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Former MSE Dan
Old 03-08-2009, 12:08 PM
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Hi folks,

I'm sorry a few of you didn't find the article useful, though I am a little confused at some of the points raised.

This is not what is implied in the article, and I quote "Is existing customers' cashback affected?

The current cashback rates will not change, but from 1 October, the minimum yearly spend required to earn any cashback will rise from £2,400 to a substantial £4,250 – or £355 per month."

Any mention of registrations after a certain date accommodating these changes was neglected from the article. I feel this is yet another example of the news feed being treated like a sensationalist tabloid, and causing panic amongst people who needn't be concerned.
The second paragraph says that the cashback rate changes are for new customers, then goes on to say that cashback rates are unchanged for existing customers, or if you apply before 11 August, but that some of the non-cashback changes (the inactivity fee and the £4,250) will apply from October.

I can't find any other source notifiying this change which I'd expect if AmEx has sent out a press release. This was written as news and MSE has registered its news feed with Google News so anyone searching Google News on this topic is likely to find this article high up and click through to read 'news'. Call me stupid but I'm a bit worried that websites that are affiliates for products are writing straight news and posting it before any independent sources. They just can't be impartial in my view although I know I am more scpetical than most. I would really like the news to give me reasons why I might not want to take out an AmEx card at all. I don't think I'm alone in being concerned about this new news feed and hopefully the website will be listening.
The writing of this article has NOTHING to do with affiliate links. In fact, the affiliate link (or unaffiliated version always included in articles) are not used in this piece, when they could easily have been.

it is about spreading information quickly, and hopefully usefully. We have good relations with the American Express press office and they gave us this info without embargo, which is great.

We're happy that we will be near the top of google news for this - we always want the reach of the site to be as large as possible. But we are writing this news because one of the top cards on the market - that a lot of MoneySavers will hold - is changing and it is correct that we should inform readers of what these changes mean.

Also, there IS a paragraph giving reasons why not to take out Amex Plat. It has been there since Friday so I assume you just missed it:

However, for cashback cards to be profitable, you must always repay them in full every month, so the minimum payment is irrelevant. Otherwise, the interest paid dwarfs any profit made via cashback. Anyone paying interest should consider 0% or Balance Transfer cards.
I hope this helps explain our reasons for doing news and this news in particular.


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