5p coins in a 75cl wine bottle

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I have seen a few posts regarding this from people saving loose change. My full to the brim wine bottle contained a rather disappointing £52.50 😐


  • annabanana82
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    I'm currently filling a 3ltr brandy bottle with 20p's just the neck to go and its taking forever 
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    Not sure I see the point personally, just an extra thing to (not) keep clean. If I have lots of coins, I'd gather them together to pay part of a bus fare or similar. (Part to not annoy the bus driver)
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    On the rare occasions I have cash it seems to hang around for ages before I spend it. I do rarely find I’m asked for it. Certainly if I needed some I’d be irritated to have it at home in a bottle. 🤭

    That said - each to their own. If anyone finds cash easier to track then stick with it rather than loose sight of your money and risk overspending. If people struggle to save - likewise, whatever helps either start the habit, keep it up or add just a little more to the pot. It all adds up in the end and better to save something somehow than just spend it all and have nothing to fall back on.

    £50 ish would be a week’s grocery bill to some, maybe a luxury shop to some or a treat of a take away? We’ve all gotta find our own ways of looking after ourselves. Though if you are that much in need is the wine a good idea? Or perhaps the empty bottle was a gift. 🤣
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  • sourcrates
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    I have a large white plastic powder milk container, I just drop in any odd bits of change I have in my pockets.

    Being doing so for a number of years, at times I have had to raid it, taken from a few quid, to over £50 out once.

    Its now mainly half full of 5p`s, 2p`s and pennies, once its full, I`ll likely take it to a change machine and do a shop or something.
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    @sourcrates, this is the first time I have ever been able to offer you advice, though I see you offering it to so many others. Please don't take it to a cash machine, they charge, I believe, 8% for the use of it. Not good use of your money. The self- service tills in supermarkets, do not charge anything, hugs, mumtoomany.xx  

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  • DullGreyGuy
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    kimwp said:
    Not sure I see the point personally, just an extra thing to (not) keep clean. If I have lots of coins, I'd gather them together to pay part of a bus fare or similar. (Part to not annoy the bus driver)
    Not an option in London given buses are all cashless.

    I dont do it but its one of those casual savings thing where hopefully when its full you have a moderate chunk of money having made no material effort to save it. 
  • gd55
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    We keep all our coins in a coffee tin, it's easy to get at then we need a couple of quid for things like a coffee morning at work.

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  • grandadgolfer
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    Used to put all change in a large Brandy bottle about £5-£10 a week and empty it when full used to get about £1000......but that all stopped with contactless a few years ago.All I carry now is a spare £20 in mobile case which has been there for 5 months and a debit card which gets tapped for anything from a pint of milk,the change bottle has about £25 in 10/20/50/£1 and thats taken a few years
  • singhini
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    I no expert on 5p coins but i know that the Kew Gardens 50p is worth about £150
    so its worth checking if you have anything "special" before you get rid of those coins.
  • Coffeekup
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    I still use cash, although I do use a contactless c/card more these days, though its usually bigger purchases.

    I give the spare change to my daughter which she puts it into decorated pringles pots with 1p/2p/5p/10p on the front so she knows where to post each coin. Pre 2020 it would take around 6 months to roughly fill them all, amounting to around £90 - £100 which we count up and pay into to her savings account.
    Nowadays it's closer to a year to fill them.
    20p/50p and £1 coins go into porcelain piggy bank, and she gets to empty a bit of it once a month and spend one what she wants in the shops.

    I personally collect the 10p with the letters on, the 50p with the pictures on and £2 coins with pictures. They all go into separate pots in my bedroom. I must have a couple of hundred if the 50p's, same for the £2 coin's.
    The 10 pences though are so hard to find I have a disappointing 3 of them P/Q/S.

    As the poster above me said most of these coins have a higher face value, so if I'm ever hard up I could sell them.
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