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Decent coccyx cushion that doesn't cost a fortune?

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Decent coccyx cushion that doesn't cost a fortune?

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Due to the combined misfortune of a global pandemic and living in shared accommodation, I'm forced to spending most of my time sitting on my bed and trying to catch up with my studies. My coccyx hurts as hell. I'm considering buying a coccyx cushion. There are plenty on Ebay and quite affordable, too, but they are all from Chinese sellers and look quite dodgy. Some more professional-looking are in the £30+ range. Then there is the Argos best seller (, but, reading the reviews, it seems to be quite thin and prone to flattening quickly. I wouldn't mind spending more if I had the certainty of a good a robust product that will last long. Any direct experience? Thanks.


  • Hi the link didn’t work for me but I think I got one from Argos after I slipped on the stairs a few years ago and badly bruised my coccyx - sadly it didn’t take the strain off the area for me. Whilst it’s not practical for you, the only place I could sit comfortably was on the 🚽 Sorry I cant be more help, I hope you find a solution. I sympathise as I know how much this hurts.
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    Hi. I had surgery recently and had to spend a lot of time sitting in bed or on the couch which was making that area painful. I rolled up a thick bath towel and shaped it into a ring and sat on that and it was surprisingly effective, just taking the pressure off. 
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