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November 2010 Grocery Challenge

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  • MrS yesterday - £15 Would be nice to think that was my main shop for the month, but unlikely.

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    Excuse the shouting all but

    Hippeechiq where are you? Are you OK?
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    Hi all, spent £24.59 in mr a's on only things that i needed.been useing things up from my freezers i seem to take one thing out and put 2 or 3 things back in just me that has this problem ? .
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  • Afternoon. Went to various supermarkets last night and spent just over £24. No bargains to be had :-( so just got some essentials and some items that will last in to next week. Hopefully I won't need to visit the supermarket next weekend. Have a good one!
  • skilly wrote: »
    been useing things up from my freezers i seem to take one thing out and put 2 or 3 things back in just me that has this problem ? .

    I know exactly what you mean skilly. I was making some space in there and then made italian ham and chickpea stew on Tuesday so now it's pretty full again!

    Still no spend to declare, but may try to fit in a trip to the farmers market Saturday morning so we shall see.
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    skilly wrote: »
    been useing things up from my freezers i seem to take one thing out and put 2 or 3 things back in just me that has this problem ? .

    I have that same problem skilly but I'm really trying hard this month. I've had 2 NSD's so far and don't think I need anything for a few more days yet:j

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    Flat_Eric wrote: »
    Evening all.

    I am about to embark on a 395 no spend challenge and full details can be found here if you would like to follow my progress.

    I know this isn't grocery challenge related but Im sharing it because its also my aim from hereon in that I will only buy stuff from the supermarket if its on my list and if it forms part of my meal plan. no more spends just because the item is on offer ! I want to make savings wherever possible and the grocery challenge is certainly one I can make inroads.

    Flat Eric I know where you're coming from. When I started this challenge I decided that I would only buy BOGOFs etc if I was prepared to put the savings away. So, Leeks £1-99 BOGOF meant £1-99 goes in my savings jar. I made sure I did this with real money so my purse was lighter! After a while I was able to resist the offers I really didn't need/couldn't use and the savings were useful for treats! So I now only buy BOGOFs and offers if I really need the stuff and I am able/prepared to put the physical cash in my savings jar. Well, it worked for me!

    Have had a busy day - made a pastry case for a lemon meringue pie (Sunday treat as MIL and SIL are coming to lunch), cooked a big batch of bolognese sauce in the slow cooker and have made a huge lasagne which is for tomorrow's dinner (half for the freezer), and have prepped the veg for tonight's prawn provencal - basically prawns in white wine and tomato and mushroom sauce. This is usually served with rice but in an effort to cut the carbs I am going to try the 'cauliflower rice' that someone suggested (sorry I have forgotton who). Have resisted the urge to eat a scone and had an apple in stead so I am feeling quite virtuous! AND it's a NSD for me!

    Have a good evening everyone. TGIF!

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    Wel spent another $37.74 yesterday,but that did include 3 tin's of chocolate's which are xmas pressie's.
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    Agghhh I am going to have to stop buying a few 'bits' when I take my mum shopping.

    Took her to Mr M this afternoon and spent £27.10!!!!!!

    £12 went on catfood as it was on offer and I needed some which is good. I also got some coffee and then a free eco refill, some couscous which I had run out of, some squash for hospital to save me spending stupid money in hospital shop and some other bits and bobs.

    Now going to dig through my fridge and veggie racks and have a good sort out. Need to utilise all the whoospie bits and veggies so I will not end up wasting anything while in hospital.

    Ok off to update sig and then kick myself for spending more..

    S x
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    slbhill wrote: »
    Did my big weekly shop at MrT's last night, took longer than normal due to all the price checking but I did very well sticking to my list, and even with all the freezer stuff (restocking after defrosting it last week) I only spent £59.81 - v impressed with myself as usual weekly spend is £50ish.

    I did splash out 35p on a pumpkin reduced from £1.99 in the aftermath of Halloween! Ok they were only about 75p before Halloween but it's still cheap. Any suggestions what to do with it??

    I found a lovely looking recipe for pumpkin & almond cake but it needs 200g of ground almonds which are stupidly expensive at £1 for 100g :eek: That would rather counteract the saving LOL.

    Hi slbhill,

    I don't know if this is the sort of thing you were looking for but just got this in an email from Dobies of devon.

    Pumpkin soup

    chop two small onions or shallots and sweat in 60 gms butter. Add 4 tablespoons of water and 500gms of pumpkin or squash, cut into large chunks with seeds and peel removed. Cover and cook until the pumpkin flesh almost disintegrates. Mash it and add 1 pt beef or chicken stock and plenty of freshly ground black pepper and salt. The soup should be thick and smooth and can be liquidized if desired. Add a little cream or crème fraiche just before serving and reheat. Serve with crusty bread or walnut sables.
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