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Good morning!

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Old 14-02-2008, 10:42 AM
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Talking Good morning!

Happy Frugaltine's Day!

It's another glorious sunny day here and I've been out to the post office (work related) and didn't take any detours or spend anything! Re: the 'leccy tart', I may be a 'card tart' but I'm no tart in the leccy department, I'm extremely loyal and am still with the same supplier I've always had. Trouble is, in private rented accommodation, I've never been able to change suppliers because the supply is never in my name! Still, even I am surprised that the oil-filled electric heaters cost less to run than the storage heaters. It's handy to know for the future.

How's everyone doing with their Billy Cans? I keep delaying admitting to the big 'test' of Will Power, but am going to bite the bullet and let you all in on it. (Call me stupid if you like ) Billy Can is for more than just chucking a few notes and spare change into, he actually tests my resolve. It's simple to try this yourself... I confess to only having done this once before starting this 2008 challenge.
Make sure you know your budget and take a look at where you spend on unneccesary items. (Mine was cigarettes). If you smoke, drink, indulge in sweets & cakes etc then it's easy to see where it goes, otherwise look at everything you spend that isn't 100% absolutely essential and look at what you throw out every day, even excess food packaging. I'm sure we can all muster a wasted 5 worth from somewhere. Put a 5 note in your Billy Can for a full day... mine was from cigarettes, remember... then consider this... Could you burn it? Could you physically shred that 5 note and set it alight? I AM NOT SUGGESTING YOU ACTUALLY DO THIS, just think about it... could you do it? Burning it is the exact same as spending it on excess. THIS is why your Billy Can must be a tin can... I actually burned the fiver and the feeling of seeing money go up in flames was enough to convince me that I had to save it. Except I don't save my money, I now rescue it! Only problem is, I can see that in some places I am, once again, being wasteful... I should never have watched Wife Swap! It's made me think even more about every single thing that gets binned - all waste is like burning money. Heeeeeeeeelp.... my frugalism is verging on total obsession and I think I may be in need of professional help... anyone?
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