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Signing off Job Seekers Allowance - help!
Closed Thread
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# 1
Old 27-04-2009, 3:53 AM
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Default Signing off Job Seekers Allowance - help!

I wrote on here a while ago that my son was signing on for job seekers allowance. He has ended his course at uni and will restart a new course in September.

Following advice (and a bit of common sense) he signed on for JSA, went for the interview, they needed a letter from his uni to say that he had finished his course and was no longer classed as a student.

About three days later he got a phone call from an employer to start work on the following day.

He has rung the Job centre and told them he is no longer available for work and could they stop his claim. They said he would need to call into the office during their working hours to stop the claim in person.

He has told them he has started work, that he was given the call on a Saturday night to start on Monday morning and asked was there another way to cancel the claim. They are insisting that he calls into the office in person to fill in the paperwork, that it cannot be posted to him.

As he works from 8.30 until 4.30 and is quite a distance from the JC this is going to be a problem. I suppose he could ask for a half day off to go but he doesnt think this is going to give a good impression.

He cant be the only person to have got a job, need to stop a claim and unable to get to the JC, this must have been dealt with before - any ideas from out there?
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# 2
Old 27-04-2009, 5:09 AM
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If he just doesnt turn up, they'll stop his claim eventually lol.

He should have a form on a booklet from the JC, a green one thats quite small, it also should have the address of the JC and other info in it. One of the forms on it should be stopping the claim, he can just fill it in and post it to them if he has that. Otherwise don't stress! Loads of people just stop turning up to sign on (or they did when I worked at the JC)

Maybe someone else has better advice...

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# 3
Old 27-04-2009, 8:48 AM
MoneySaving Stalwart
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I thought you just fill in the little booklet and drop it off at the JC reception or post it ?
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# 4
Old 27-04-2009, 8:55 AM
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You do not have to call in the job centre to stop the claim - you have been misinformed.
Just tear off the bit of the signing on booklet detailing closing your claim and send it to the job centre. I would advise to send it recorded delivery as from experience they can get lost in the post.
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# 5
Old 27-04-2009, 6:48 PM
MoneySaving Convert
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The reason it can't be done over the 'phone - yet! - is to do with Data Protection. It could be a bogus caller trying to sabotage his claim. They need your son's signature on his ES40 booklet to compare with the records they hold. However this may be changing shortly.
Also by just stopping signing on, he could lose out on some benefit as the claim would be classed as a "fail to sign" and closed back to the last time he attended rather than the day before his job starts, meaning losing out on some benefit and - for those who have been claiming over 6 months - the £100 Job Grant.
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