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Antony Worrall Thompson Gravy Pastes
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# 1
Old 23-08-2008, 7:34 AM
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Default Antony Worrall Thompson Gravy Pastes

I hope I have posted this in the right forum, but it occurred to me that anyone who makes their own food (as a lot of people do on here) are going to use the occasional 'cheat' ingredient, and Antony Worrall Thompson Gravy Pastes fall firmly into this category. Or did.

Stick the title into Google, and you'll see several forums come up where people such as myself, who have come to LOVE these pastes to use as a base for a quick and easy lump free gravy, have been astounded by the fact that this product, which was stocked only by Tescos, has suddenly begun to disappear from shelves in Tescos up and down the country during August. Often with no explanation. My local Tesco claims 'lack of demand', but I happen to know that it was heavily in demand because it was gluten free.

There is nothing on the AWT website to indicate the product is no longer made, and text messages I have sent to the distributors, Jardox, have been ignored.

I simply cannot find a viable alternative to these pastes and I'm afraid that bisto gravy granules just don't cut it. Quite apart from all the nasty ingredients, the format doesn't really fit with gravy which needs to be made on a stovetop for optimum results, not just have hot water poured all over it.

This product struck the balance for me between busy Mum wanting to give her kids something with no 'E' nasties in it, and traditional food. Plus I could add my own stock and other ingredients.

Anyone else use this product? Who can I write to to find out more?
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# 2
Old 23-08-2008, 8:28 AM
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I understand your anger, I have the same issue with sainsburys who seem to have stopped stocking Flora milk.
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# 3
Old 23-08-2008, 9:56 AM
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Have you tried writting to tesco customer services or even phoning them?? My sister works on the customer service/home shopping lines and i know she can find out the stock of item in particulars stores and if a line has been totaly discontinued. I had her searching for ham stock cubes not that long ago as they disappeared too.

The customer service centre is based in Baird avenue, Dundee, i Don't know the postcode.
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# 4
Old 19-10-2008, 6:06 PM
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I have had the same problem .
His website suggests that his other products are available from Morrissons and Waitrose - anyone know?
No Waitroses up here though, but will try Morrissons.
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# 5
Old 20-11-2008, 5:15 PM
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The good news is that it is now possible to order AWT gravies online direct from Jardox. The bad news is that it costs 2 per jar and you have to order a minimum of 4 jars although you can mix different gravy flavours and/or order Toastmate if you want. Further bad news is that P&Pcost 6.85 per order! You also have to send them a cheque - not credit cards or Paypal available I'm afraid

I recently ordered 8 jars and the total cost with P&P came to 22.85 - that's 2.85 per jar, which is 87p per jar more than I was paying at Tesco. But I guess it is worth it if you can still order this stuff!

Here's a link to the order form:

Hope this was useful!!
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