Plans for bailiffs to be self-regulated but Martin Lewis warns compulsory regulation is needed

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Plans for bailiffs in England and Wales to be self-regulated have been put forward by the Centre for Social Justice in a bid to better protect people in debt. But Martin Lewis, founder of, warns that the industry-funded body doesn't go far enough, saying that every bailiff firm needs to be "tightly and independently" regulated...
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Plans for bailiffs to be self-regulated but Martin Lewis warns compulsory regulation is needed
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    I agree with Martin, it doesn't go far enough, only tight, independent regulation will stop them overstating their powers, and abusing their position, as they (mostly) do, on a regular basis.

    You don`t really think there all as nice and polite as the guys and gals on the telly do you ?

    If you want to see how they really behave, have a look on YouTube.
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    For free debt advice, contact either : Stepchange, National Debtline, CitizensAdviceBureaux.
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    No industry can police itself; there is too much commercial interest at stake.

    Only independent regulation will protect the public from bailiffs that are prepared to overstep the rules. There have to be tough sanctions. Individual bailiffs should be licensed in my opionion, but we need to ensure that there are safeguards for the bailiffs as well. If someone has chosen to make their career in debt recovery, it mustn't be possible for them to lose their livelihood through one or two vindicitive or unsubstantiated complaints. 
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    Northern Ireland has not had bailiffs for as long as I can remember. Enforcement is all done through the courts.

    It seems to work OK.

    I'd scrap them.
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