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PPI con by Citicards - to claim - plus citicard claim
Closed Thread
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# 1
Old 05-03-2007, 1:10 PM
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Default PPI con by Citicards - to claim - plus citicard claim

Ive been having severe trouble repaying my citicard visa which I owe 2k on. So I asked for the last 6 years of statements and the penalty charges totalled around 740.

However, to my chagrin I noticed a payment protection charge every month which I realised had been screwing me over even more!
I havent even a credit card on me, they asked for it back a long time ago and all I seem to be doing is paying interest interest plus this useless PPI so this reclaiming is going to help me out a LOT.

I never usually check my statement in detail, just the payment received and payment due bits, so solely on this website I accept liability for ignoring my statements and letting it go on for so long, yet this does not deter from the fact that something which is supposed to help me out of a pickle has in fact been used to my detriment, and I have no recollection of ever accepting such a thing - if I had known that payments were going to be taken out in this way leaving me in perpetual trouble there is NO WAY I would have taken such a thing onboard.

anyway, I totalled the charges and sent them, and then decided to total up the PPI which summed up to be in the region of 600!!

I do not recall ever taking out PPI so I called citicards.

An Indian gent answered and I firstly enquired about the PPI and what it is - I then requested it cancelled - which he concurred. Then I asked him if I had signed anything, or filled out any forms, or if they have any paperwork regarding this PPI application. he stated that there is no paperwork, and that the agreement was made VERBALLY back on some date in 2004 (which I noted down).
I then asked him to provide me with the name of the person who dealt with the alleged claim, he stated that no such information exists. I then requested a refund of ALL the PPI charges, which he obviously declined and asked me to write in.

I then contacted my brother who is a financial advisor and well versed in FSA guidelines, rules and regs. He stated that I should request ANY documented information regarding this alleged application, in the form of paperwork, filed claim form, or verbatim transcript or recording of the alleged conversation in line with the data protection act.

Then it is a simple matter of complaining to the banking ombudsman illustrating that this PPI has been MIS-SOLD (see FSA for definition) and claiming it back.

I'm currently awaiting the banks response to my request for verbatim transcript or recording. In the letter I illustrated the fact that I have no recollection of ever agreeing to such a thing and pointed out some FSA guidelines and the definition of MIS SOLD.

I urge everyone to read the FSA definition of mis selling a PPI and to use this to at least try and claim their money back by this other thieving tactic! Please leave your results here on this website.

I'm currently waiting for the citicard response to my charges claim and the response to this PPI letter.
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# 2
Old 06-03-2007, 1:10 AM
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I havent even a credit card on me, they asked for it back a long time ago and all I seem to be doing is paying interest interest plus this useless PPI so this reclaiming is going to help me out a LOT.
The PPI covers you if you lose your job or are sick etc - it doesnt matter if you dont have the card anymore.

Personally if you were covered by the insurance when you took it out your argument doesnt hold much water to me. Is your mis selling claim entirely grounded on the fact you dont remember purchasing it.

How many things have you purchased over the years over the phone which you no longer remember. I have regularly had innocuous sales calls from my CC providers asking me the very same and have to say I cant remember when they all were. Following your argument I could equally ring up direct line and ask them to prove that I had taken out home insurance with them as I dont remember doing so, and just because they didnt have a tape of my order made several years ago expect them to refund me the premiums. After all, you have had a record on your statement every month of the service just like i would have a yearly insurance certificate.
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# 3
Old 06-03-2007, 10:07 PM
Fantastically Fervent MoneySaving Super Fan
Join Date: Feb 2006
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Far enough about the 700 charges, but the ppi has appeared on every statement since 2004.

How can you miss 30 odd statements?

Why don't you take some responsibility for your own actions and failing to stop it back in 2004?
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