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    • jamesfcarter
    • By jamesfcarter 20th Jul 10, 11:53 PM
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    • 20th Jul 10, 11:53 PM
    On yer bike!
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    • 20th Jul 10, 11:53 PM
    Get a bike and cycle to work and to the shops (it's surprising how much you can carry with panniers). The money you save on fuel will easily cover the price of a bike. You might even be able to get your employer to give you an interest-free loan for your bike and avoid the VAT by using cyclescheme (quick before it falls victim to the cuts!).

    Cycling is really good exercise and low impact compared to something like jogging. Who knows, you might find that you don't need a car at all - imagine the moneysaving!
  • ethnicbritney
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    • 21st Jul 10, 12:03 AM
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    • 21st Jul 10, 12:03 AM
    Get a skipping rope and learn to skip! Wear trainers though as it hurts your feet if you mistime it and land on the rope instead.
    Some places are calling them "jump ropes" instead!!
    It works for sure, have started a new exercise regime-20 minutes a day:
    3 mins cardio
    3x toning exercises
    3 mins cardio
    3x toning exercise
    3 mins cardio
    finishing off with one core session-like The Plank.
    Rem to warm up and cool down to prevent muscle injury.

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    • moneysavingmonkey85
    • By moneysavingmonkey85 21st Jul 10, 12:25 AM
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    • 21st Jul 10, 12:25 AM
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    • 21st Jul 10, 12:25 AM
    ebay!! Just look in your local area for 'pick up only'. Just got sit up bar/ab machine for 99p and mini stepper for 99p and a unused (100) rowing machine delivered for 15 - instant mini gym - now to start using it.............but I like the sound of skipping rope too.
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    • T.F.S.B.I.G.W.S.
    • By T.F.S.B.I.G.W.S. 21st Jul 10, 2:23 AM
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    • 21st Jul 10, 2:23 AM
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    • 21st Jul 10, 2:23 AM
    I have used a skipping rope but I have been warned that, over years of skipping all those impacts - even with cushion trainers - can damage your joints
    • knithappens
    • By knithappens 21st Jul 10, 6:33 AM
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    • 21st Jul 10, 6:33 AM
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    • 21st Jul 10, 6:33 AM is amazing, dont fork out on weightwatchers online subscriptions, it is all free they have food trackers exercise trackers which show how many calories you burn, a whole porgramme so you put in your weight and goal and it wil work out a programme for you, forms, teams, articles, it is brilliant, i have lost weight using this before, am now using it again after my pregnancy, it is American, but people all over the world use it and their are british spark teams and the food tracker has british foods added, plus you can manually enter british foods and save them for future use.

    I also walk everywhere within a 2-3 mile radious, and have follwoed the Couch to 5k programm which is free from cool runnings

    this guy has made free podcasts to accompany the run which means i can just down load them and follow his prompts, I have never run before and now I am on week 8 of a 9 week programme running 28 mins straight almost 5K

    I also collect home exercise dvd's when on sale , and use these plus have collected weights ect from freecycles and use these regularly to strength train, so much cheaper than a gym
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    • sarah
    • By sarah 21st Jul 10, 6:40 AM
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    • 21st Jul 10, 6:40 AM
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    • 21st Jul 10, 6:40 AM
    Thanks Simplyjan- great article. For those who want to read it without searching, here's the link: 27 Ways to get fit for free.
  • aileen0509
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    • 21st Jul 10, 7:00 AM
    home excercise hunt
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    • 21st Jul 10, 7:00 AM
    Make good use of the Nintendo Wii It's not just for kids use the sports section for a good work out, it's also lots of fun too.
    • luxor4t
    • By luxor4t 21st Jul 10, 7:09 AM
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    • 21st Jul 10, 7:09 AM
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    • 21st Jul 10, 7:09 AM
    Use the stairs!
    I've got two long flights of stairs in my house - a couple of ground-to-attic climbs a day is as good as the gym stairmaster & free. Good job we chose hardwearing carpet!

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    • dawnylou
    • By dawnylou 21st Jul 10, 8:17 AM
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    Buy a cheap exercise mat, skipping rope and timer and check out
    Free exercise videos - if you feel you can afford to and would like to you can extra items such as a kettlebell, pull up bar etc to work on some of the more recent workouts.
    I started using this site around Feb time and have lost a stone. It's easy to build into your routine as some workouts are only 15 minutes long!
    And you really work hard so even after only doing a small workout like this the sweat drips off you! lol
    I find it really enjoyable and have stuck at it much longer than i have any other form of exercise. (There is also dietary info posted too)

    Good luck to everyone who is taking up some form of exercise though x
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    • JRRD
    • By JRRD 21st Jul 10, 9:10 AM
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    I use online Zumba routines. There are loads to choose from, mainly on You Tube.
    Some are filmed a bit annoyingly(bad sound, jumping camera etc) but if you search long enough you can find plenty easy on the eye with good enough sound.
    There are ones filmed from actual excercise classes. I mainly prefer ones that are filmed with a smaller group performing, face on, so easier to follow.
    Really good excercise and because they are relatively short you can dance for how ever long you want. The thought of an hour class makes me want to go and lie down, but 4 lots of 15 minutes throughout the day would be a whole load easier !

