Waitrose shakes up loyalty card terms to prevent shoppers stacking two newspaper offers together

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Waitrose has shaken up its terms and conditions to prevent shoppers with a daily, weekly or weekend newspaper subscription from using their MyWaitrose card in the same transaction...

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'Waitrose shakes up loyalty card terms to prevent shoppers stacking newspaper offers to get bigger discounts'

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    As a regular customer I’m just a bit surprised that Waitrose haven’t woken up to this sooner.  I’ve made the most of it - who wouldn’t.

    The thing about this that really bugs me about this is that Waitrose still haven’t bothered to notify customers, & have left it up to store staff to communicate this to customers & take any flack which I think is not fair on their staff.

    However, it comes as the latest grumble in a sequence of things that leaves me feeling that Waitrose no longer care about their customers as they slowly erode the little benefits that were available. 

    A couple of months ago they emailed me vouchers to use when shopping to “thank you for your loyalty” & “we’ve looked at how much you spend…”. The only problem was in the small print, vouchers only valid if you spend over £100.  Well my average weekly spend is around £45, so clearly their systems don’t work very well.  When I complained I received an apology of sorts. I’d hoped they might send me a voucher I could use, but nothing. Clearly my loyalty doesn’t mean that much to them.
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    Waitrose changed the free coffee offer, because people from local offices were coming into stores just for free coffee. I don't see why people who are getting a discounted newspaper subscripyion should get another discount from Waitrose whivh other customers aren't getting. 

    I received six vouchers from Waitrose offering £10 off a £100 shop to be used by 18 July.. I might have used some of them if the offer date was longer, but getting them mid June is useless. 

    I have learned from this pandemic, that it's naive to expect a supermarket to consistently supply an entire order without substitutions or missing items. So I'm spreading my food shopping across several different types of outlets eg farms, butchers, wholesalers, delis, as well as supermarkets. My weekly Waitrose bill varies. Can be just over £40 or £100, it depends what I'm buying. 

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     I got an email from Waitrose a couple of days before 16th June which is when it was implemented.  Also prominent notices in my local Waitrose so asked about it from a staff member.

    I too am amazed that Waitrose haven't cottoned on to this before, and I, too, have taken full advantage of it.
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