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justtheanswer survey site

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NadiaNadia Forumite
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I have done a search and didn't find any threads about this site so here goes: I joined "justtheanswer" survey panel a while ago and have received several £5 amazon vouchers. Basically you collect points for answering surveys and when you are up to 500 points you can exchange it for a voucher. You get between 50 and 250 points per survey. Here is what appears on their site:
This is the market research panel where your answers really count.
For every survey you complete, you'll receive answerpoints that you can collect.
All you have to do is decide how you want to spend your answerpoints:
- Convert your answerpoints into Amazon vouchers
- Help someone to see with a donation to Sightsavers International
- Enter our current prize draw to win fabulous prizes

If you join through my referral I get 50 points. If you would like to join through my referral please pm me your name and email address. Alternatively the non referral link for joining is:


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I :heart: this site!!!


  • kim_leykim_ley Forumite
    1.5K posts
    I am also a member of this site and also think its great... well paid!
    I can refer a maximum of 4 people and get 50 points for each.
    PM me your name and email address if you would like to join via my referal.

    If not I would reccomend it so join here
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  • geordie_joegeordie_joe Forumite
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    Sounds good, but what is the screened out rate? I don't want to answer 50 questions only to be told I don't qualify!
    DPJames wrote: »
    You are never wrong about anything.
  • Hi Geordie Joe
    From my experience i dont tend to get screened out much but i dont find the suveys regular enough for me. Can sometimes go 5-7 weeks before i get a survey emailed to do so i have only earnt £8 since January! But that could be im not part of their main target audience maybe? :confused: They do tend to pay around £1.50 per survey though and the low £5 cashout is good. i Cashed in for an amazon voucher 8 days ago and had an email to say it would be delivered electronically within 28 days, which im waiting for now. HTH
  • OggyoiOggyoi Forumite
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    You are important to us, and so are the people who are important to you. We'd love to hear both you and your friends' views, so invite up to four of your friends by filling in the table below.
    As a thank you, for each friend that you recommend who joins Justtheanswer, we'll give you 50 answerpoints, up to a maximum of 4 recommendations

    I have 4 available, please just PM me and I will do the rest.

    Thanks in advance

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  • loganlogan Forumite
    258 posts
    I have 3 referals available if any body would like them
    please pm me your name and email address

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  • i have 4 referrals for this site, if anyone would like to be referred please PM your name and email address
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    LuckyoneLuckyone Forumite
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    edited 23 August 2009 at 2:59PM

    I also have 4 referrals for this survey site. If you would like to join through me please pm me your name & email address.

    I will gain 50 point per referral. Thank You :D

    I now have three left
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    justpeyton4nowjustpeyton4now Forumite
    779 posts
    edited 14 September 2009 at 7:10PM
    I have signed up with Luckyone's referral. Thanks Luckyone. :)If you'd be so kind, I have 4 referrals available. Please pm me with your name and email address and I will have Justtheanswer send out the email invite for you.

    "For each friend that you recommend who joins Justtheanswer, we'll give you 50 answerpoints, up to a maximum of 4 recommendations."

    You will also be able to send out 4 referrals to friends, earning yourself 50 answerpoints yourself when you sign up.

    If you prefer a non-referral link it is



    I now have 3 referrals remaining.
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    commandcommand Forumite
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    I can refer up to 4 people to the justtheanswer survey site. You get points for the surveys you complete, and once you reach 500 points you can get a £5 Amazon voucher. If anyone would like my referral then PM me your name and e-mail address. I will get 50 points for each referral.

    You can join the site without a referral at:

    Thanks :)
  • I have just signed up and can refer up to four people. Like the posts above, I will get 50 points for each referral.

    Please PM if you are interested in receiving a referral.
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