Anyone else allergic to make up found any they can wear?

I have finally figured out I am allergic to all my foundations (and it would seem my SPF) along with my mascara. Makes my face hot, red, sore, rashy flaky and dry and eye maye up gives me blisters under my eyes. My lips itch and swell up too.

I am treating the allergy fine but would rather wear make up to go into the office, or at least something to define my eyes.

Anyone else suffer and found an eyeliner/mascara/foundation they can wear? and an SPF?

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  • Zuzi
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    I don't have much personal experience but is it a specific ingredient that has been identified as causing the allergy? Also, in terms of SPF, there are chemical and physical ones, so might be worth trying "the other one"?

    It would be good if you knew which ingredients specifically cause your reactions, and then you could try looking for alternatives without those.
  • beckstar1975
    Thanks - I know I'm definitely allergic to bismuth and it would seem other shimmer ingredients (Nars Orgasm left me redder than the blush) but I've only figured it out myself through trial and error so would be interested to hear others experience.

    I tried No7 hypoallergic foundation this morning and that was a no go within about 10 mins and face still throbbing now, an hour after I took it off. So that means it's not fragrance necessarily, or it might be in addition to something else.

    Might try that rosalique that's all over my IG feed
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  • shandyclover
    My oldest daughter was allergic to make up for awhile. Following an illness her skin just seemed to flare up. She literally couldn't wear anything which was an issue as she's a professional dancer and on stage.

    We went to a big department store, can't remember which one now sorry. But we explained to lady on Clinique counter and she gave DD some samples to try out. One of the Clinique foundations was fine. It's one that is developed for allergenic skin. Once we had good results with the foundation we went back and bought the basics in mascara, lipstick, blush etc. Just under a year later her skin had calmed down and she could wear pretty much anything again - but it was Clinique products that suited her. Might be worth a chat with one of their ladies. We 'tried before we bought', definitely explain and ask for samples.

    I'm generally allergic to mascara. Believe it or not the Boots Natural Collection I can wear though - which is odd as its the cheap and cheerful range. Many others quadruple the price I react badly to.
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  • Timpu
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    I found mineral make up gave me a rash but Nars and NYX were fine. For mascara, I found a tubing one, Blinc (there are others out there) works. It supposedly does not flake off which was the root cause for me.
  • beckstar1975
    Thanks am definitely allergic to mineral make up too!

    I think I just need to accept I can't wear make up and move on tbf!
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  • KxMx
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    If it was something you wanted to wear, wouldn't it be worth approaching some brands/counters and seeing if they would give you some samples?
  • Katiehound
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    I know that you are looking at make up rather than serum etc but it might be worth looking at Healthspan skin care because I know that they used to refund your money if you found products that weren't suitable.
    My friend bought eye cream- turned out to be a no-go and money refunded. 
    Worth emailing them to ask
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    Many thanks
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  • belfastgirl23
    This might be something worth going to your doctor about. It sounds quite severe and if it’s all of the things you’re mentioning, you might want to get professional advice? I’ve got very sensitive skin but there are a few No 7 foundations I can mostly wear except when I’m having a real flare up. I also use Ceteraben as my night moisturiser and that has helped get it under control a bit more. The worst thing is how often they change the ingredients in products as well. I have a very sensitive scalp and can’t count the number of times I’ve had to change shampoo because they changed ingredients. 

  • Emmia
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    Can you wear moisturiser without SPF? Personally I can't wear most moisturiser with an SPF (normally a chemical sunscreen) without eyewatering and spot issues - I can usually wear powder based "physical sunscreens" though.

    Similarly I'm allergic to some pigments in lipstick, orangey/red shadewise is a bit of a no go - especially in a longwear formulation (I've tried cheap, I've tried expensive, but I've yet to find a orange/red shade I can wear without mega sore lips within a few hours).

  • Coxy11
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    Have you tried Tropic? It's vegan skincare/make up with no nasties. They have a website: They also have a money back guarantee if you're not happy.

    Their sheer foundation has the following ingredients:

    Aloe Vera Juice, Titanium Dioxide, Coconut Derived Emollients, Plant Derived Pentylene Glycol, Coconut Derived Emollients, Plant Derived Emulsifier and Esters, Plant Glycerin, Jojoba Oil, Olive Squalane, Hyaluronic Acid, Aztec Marigold Flower Extract, Resveratrol Ferment, Plant Derived Emulsifier, Vitamin E, Sunflower Seed Oil, Rapeseed Oil, Safflower Seed Oil, Plant Gum, Coconut Derived Emollients, Plant Derived Preservatives, Mineral Thickener, Silica, Mica, Alumina, Chicory Derived Emulsifier, Olive Derived Emulsifiers, Plant Phytic and Stearic Acid, Maize Derived Polyhydroxy Acid, Colourants from Mineral Oxides

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