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    • Fisharefriendsnotfood
    • By Fisharefriendsnotfood 8th Mar 16, 4:50 AM
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    Giving up smoking
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    • 8th Mar 16, 4:50 AM
    Giving up smoking 8th Mar 16 at 4:50 AM
    It's 4.42am, I've been up since 3am. I decided yesterday that I wasn't smoking anymore. Had my last one about 3pm. I do have an e cig thing but struggling a bit with that if I'm honest.
    I smoke far to much, for far to many years and I keep getting chest infections. I need to stick around for my daughter.
    I am hoping others on here can offer advice. What worked for you? I feel intensely irritated and have right twitchy muscles. How long does all this last?
    I've smoked for over 30 years, apart from when I was pregnant. Which, funnily enough was easy to give up when pregnant. Blue lines visible, never touched a fag??
    I will not be getting pregnant btw!!
    I'm aware this is a bit rambly but I'm trying to keep myself occupied so I don't cave and go buy fags. I really want to stop smoking.
    Any advice, support, secret knowledge, anything will be very welcome.
    Thank you. Fi
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    • tealady
    • By tealady 8th Mar 16, 5:39 AM
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    • 8th Mar 16, 5:39 AM
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    • 8th Mar 16, 5:39 AM
    You could go to your chemist and ask if they have a quitting smoking class. Also you may be able to get a course of nicotine replacement for te price of one prescription.
    When I gave up it was with a combination of willpower and patches (tried the gum and thought it was vile).
    Some people swear by reading stop smoking books acupuncture or hypnosis
    I also found that putting my cig money aside each week helped, I was horrified to see how much money went up in smoke (literally). I knew someone years ago who paid for a trip to America for themselves and their family with cig money.
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    • Caz3121
    • By Caz3121 8th Mar 16, 7:21 AM
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    • 8th Mar 16, 7:21 AM
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    • 8th Mar 16, 7:21 AM
    stopped in July last year by moving to vapeing. wasn't a heavy smoker - 10-15 a day (for 30+ years) but amazed myself by how 'easy' it was. I am still vapeing on the lowest nicotine level but cutting back on that too. The thing that stops me smoking again is the smell....they do say ex-smokers are the worst!...good luck
    • so very confused
    • By so very confused 8th Mar 16, 7:44 PM
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    so very confused
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    • 8th Mar 16, 7:44 PM
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    • 8th Mar 16, 7:44 PM
    Don't know where you are in the country but look up local Smoking quit service. I have smoked forever but finally stopped with their support.
    I used nicotine replacement. In the past I had failed with this. It was explained to me that you need both patches and in my case inhalators not just one product. It worked....see my badge!
    It's also sometimes cheaper than buying them direct (free if you don't pay for prescriptions) but if you have to pay for them, check on the internet.....often much cheaper than shops.
    Good luck.
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    • GFN123
    • By GFN123 8th Mar 16, 9:32 PM
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    • 8th Mar 16, 9:32 PM
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    • 8th Mar 16, 9:32 PM
    Probably the best thing you can do is read 'the Easy way to stop smoking ' which is frankly incredible. The book is cheap to buy and I found it made stopping easy and enjoyable (I know, sounds suspicious but true!)

    Hypnosis helped me too, free stuff on YT (there's lot but this one really worked for me )

