Animateme's debt journey

Hi I'm new, I discovered this site tonight between washing up yukky pots and prepping for a lesson tomorrow. I am so happy I am not alone, my debt problem has been an awful experience, but there is comfort in knowing you guys are here. I knolw now If you find yourself in a hole, then stop digging...

My wife and I are up to our earholes; 20k for her and 33k for me. We rent a house 'cos a mortgage lender would laugh at us and maybe offer us a small shed made of lego. Our income is 18.5k for her and 28.4k for me, so better than a kick in the nuts:D

My debt is partly from an irresponsible youth, but mainly from education; a degree, an MA and recently a 7k american diploma have taken their toll. I call it an investment, but so far it has just meant a fat debt and premature grey hair. I'm 34 - no fair!

My wife's debt comes from partying as a student.. and shoes. If it weren't for me I think she might have racked up 50k by now. I keep nagging her, but she still sneaks purchases on the NEXT account, hehe. Never mind, she helps me a lot, plus she has cut up the rest of the store cards.

Well, I'll have a breakdown soon, thanks for reading!

Debt 33.5k (highest 36.8k) Income 28.4k


  • Hello and welcome, you've taken your first step by posting on here. I'm new myself so have nothing useful to say but I'm sure if you post a SOA of all your income and expenditure one of the fantastic people on here will be along to advise.

    What I would say is get your wife to part with that Next Account. I had one and got into diffs with it. I couldn't even show you an item that I've bought on it. :mad:
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    Well done for posting; this is where you start learning how to run the money instead of it running you. So glad you and your wife are communicating on this. I'm no expert but others will be along to advise shortly. To help them give you advice, you might want to prepare details of your outgoings/incomings as per this link.
    Cheers and good night :)
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