MSE Poll: Do you contribute to your child's uni costs?

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It's the deadline for English students to apply for student loans this Friday. We've often highlighted the hidden parental contribution which means parents are expected to pay towards their children's living costs while studying at uni – yet even those getting the maximum support often need more to live off. So this week, we want to know if your kids go (or went to uni), if you help(ed) them out financially, and how much you contribute(d).

Let us know!

Did you vote? Are you surprised at the results so far? Have your say below.
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    My daughter is starting uni this September - although she will be applying for a loan I would still contribute as and when needed - she's my daughter after all. How much I'd contribute depends upon her needs at the time I guess. 

    However, I do think uni is over-rated now. Personally I believe uni is only good for those who absolutely need an appropriate degree in the field. My daughter aims to go into the medical field, and for her career choice a uni course is a must. 

    Since all uni students now typically come out with a lifetime worth of debt before even starting work, personally I feel if the area you want to go in to doesn't need a specific degree course, then an apprenticeship is the way to go - that and on-the-job experience. 

    My other daughter is looking to go into accounting in the future, for which I would encourage her to take the apprenticeship route in order to work towards the appropriate qualifications. As long as she found the right place, she will complete her training/courses, have on-the-job experience, and not a ton of student loan debt to go with it. I know others who have followed this route and ended up being very successful and sought after. 

    Uni is no longer the only way. 

    Oh and FYI - Poll link in OP is not working.....
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    We don’t view the loan as a debt but as a necessary way of getting the education she needs to get the career she wants.  Just means she will pay a bit more in tax and as a degree for many careers is the starting point it makes sense.  The pay rise she gets as she goes over the threshold to pay it back should cover any amounts she owes each month so she should barely notice it. Additionally the life skills and independent living experience she will get in a secure environment is good for her as she progresses into becoming an adult. We feel university will be a positive experience for our daughter.  

    What I do feel is unfair is that the loan is means tested in the first place.  We only have a daughter but if we had two children going to uni at the same time we wouldn’t be able to cover it.  If it’s a loan, why means test it?? It should be available to all. 
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