    Lastly well done! Stopping is great and worth all your efforts I smoked for over 23 years and not a day goes by im not delighted that I don't anymore!
    Proud to be a moneysaver
    • piglet74
    • By piglet74 8th Mar 16, 11:04 PM
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    • 8th Mar 16, 11:04 PM
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    • 8th Mar 16, 11:04 PM
    I never smoked, but I am always on a "diet", I think that if you can just get past that five minutes where you really crave something, paint you nails, brush your teeth and then use a strong mouthwash, hop in the shower, anything to pass a few minutes,
    Good luck !!!55357;!!!56842;
    • Fisharefriendsnotfood
    • By Fisharefriendsnotfood 14th Mar 16, 2:38 PM
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    • 14th Mar 16, 2:38 PM
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    • 14th Mar 16, 2:38 PM
    Just a quick update. A week today and I still HAVENT smoked!!!
    I've cleaned, cooked, cleaned some more. Oh and bought some new chalk paint!!!
    I've had grand chats with myself and not so grand chats but I am starting to feel a little bit proud of myself now.
    Thank you for all your replies xxx
    • jennyo
    • By jennyo 14th Mar 16, 6:18 PM
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    • 14th Mar 16, 6:18 PM
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    • 14th Mar 16, 6:18 PM
    Just a quick update. A week today and I still HAVENT smoked!!!
    I've cleaned, cooked, cleaned some more. Oh and bought some new chalk paint!!!
    I've had grand chats with myself and not so grand chats but I am starting to feel a little bit proud of myself now.
    Thank you for all your replies xxx
    Originally posted by Fisharefriendsnotfood
    You should be proud of yourself, that's fabulous. It's hard work, but worth it.
    Debt Free Dec 2009
    non-smoker 19th Nov 2010
    Trying to lose weight 40lb/42lb

    • thedog'sgrave
    • By thedog'sgrave 4th Oct 17, 10:09 AM
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    • 4th Oct 17, 10:09 AM
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    • 4th Oct 17, 10:09 AM
    February 1977 - Bought 200 cigarettes every day Mon to Fri - Put 5 packets on front of my desk with boxes of matches and ash-trays.

    I was with the Senior Shop-Steward (I'll call him Paddy) and out of the blue he bet me 5 that I couldn't stop smoking. I put a 5 note on my desk and told him to do the same and then put the 10 into my office safe.

    Roll on to approx. 9pm on the 28th June 1995 when I got a phone call asking me to go to St. James's Hospital (Dublin) where I saw Paddy. A very unwell person with tubes everywhere.

    He said in a very weak voice to me " It's a pity I didn't keep to that 5 bet as you did".

    I stayed with him until around 1:30am and 2 hours later arrived home only to be met with my wife who told me that Paddy's wife had phoned to say that Paddy died at 2.30am.

    The next time you put a cigarette into your mouth and just think of Paddy and what happened to him.
    • oldbrookmum43
    • By oldbrookmum43 27th Oct 17, 2:26 PM
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    im also trying to give up smoking as well, and its harder then I thought it would be, got the mints and patches, and a little voice in my head saying have a fag.... grr grr
    • Money maker
    • By Money maker 27th Oct 17, 11:16 PM
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    Money maker
    Keep at it, the longer you stay off them the better as you'll not want to have to go through all that again by giving in and having one. Lets face it, you know its not actually all that nice, just a habit. It does get easier, just hang in there. I stopped using Alan Carrs book and the image of a lady I used to care for who was on an oxygen machine 24/7. I dont want to live with the sound of the pump keeping me alive.
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    • Hoogle
    • By Hoogle 27th Oct 17, 11:39 PM
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    Vaping is the number 1 method to quitting just keep sensible, buy decent regulated good quality kit not the cheap clones or mech mods (he says ownng several decent mech mods) Vaping turned into a hobby for me to quit smoking, now I make my own juice, build my mods and coils etc and about to order a 3d printer to start making custom mods. I went through all the hassle of vaping to find what was right for me, I went back to cigarettes every time.

    Started with an ecig pen yeah its ok but only lasted 2 hours before I was craving to much.
    Went onto a bigger device was good I could go a whole day without cigarettes but then the morning couldnt beat the craving and no longer getting what I needed

    Then I got an actual proper powerful mod and tank which to be fair I thought was 1 of those setups that poser vapers use big clouds just for the sake of it, Always assumed a pen like device would be the closest thing to smoking. But this new mod opened up to better quality juice thicker and smoother and once you tasted the flavors available then cigarettes tasted disgusting. 18 months smoke free last time i tried 1 it was disgusting.

