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Ways to use out of date cheap "British" wine

Would be glad of any suggestions for using unwanted wine that doesn't involve drinking or cooking with it!

About nine months ago I won a bottle of Rose wine as a prize in a pub quiz. I don't really like drinking wine and so the bottle got forgotten about.

The trouble is the wine is "British" wine, made with imported grape juice, and it states on the bottle "consume within 6 months of purchase". Alcohol volume is 8%.

I have already been warned by a fellow quiz player (who is a regular wine drinker) that the wine was awful tasting even when it was in date.

I don't want to just pour it away if there is some other way to use it. 

For example, is it likely that it is acidic enough to remove limescale?


  • bellabellabellabella Forumite
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    Just recycle it as a prize somewhere else

    Slava Ukraini
  • bouicca21bouicca21 Forumite
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    Open, taste it.  If it is vaguely drinkable freeze it (in ice cube trays or small freezer bags) and use it for casseroles, and maybe risotto.
  • annieb64annieb64 Forumite
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    Where we used to live one of the local takeaways used to give a bottle of some kind of cheap fizzy perry with orders over a certain amount. All the church bottle stalls and tombolas had several bottles of the stuff as everyone knew how revolting it was and just passed it on to the next event.
  • YoungBlueEyesYoungBlueEyes Forumite
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    Could it be turned into a balsamic vinegar type thing...? Which could then be a nice gift if you really don't want to consume it at all.
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  • goldfinchesgoldfinches Forumite
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    I have a feeling that if you start with horrible flavour wine you get horrible flavour vinegar IYSWIM so I think my suggestion would be to use it to make slug and snail traps for the garden if you've got one.

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  • BikingBudBikingBud Forumite
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    Screen wash?

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  • Rosa_DamascenaRosa_Damascena Forumite
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    BikingBud said:
    Screen wash?

    The car deserves better.
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