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Dumping Tescos For Morrisons-Any Tips?
Closed Thread
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# 21
Old 21-03-2012, 8:22 AM
MoneySaving Stalwart
Join Date: Aug 2011
Posts: 302

I would love to know how much Morrisons (and other stores) make each year out of people who don't bother to check their receipts to see if the price they think they are paying is the price they actually paid? I think if I added mine up over the years I've been shopping there I'd estimate they'd have had an extra 25 off me alone.
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# 22
Old 21-03-2012, 2:57 PM
Fantastically Fervent MoneySaving Super Fan
Join Date: Jan 2012
Posts: 8,633

It's sometimes hard on ASDA receipts to even understand how the product you bought appears on the receipt, it's so cantatonated.
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# 23
Old 21-03-2012, 6:37 PM
MoneySaving Stalwart
Join Date: Nov 2008
Location: North East
Posts: 240

I too shop at Morrisons Doxford Park , I used to shop at Sainsburys but their eyewateringly high prices and the fact that they extended the store & it is now so huge that you could park a few jumbo jets in it pushed me into changing store.
So far I have found the fruit and veg ok but I do use the market in town as well , receipts have been ok and I am certainly spending a lot less . The bakery is really good .
The only real gripe I have is the amount of sheer crap (none food) that they have wasted 2-3 full aisles on and the higgledy piggledy way stuff is crammed in all over as a result of this .
Minor gripes and not enough to put me off though .
Don't have time to shop around too much but I do pop into home bargains , savers and poundland for toiletries and other bits and pieces.
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# 24
ska lover
Old 26-03-2012, 12:19 AM
Fantastically Fervent MoneySaving Super Fan
Join Date: Oct 2010
Posts: 2,319

For my main shop - I swapped from Mr T in favour of Morrisons a good few years back and have never looked back.

I have never had any problems with fruit and veg not being fresh, or longer queing times as other posters have said. I honestly think Morrisons is the best value. Their value range is fine, as good as any other supermarkets

Where I live, there is a huge tescos practically two mins away, and Morrisons takes 15 mins to get to - so I actually go out of my way to go to it. For convienience, when and if I just need a few bits, like sandwich fillings for the week, I pop to tescos and spend a small amount, and scour round to see if they have any BOGOFS whilst there, but have never been swayed to go back for my main shop.

Morrisons fresh meat is always good quality, but the only gripe I would have is the three for a tenner meats - they do not seem to stock this up during the day - they always have plenty of chicken and mince etc in the offer, but you have to get up early to get those sizzling steaks. I stock up when I see them because they are lush!

Another bonus of Morrisons is because they do not sell clothes, you wont be tempted by a nice top, or pair of jeans etc in your trolly lol
Welcome to Karma Cafe, there are no menus - You get served what you deserve.

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# 25
Old 26-03-2012, 6:02 PM
MoneySaving Convert
Join Date: Jan 2011
Posts: 53

I also go out of my way to shop in Morrisons as opposed to Tescos.Find my local Tescos very noisy and constantly crowded. Morrisons new savers range has been great and no problems with fruit and veg. Morrisons also identify which products are suitable for vegetarians which is a great help.
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