a proper manicure...... have lots of samples of lippys & perfumes so people can have a play.....if you have any products already have them out so people can see what they look like - you know how some of the items look so much better in real life compared to in the books!.......obviously have some drinks & nibbles and most importantly have lots of avon books & order forms about lol! Maybe have a raffle too if you have a stock pile of things, or buy some of the 99p items to make up a raffle basket and you could sell tickets....or offer the tickets when they place an order ie for every £5 you spend you will get one entry.

    I'm sure the other avon ladies on here will give you some more ideas to!

    Good luck with it!
    Avon Lady since 2009 - I help on the Avon hints & tips thread to help other reps/new sales leaders as I was helped so much by it when I first started out
  • xbecca18x
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    • 28th May 09, 5:43 PM
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    • 28th May 09, 5:43 PM
    thanks for the ideas, will give them all a go
    anyone else??
  • lozza1985
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    • 29th May 09, 4:16 PM
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    • 29th May 09, 4:16 PM
    Will bump this thread up for you!

    Might be worth posting your question again at the end of the Avon thread as more people will probably respond that way!
    Avon Lady since 2009 - I help on the Avon hints & tips thread to help other reps/new sales leaders as I was helped so much by it when I first started out
  • UKPrincess
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    • 29th May 09, 5:52 PM
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    • 29th May 09, 5:52 PM
    I used to do Avon parties,along with pamper/beauty ones about 4 or 5 years ago.
    If you can learn the basics of a mani/pedi and basic nail art you can always combine the 2-and get your customers to pay for the services whilst you upsell the Avon products you are using
    You can also do basic facials,hand massages,make up lessons etc.

    Make up gift packs of the products you're using to sell at the end-and you could maybe do a raffle with any of the bits you have got from creative ordering.

    Little goodie bags are a great idea too,with a few samples,a catalogue and your contact details.

    I really enjoyed doing this,and if I had more time,I would love to still be doing them.

    Hope that helps a little x
  • xbecca18x
    • #6
    • 31st May 09, 3:44 PM
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    • 31st May 09, 3:44 PM
    Thanks UKPrincess, didnt think about charging for the manicures, a great way to make some more money.
    How much did you generally make in sales doing parties? and also did you do it by yourself or rope a friend in to help do the manicures?
    would you say it was a good idea offering the service at the customers house rather than your own? and then offer them an incentive for hosting