    Now I vape 0mg nicotine sometimes 3mg if stressed etc but the beauty is I vape because I enjoy it but never crave it I can go days without touching it. All though I spend a fortune on vaping I buy several mods/tanks and juice I still have money I put aside for vaping that was what I use to spend on cigarettes and I still have money in a savings account, and trust me I spend a lot on vaping just not 8+ a day that a pack of cigarettes cost.

    To be fair though I can vape for less than 50 a year but would say allow 200 when you first start to buy a mod and find a juice you like I make my own juice being very picky and only liking a few flavors that I can vape all day everyday and it costs me 20 per liter I make and a liter can last me 6+ months. (I do vape very heavy juice though 90/10 VG/PG so very thick and burns quicker. )
    • Lrimas
    • By Lrimas 27th Oct 17, 11:52 PM
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    I recently quit smoking (again!) by reading the Allen Carr book.

    The important thing to realise is that smoking doesn't really do anything for you. All it does is to bring you to the level that non smokers are all the time. The book helped me believe that before I experienced it for myself.

    The other option is vaping. But get something proper that allows you to blow a proper smoke cloud. The book doesn't help with my OH but he managed to quit more recently by doing that.

    Either way, well done! You are no longer burning money just to feel horrible 80% of the time.
    • Laz123
    • By Laz123 28th Oct 17, 10:04 AM
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    My late step father gave up by looking at a fag and saying 'who's in charge, me or you?'

    I gave up with hypnotherapy.

    It's a good idea to recognise the times when cigs were most enjoyable, first thing in the morning with a coffee, after a meal etc, so you can consciously alter the rituals. You also have to change the way you think because after 30 years of smoking the hand is used to taking out of the pack, lighting up, moving said cancer stick to the mouth etc.

    I found the first 6 weeks hard then it gets easier. Do not succumb to moments of stress, do something constructive.

    Good luck.
    There's no present. There's only the immediate future and the recent past.
    George Carlin
    • Magnolia
    • By Magnolia 29th Oct 17, 12:19 PM
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    I stopped 2.5 years ago by vaping - not cold turkey but by baby steps - I 'dual fueled' in the beginning slowly withdrawing stinkies day by day until I woke up one morning with only 1 ciggie in the pack. I smoked that at 6.30am with the small challenge of 'how long can I last until I open another packet' Seems it was 2.5 years and still counting

    Set yourself small goals in the beginning and see where it takes you. Try and make a pack of stinkies last 2 days as a first challenge but don't beat yourself up if you don't make it in the early stages.

    Remember it's not about the stinkies you have - it's about the ones you don't have that makes the difference.

    Get rid of the OMG I have had 10/15 stinkies today and insert - OMG I have not had 10/15 stinkies today.

    You can do it with the right mindset - it really is about playing mind games with yourself.
    Mags - who loves shopping
    • Ilona
    • By Ilona 9th Nov 17, 12:15 PM
    • 2,085 Posts
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    So, Anna and Elissa, both from the USA, both have their homepage in their profile. Looks a lot like spam to me.

    I love skip diving
    • choille
    • By choille 11th Nov 17, 10:20 PM
    • 5,396 Posts
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    Congratulations on stopping.

    I stopped 6 years ago & I'd smoked for 32 years - heavily.

    I did get a lot of help on here. There was a section for stopping smoking and everyone really helped buddy each other. I went to see a cessation nurse who gave me loads of tips and would phone me.

    I didn't substitute anything, just used a lot of mint chewing gum - Wrigleys. I did put on weight gradually but it's come off again - without making an effort to.

    I never thought I could stop and am so glad I did. I can walk uphills without gasping for breath, I don't have a furred up tongue, I don't hack up my lungs of a morning nor do I stink, neither does the house.
    The money gets spent on treats. I never had spare cash so that is nice.

    Good luck with it - it is the best thing you can do for yourself and those close to you including pets.
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