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Homemade cleaning products

JenL Posts: 28 Forumite
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Both my cat and I have allergies to some scents and cleaning and laundry product ingredients, so I have to be very careful with what I use. I currently use items from the Ecover Zero range but it is quite expensive. A litre of all purpose cleaner costs £2.99 and lasts about 10 days (at most) before its used up, a litre and a half of laundry gel is £7.99 and washing up liquid is £1.35 per 450ml.

A friend of mine asked me if I've ever considered making my own products as it might be cheaper and I would know exactly what was in them. The idea intrigued me but I wouldn't have the first clue on how to go about making them, nor do I know if they would actually work as well as the shop bought ones.

I'd love to hear some opinions on the cost and effectiveness of homemade produces, along with some recipes for them. I would be most greatful for any insights. Thank you.


  • t14cy_t
    t14cy_t Posts: 1,318 Forumite
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    I pop bicarbonate of soda and a few drops of lavender oil in a jamjar and once a week use as shake and vac style carpet refresher!!
  • bellaboo86
    If you are on Instagram, look up Great British Bake Off Winner, Nancy Birtwhistle. She is a huge advocate of home-made cleaning products. 
  • joedenise
    joedenise Posts: 16,619 Forumite
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    Google "home made cleaning product recipes" and there are loads of websites.

    Basically it's a case of combining bicarb, white vinegar, water with some essential oil (if wanted) which will clean most things but there are other recipes as well.

  • Greenglockenspiel
    I use bicarbonate of soda down the loo, water and bicarb to make a paste to scrub countertops and hob, soda crystals down drains, white vinegar with lavender essential oil as a spray for surfaces, mirrors, mattress. I can't imagine going through a litre of cleaner that quickly though!
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  • JenL
    JenL Posts: 28 Forumite
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    Greenglockenspiel said: I can't imagine going through a litre of cleaner that quickly though!
    I have a house full of pets and I use the all purpose cleaner for the floors (I don't have any carpeting in my house), all surfaces in the house, cleaning the toilet, sinks, shower enclosure, dustbins etc. About all I don't use it for is cleaning the oven and halogen oven. My mother does them with oven cleaner, which I am highly allergic to, when I am out for the whole day.
  • rach_k
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    Have a look at the DriPak website.  They have lots of tips on how to make your own cleaning things as well as using their own products, which are old-school simple things like bicarb and soda crystals.  They also use science e.g. they tell you NOT to combine bicarb and vinegar as so many instagram 'experts' tell you (  They are honest about when it's not worth making your own e.g. dishwasher tablets - and you know they're being honest as they would make money telling you to go ahead (because they sell most of the ingredients people recommend for such things).  
  • Mummy2cheekymonkeys
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    Ive just found a website called ocean saver that sell drops that you put into a spray bottle and mix up to make cleaners. Whilst its not home made it would work out cheaper then you are paying at the moment and would be a lot more eco friendly. They are £1.50 for one drop to make a 750ml spray bottle. They had a deal on where you could pick and mix 5 for 6.99 so made them 1.40 each.  Ive been trying to make more eco friendly choices so hopefully these will work well.
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