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Marzipan fruits

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Old 20-10-2006, 6:02 AM
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Default Marzipan fruits

Marzipan Fruits

Another family favourite but very messy!

1 large block of marzipan
various foodcoloring pastes/colours
food flavourings (strawberry, orange, lemon, banana) optional
sweet cases
icing sugar/corn flour
fine paint brush or cocktail stick

Sprinkle some sifted icing sugar onto a clean worktop and break off pieces of marzipan and colour some red (strawberrys, apples) some green (apples, grapes) some orange (yep thats for the oranges! ) marzipan already yellow (bananas, lemons) purple (blackberries, grapes) you get the idea!

No set rules just use your imagination (if you love playing with playdough then you will love this) it helps to sprinkle some of the icing sugar or use some cornflour to stop marzipan from sticking too much.

Strawberries - mould some of the red (could use flavouring as well if desired) into strawberry shape, using a clove, dab all over to give a pippy look and pop the clove into the top for the stalk.

Oranges - again mould orange coloured marzipan (flavoured if desired) into the right shape, use clove to give the peel like effect, pop a clove into top.

Lemons -yellow marzipan mould to required shape, use clove to give peel like effect.

Bananas - using yellow marzipan roll to a banana shape then using some brown food colouring and a fine paint brush or with care cocktail stick dipped in the food colouring draw some lines down the banana.

Apples - roll together some green and some red marzipan into a ball and pop a clove into the top.

Blackberries - use purple marzipan and roll very small pieces into balls and then press all together into a blackberry shape usiing a clove for the stalk.

Grapes - similar process to the blackberries using either green or purple marzipan. Press together using either green marzipan atthe top for the vine or a clove.

Leave the sweets on a tray that has been sprinkled with cornflour of icing sugar - cover with another tray and leave to set for a few days. Pop into sweet cases.
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