    Thanks for the help x
  • UKPrincess
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    • 31st May 09, 5:41 PM
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    • 31st May 09, 5:41 PM
    Becca,if you make up a little menu of what you can offer,and keep the prices at the lower end of the scale,you'll find you will be able to upsell the products you use to do the treatments from your Avon catalogue.
    I did a ton of nail art,and it really is simple to get good results,and people will pay for this,as it's something that looks different-ooooh,and at this time of the year,nail art on toes is always a good one!
    Off the top of my head,I couldn't tell you what I made in sales,as it is probably 5 years ago,and my brain is small.....but the parties,with the money from manis/pedis/nail art etc could make £80 and up.
    Some of the time I did it myself for smaller groups,and with a friend for larger ones.
    Most of mine were done at the customers house,although I wouldn't be against doing them at home for groups of my own friends-and doing this is always a great way to show off your skills and hope they will book their own.
    Am not sure if I did a booking incentive,but,if I did them again I would definitely offer one-although offering goodie bags to everyone always goes down well,and remember,if you pop a book in them you may end up with more orders,and future long term customers.
    One thing I did do,that paid really well was parties/demos for the SureStart ladies.I can't remember how I got involved,I think they approached me after getting my card from someone,but these involved about an hour of doing a basic manicure and showing off some nail art-but it may be something to think about.
    Let me know if you have anymore questions,and if I can remember anymore details I will see if I can help further x
  • xbecca18x
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    • 31st May 09, 9:02 PM
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    • 31st May 09, 9:02 PM
    Thanks you've been really helpful
    £80 sounds good, how much would you charge for each manicure?
    dont worry 5 years ago was quite a while ago lol, and i suppose prices/amount of orders would of changed by now.
    I think i wll definatly do these parties now, will start planning them now and start offering them in the next few weeks, hopefully they will be successful, need to start gaining more sales- credit crunch and all
  • UKPrincess
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    • 1st Jun 09, 4:06 AM
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    • 1st Jun 09, 4:06 AM
    Hmmmm.....<thinks back....> I have a feeling I charged around £3.50 for a manicure,but it was very basic,just a cuticle massage,shape with nail file,then polish.
    If I added nail art-which again,was quick and basic,another £2.50.
    What I would do is check out local beauty salons for their prices,and price yours accordingly.
    There are several adult courses/evening classes you can take for learning beauty therapy,nail care etc,that tend to be fairly cheap,or even subsidised if you are on lower income. It may be worth looking into those if you decide to work the party angle on a more regular basis.
    My biggest selling point was definitely the nail art,and you can use the avon polishes to achieve most of the basics,and when I was doing it,they did sell a couple of little of kits with diamante etc.
    If I find my pricing list or any other bits,I will let you know x
  • xbecca18x
    I was thinking about £3ish aswell, you know credit crunch and all, wanted to make it a lot cheaper than a salon
    Course would be useful, but tbh i havent got the time and im going to uni in september so will only be doing it over the summer unless my mum wants to take over, if it would become a regular thing.
    I have actually got some nail art so i might get practising if i actually get some parties
    what would you say your itinery/plan was for the night? i dont want it to become boring and unprofessional for me and the customers :S
  • UKPrincess
    Oooh sorry-just saw this!
    K-mine totally depended on the amount of people,and if it was themed to nails/pedis/make-up/facials.
    I also did a couple of kids parties that were fun-and actually really easy,as younger girls honestly just want sparkles,and you can send a goodie bag home with the Avon brochure in for mum!
    What I had with me was a small board with my nail art designs,and some bits and bobs to sell on the night.
    I'd then let everybody have a look,then start on the treatments.
    Since mine were mostly based on actually doing these,I didn't have time for games or anything like that.
    However,if you are focusing on selling,I could totally see how you could maybe do a couple of fun things-maybe even a grown up pass the parcel with sample sachets in every layer then a bigger pressie for the winner.
    You'll probably find you'll get some ladies who'll say they don't want anything "doing" but once they see you actually making someones nails all pretty,they soon they change their minds!
    I have a full bookmarked folder somewhere of Avon ideas-I will dig it out over the weekend and see if I can link you somehow
  • xbecca18x
    Thats ok.
    Thats sounds great if you could, thanks a lot for all your help, i think i know where im heading now and what to do, hopefully i have some people now wanting to host!!
    Thanks again
  • gingernights
    did anyone do the make up traing with avon years ago?
    i did and really enjoyed it, i'm not sure if they still run these events.

    if you was to do a party what i would do is get stuff from 'while stocks last' pages at the back of hello tomorrow mag plus some of the new stuff in HT.

    I'd also look in the brochures for special offers say but 2 anew products for £8 for £3 for £5 ect
    you could sell at full price and bump up your commision a bit.

    if the items dont sell you can always send them back
    for credit there shouldn't be deleys with your next order if you do this, or stick them on ebay or ebid.

    good luck with your party
  • xbecca18x
    Hi gingernights
    Havent heard about any training so either they dont do it anymore or i havent been told about it.
    Yes thats my plan, have spent a fortune this month on products from the brochure and hello tomorrow, hope my parties will be successful otherwise my box will be full with returns lol

    Btw, have you ever heard about an Avon shop (only for rep's) as my area manager told me about it last year when i startd but has never mentioned it again, and when i asked as part of my email she didnt respond back regarding it. You think it was just a way of signing me up? lol
  • laura16
    I know this is an old post but I am thinking of doing avon parties does anyone still do them and have any ideas of games etc.

    Also what discount should I offer the host
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  • luce181
    I used to do Virgin Vie parties, one game we played was called the handbag game:

    All the guests put their handbags on their laps, you then shout out random letters of the alphabet and the guests have to find something in their bag beinning with that letter.
    The first to hold their correct item up gets a point. The winner is the one with the most points, I used to give a bar of choc or a sample product to the winner

    Hope this helps
    Addicted to MSE, I can't resist a bargain
  • laura16
    Thanks I'll use that one.
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    • shegirl
    • By shegirl 1st Mar 10, 7:26 PM
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    Just a tip ladies,if you are planning on giving any form of treatment and holding these parties don't do it without talking to whoever is above you.

    First off you have no training in it.People will probably think you do otherwise they likely wouldn't bother let alone pay for it!It also means you may be no good and could make Avon look bad.

