MSE Poll: How much mobile data do you use in a month?

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Poll started 25 January 2022

Smartphones are an essential part of everyday life for many, with streaming, gaming, social networking and more all increasingly done on data-hungry mobiles. With many of us returning to the office after a long period of working from home (often on Wi-Fi), we want to see how much mobile data you currently go through in a month.

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  • andydcagandydcag Forumite
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    At the moment my mobile data usage is so low because I'm working from home, so no commuting time, etc.  All linked into my home WiFi.  Would be a completely different answer if I was regularly going into the office.
  • troffaskytroffasky Forumite
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    Wot he said ^

    From the results I would say that the poll is mis-calibrated, given how many are saying <1GB but not 0.
  • BobbinAlongBobbinAlong Forumite
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    The only time I really use mobile data is when I'm away on holiday and even then I try to use wifi as much as possible. I've never exceeded my 1Gb allowance, even when away for a month in Europe.
  • DaveDarpenDaveDarpen Forumite
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    For over 3 years I have had no landline or broadband and run my laptop and Netflix etc from my mobile hotspot. I pay £20 per month for unlimited data, texts and phone calls, so that is all I pay for unlimited communication and entertainment. Last Wednesday at 8pm I tested my internet speed and got 27.8mb download and 11.3mb upload, and about an hour later I got 25.6mp download and 10.3mb upload. This will probably increase with 5G. Basic broadband gives about 11mb download, so this was more than twice that speed. Why aren't more people doing this? Three is offering new customers unlimited calls texts and data for £16 per month or £12 per month if you "only" need 100gb data. If you are nervous like I was about ditching the landline, try a PAYG Three SIM card and see how good the coverage is in your area and test it out for internet connection. If it's all good, why not take the plunge? Oh and I'm over 70.
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