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MSE Poll: How long have you been with your broadband provider?

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MSE_RosieMSE_Rosie MSE Staff
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Millions overpay for broadband when their original contract ends – but sometimes there are legitimate reasons to stay with a provider (such as speed or customer service). So this week, we want to know how long you've been with your broadband provider and, if you're a loyal customer, what's encouraged you to stay?

Have your say in this week's poll. 

Did you vote? Are you surprised at the results so far? Have your say below.
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  • Candice-MarieCandice-Marie Forumite
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    Locally (rural area) only Gigaclear have decent speeds. Luckily they have been great for reliability and customer service. They do charge more than competitors, but it’s not a level playing field. We won’t consider switching until there’s a comparable service available. 
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    matt38matt38 Forumite
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    For several years I was with Post Office Broadband which started out at £30pm eventually going up to £38pm for distinctly average service and speeds. Only reason I stayed with them was it was too difficult to try to go with another provider the three times I moved to a new rental flat.

    A couple of years ago I decided to try a NowTV offer at £18pm for first 12 months for new customers. The deal included Anytime landline calls which is great if you use your landline a lot (I don't - it's only there in case of mobile failure). After the 12-month contract ended I rang them to see how much it would cost to renew - they offered me the same deal for 1p less - £17.99pm! As I don't actually use my landline to make calls they were happy to still include Anytime calls as part of the deal!

    Another 12 months passed by and I called to renew again - the deal stayed the same at £17.99pm. I am more than happy with the speeds and service from NowTV.

    It is worth noting that my deal with NowTV is cheaper than the so-called "Social Tarrifs" which supposedly exist to help people on low incomes!
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  • Devonian_RoddersDevonian_Rodders Forumite
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    Been with same provider for 19 years.  Not wanting the hassle of changing e mail address etc.
    Recently had to change to wi fi (not a pleasant experience) and may consider leaving altogether when next renewal is due.
    Since the "upgrade", speeds do not meet the advertised, but I am assured the speed reaches the property.
    What baffles me is the advice "Don't place router near windows, metal objects or TV"   Where was it installed? Behind TV near window and radiator!
  • StockieStockie Forumite
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    Been with Now TV for three years on a 67Mb/anytime calls bundle for £20pm and the service has been fine (the rare short drop outs are due to BT Openreach messing the the network, I'd get the same amount whatever company I was with). I haven't seen any deals come up that can beat that so I'm sticking with what to me is a good thing.
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  • HRMANHRMAN Forumite
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    I have also been with Now for years
    Never had a problem and also get anytime calls.
    Contract finished and was advised I could stay at same cost on a rolling basis.
    If I signed a new 12 month with them cost would be more 
    Check my speed regularly and it always above guaranteed speed.
  • PegasusPJPegasusPJ Forumite
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    Been with Plusnet for a while, latest contract just expired early this month.

    Can't get ultra fibre yet (in a council estate so probably at the bottom of the lists..) but Vodafone had a regular fibre deal that was cheaper..
    Called plusnet and wrangled a new 2 yr contract with double bandwidth for same price (in fact a little less) than current, and a £75 card (received today).
    Not quite as good as would have got with Vodafone, but I'm happy with the service, and got a fixed IP, so not worth changing.
  • MurphybearMurphybear Forumite
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    We were with John Lewis and were very happy.  Unfortunately they decided to leave the broadband business so we are looking for a replacement.  Jurassic Fibre are doing a lot of advertising and digging the roads up in our part of the world.  I’d be interested to hear if anyone uses them, I’ve heard some good things but understand they are fairly new so don’t know how big their customer base is.  
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