    Secondly,and very importantly,you need liability insurance to do it.

    Unless you have any form of training (even Vie give their consultants a certain amount of training) and liability insurance you shouldn't be doing customers make up or parties like that....imagine someone coming out with a reaction or you doing something to damage their house!
  • laura16
    thats why i'm just offering manicures an for other types of parties im just letting guests have a play with the products.

    i'm a nail tech so i have insurance for manicures

    thanks though
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  • sophisoph
    I did my first party recently, not many people turned up even though they said they would (grr) so invite more than you want and expect some to 'forget'.

    I had a few cups with breadsticks and some with matchmakers along with a few bottles of rose....hand out the glasses and let the wine flow

    Maybe you could start by getting them to all introduce themselves or make it into a game by asking them to make a sentence from their names ie Animals Never Need Answers (ANNA) I didnt do that but its an idea...

    First i played the left right game where all the guests sit in a circle and you hand one (or two) a wrapped pize. you read a paragraph about the party and avon. in it are extra lefts and rights added. eg 'if you LEFT home with the intention of buying for someone special you would be RIGHT to think that, so ill get RIGHT to the point ensuring nothing is LEFT out....' the prize is passed left or right when you say the word. the winner is the one holding the prize...RIGHT? makes them listen to what you are saying too.

    then i handed out books, pens and order forms and did a makeover on my friend. Ive been doing avon for nearly a year and she always buys from me so had a full makeup bag of avon stuff to use on her. as i did her makeup i told everyone what it was, page number and price along with tips on how to use it.

    (ALOT of the orders i got were for products i showed them)

    I told them i wasnt a makeup artist but i could try and show them how to get great looks from avon products.

    Then (had there been more people/less children) I planned to play the chair game. This is where everyone is sat on chairs in a circle and you read through a list of things. ie if you have blonde hair...if you have purchased an avon product before.... Those who HAVE move one seat to their left, those who havent stay still. the winner is the person who gets to their original seat first and shouts AVON. Its a fun game as you can end up with 3 people + on each others laps. Make sure you have a list long enough to keep going and it doesnt have to all be avon related. I threw in some 'if you know who killed archie mitchell' ones too

    After that i went through the booked and explained about all the different ranges (printed from the training-product guides on my avon account) As i went through i showed one or two products i had and let them smell them etc. again alot of the ones they played with were the ones i got orders for.
    Have some paper to spray perfumes on etc.

    I had a bargain box with items i have gained through the avon bumper boxes/creative ordering etc to sell on for £2 each (or whatever depending on what youve got but make sure its cheaper than the book they are looking at)

    Finally i (would have) had a snatch raffle. I sold tickets for 50p each or £2 a strip, put a few wrapped prizes in the middle and called out the numbers one by one. The first person called picks their prize, then you pick another and they choose a prize....then you carry on. The person with the ticket gets to take the prize off the original winner and it goes on and on, usually the prize is swapped back and forth a few times. The REAL winner(s) is the last ticket(s) called. sometimes the winner ends up with both prizes. (quite an evil..but fun game and they dont even know what theyre fighting for until they unwrap it)

    After that I asked if there were any questions, any specific products they wanted to see and basically had a good chat.

    Everyone left with a goodie bag: A small paper avon bag with 3 of my flyers to pass on to 3 people they knew (as im a sales leader now...promotion etc lol), a perfume and lipstick sample and their avon book.

    DONT BLATANTLY COUNT UP ORDERS WHILE THEY ARE THERE...ITS JUST PLAIN RUDE LOL. By all means offer to go through any orders with them to help them and make sure its right etc.

    Of about 16 people invited 5 turned up and i dragged another from my street an hour beforehand making 6. I made £105 from orders alone, as i said most of which were products i showed them. AND thats 6 people that dont usually order from me.

    I have tried before but i must have crap friends lol so i would rather do it for a customer (like anne summers) rather than in my own home. From my experience it was too much pressure to be a hostess, panic about the number of people AND throw a party for them. especially when they bring kids who kick a ball and knock the glass of rose onto the cream carpet and then all stop and look at me lol. AT least if its someone elses party and someone elses house you dont have to worry about spillages ha ha

    I think thats about it

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    sealed pot challenge no:824
    dooyoo £20 = SMASHED!
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