    I have put all my links to sites I like, on Word, so that I can easily find them each time I want to dance to them.

  • abbitorrance
    Do your Garden
    Do the Gardening. It's a brilliant work out and you get a lovely garden for your efforts.
    • minerva_windsong
    • By minerva_windsong 21st Jul 10, 9:42 AM
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    Use a chair to work your triceps - the idea is you hold on to the front of the seat and extend your legs out in front (so your arms are behind you and at right angles) and then use your arms to push yourself down and back up.

    Also, calf raises - simply rise up onto your toes and then lower yourself back down. This can be done whenever you are standing around for five minutes (boiling the kettle, cooking dinner, brushing your teeth etc) and is really good if you wear high heels a lot.

    I'd also recommend buying cheap fitness DVDs off the internet (you can get decent ones for around 5-10 on Amazon Marketplace and Play Trade) and then selling them on when you're done with them, as I've heard that you should change your exercise routine every two or three months due to your body 'learning' the routine and needing to keep challenging it to get results.

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  • Stinley
    You can pick up exercise videos really cheap from charity shops or car boot sales. Put it on and get moving in the comfort of your sitting room.
  • Stinley
    Oh and I just hear that if you have your Wii linked to the internet you can see the web pages on your TV - Perfect for large screen viewing for those You Tube clips that JRRD mentioned
  • ian37
    Home exercise
    for general toning and strength training at home, i use a set of push up bars for press ups, they are great and take the strain off the wrists. dont bother getting the really expensive ones, mine only cost a fiver from sports shop.
  • yvonne3009
    Free excercise routines
    If you google "no excuses workout". The top result returned should direct you to Jonathan Roche's site where you can find free workouts to try. I used this system for a while and enjoyed it and as a result I have now purchased the workout system.

    It cost in the region of $30 dollars but with that you get an online system for you and a friend to log your excercise acheivements and weight etc and you also get workout cd's that you can rip to MP3 and dvd's for interval training on whatever fitness equipment you may already have such as cross trainers or running machines.

    It doesn't really matter whether you have any of the equipment - the main idea is to do interval training by raising your heart rate by what ever means necessary for a few mins at a time. There's also a strength training section that needs no expensive equipment to do and its in 6 min sections so you can do as much or as little as you are able.

    The free sessions however will still do the job so I'd recommend doing those to save parting with cash!!
  • CheapAsChips
    5 Basic Exercise Plan (5BX)
    An exercise plan developed for Canadian Air Force in the 50's/60's.
    Ideal at home because it only takes approx 10 minutes per day and you gradually build up your level (starts at a very, very easy level)
    Check out 5BX on wikipedia for the warnings on replacing the sit-ups at higher levels with a modern "crunch" (as if you'll get to the higher levels!!)
    Search on t'interweb for "5BX" and you'll see some free .pdf downloads.
    There are Male/Female versions.
  • pixie girl
    This is something I thought of when I thought that putting away 30 a month (instead of going to the gym) would get me a nice home gym eventually (I didn't spend anywhere near to that in the end )

    I cancelled my gym subscription and started running, I have an app on my phone which maps my speed, distance and does little maps showing where I have gotten to, this cost 5 but it has really worked to keep be going runing more regularly (as when I log in I feel guilty when there isn't much on there..) I would really recommend doing a charity run too this really made me much more dedicated as I would let charities and my sponsors down.

    Running isn't free though - get your first pair of trainers from a store that caters for runners (once you know what type of shoe you need buy from somewhere cheaper) - it will save money (and more importantly pain) in the long run from not buying ibroprofen gel and painkillers when you are injured. This is something I learnt the 'hard' way and wish I had known this earlier.

    Walk or cycle - I am always surprised at how much I start to put on weight when I swap cycling to work (only 2 miles away) for the bus, walking helps too.

    I have a mini trampoline which is great I put on a movie and just bounce - doesn't even feel like exercise I am on the top floor in my house and have been told by my downstairs that it isn't noisy (check on review sites for 'quieter' models).

    DVDs are good too, I have a ballet conditioning one that I use all the time (good for my weak knees and I have noticed I am becoming more toned) and a belly dancing one which was less sucessful (but I borrowed from a freind so extra money saving on that one!).

    I am glad that I quit the gym as I tend to get outdoors more, run for charities and have saved a lot of money in only 6 months.
  • Andy_S_1972
    I spend a lot of time at home so here is a few tips that I have found work.

    Try and spend some time sitting or ideally kneeling on a Swiss ball, this is great for balance and core body. You would be amazed at how good it is for toning the tummy muscles.

    I keep a small squeeze ball that I got for free from North face and use that for hand and arm exercises, great for working on you hand strength and keeping the circulation going.

    If you are sat down a lot put on some heavy footwear and just do leg raises, it is surprising how tiring this is, start a one rep of 15 and then build it up or increase the weight.

    The usual, situp, press ups, tricep dips are all good and why not try tackling the stairs a but quicker to get the heart rate going.

    There are some great U tube videos on stretching exercises out there all for free, and I have found a few courtesy of the NHS.

    Hope this all helps
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