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    Boiler Replacement by British Gas 3700
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    • 12th Jun 08, 1:22 AM
    Boiler Replacement by British Gas 3700 12th Jun 08 at 1:22 AM
    My Central Heating boiler is about 20 years old and needs renewing.
    I have a 4 bed semi - 11 rads, 5 sinks, 1 bath, 1 shower.

    Called BG after seeing an offer on their website of upto 800 off a new boiler. "Upto" means dependant on conditions of course.
    However, as an over 60 resides in the home, am not living off the state, plus weve got the Homecare Insurance, etc etc...Woo Hoo...all the terms were met!

    Appointment was made online. Received an email confirming appointment. Next day received a call from BG to confirm appointment and tell me the name of the sales advisor who would be calling. All sounded very helpful and efficient (If only their HomeCare service was a good). Few days letter then receive a letter in the post again confirming the appointment, and ever so gently warning me the advisor will take upto an hour and half to dicuss options and conduct the survey.

    The sales guy rings the door bell literally on the dot (although he did arrive 10 mins earlier but sat outside in his shiny new car).

    Conducts his survey and quotes me around the 3700 mark. Thats for a replacement boiler BG Glowworm 330, a power flush, a wireless thermostat, and a few other bits and bobs like adding a new radiator thermostat. Although he was unable to break down how he came to the 3700 figure, i tried to do it for him. Apparently Boiler is around 1100, Labour 1900, Thermostat 150, plus VAT, plus all the required certification etc etc etc. Also have to have this magnetic filter thingy fitted too. Bear in mind this quote also takes into account the 800 discount.

    I said it sounded to expensive. The response was the price is fixed but he'll knock 150 off if I pay a deposit now - Take it or leave it.
    I said leave it - he left his details and before departing said BG are the best, the boiler is fantastic, it has a 15 year parts availability guarantee, we supply and fit the whole package, take care of everything, do millions of systems, are number 1, so dont compromise with anyone else and feel free to call if I decide I want to go ahead. Oh and the quote will also be in the post.

    Im no heating engineer, but this sales attempt by BG with all the efficiency and sales patter has just led me to feel this is an attempt to pull the wool over my eyes and it is actually expensive. But thats just how I feel, or is it actually a reaonable quote?
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    • Canucklehead
    • By Canucklehead 12th Jun 08, 7:11 AM
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    • 12th Jun 08, 7:11 AM
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    • 12th Jun 08, 7:11 AM
    Good morning: Very expensive price for a mediocre should be able to knock s off that quote. Get 2 more written, full specification quotations from CORGI gas engineers recommended to you by a source you trust and compare like for like. Check their qualifications with CORGI.


    Ask to see CIPHE (Chartered Institute of Plumbing & Heating Engineering)
    • lemontart
    • By lemontart 12th Jun 08, 7:14 AM
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    • 12th Jun 08, 7:14 AM
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    • 12th Jun 08, 7:14 AM
    not really - get some more quotes from elsewhere,
    • Paparika
    • By Paparika 12th Jun 08, 8:17 AM
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    • 12th Jun 08, 8:17 AM
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    • 12th Jun 08, 8:17 AM
    !!!163;800 discount on a quote that's about 1k overpriced..
    Life is about give and take, if you can't give why should you take?
  • kimwoo83
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    • 12th Jun 08, 8:41 AM
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    • 12th Jun 08, 8:41 AM
    I had a similar experience last night. Our flat currently has slightly antequated electric heating (night storage) and hot water. We need the gas supply brought up to our flat from the ground floor (we're first floor) EXCLUDING the cost of that part we were quoted 4.5k for the installation of the heating system, which would consist of 3 or 4 radiators and a heated towel rail, we have a living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and hallway.

    I realise this is probably a bigger job than bobadobado's upgrade but it still seemed expensive.

    Are BG fair pricers?...
    • geri1965
    • By geri1965 12th Jun 08, 8:45 AM
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    • 12th Jun 08, 8:45 AM
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    • 12th Jun 08, 8:45 AM
    I would never get BG to replace my boiler - they quoted me 1,000 more than two other CORGI registered companies for exactly the same boiler.
    • lexa34
    • By lexa34 12th Jun 08, 8:56 AM
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    • 12th Jun 08, 8:56 AM
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    • 12th Jun 08, 8:56 AM
    Ring 0800512012- tell them your circumstances as being age, disabilities etc... you may be able to get a grant towards new system depending on your council WarmFront criteria. Nothing wrong with it- the money is sat there waiting to go towards systems. If you qualify in any way, shape or form then take the grants (using coucil, then power supplier then Warmfront (govt scheme) so you get the full entiliment towards the heating systems not "used up" on free cavity wall and loft insulation. Also, don't use the people who run the Warmfront scheme's installers (Eaga) as they are pretty much as overpriced as British Gas.

    Even if you aren't eligible you an still get your loft insulation topped for about !!!163;150 ish WHATEVER your circumstances.

    Sorry if you knew all this already.
    Green and minimal chemicals is the new black- I know a fair old bit about sustainability, specially energy and transport stuff. If I can help- please ask!
  • Razor
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    • 12th Jun 08, 9:34 PM
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    • 12th Jun 08, 9:34 PM
    And the best bit is out of that 1900 labour they would pay a subcontractor around 400 to do all the work except the electrics!
  • lapat
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    • 16th Jun 08, 10:00 PM
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    • 16th Jun 08, 10:00 PM
    is this a combi boiler or just a standard heating boiler with tank for your hot water..?
    need to have a lightbulb moment
  • william joseph
    British Gas
    Unfortunately I'm not at all surprised with the conduct of the British Gas in relation to your replacement boiler, or indeed anything else. I'm given the impression that these BG employees hold strictly to the code of minimum effort & commitment with maximum effort for extra bonuses.

    The way people can hit back is by reporting this() don't bother trying to report it to the BG robots manning the "customer care") report it elsewhere and stop your direct debit/monthly payments - if everyone done this these corporate vultures (BG, Virgin, Tiscali, The Banks et al ) would soon feel the effect.
  • midflight
    he left his details and before departing said British Gas are the best...
    This could well be the most hilariously inaccurate statement I have ever read in my entire life! (and then some). British Gas are the best??????

    THE BEST AT WHAT!?!?!?!? Hmmm... the mind boggles!

    p.s. as for the quote, I'd be very surprised if you couldn't get the job done to a very high standard by a small local installer for less than 2000.
    I had my ancient boiler replaced last year with a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 28i Junior. Smaller house than yours, but still a large end-terraced. Total cost = 1350 and that included quite a bit of new pipework, wireless controls, TRVs, etc... and even then I still had people telling me I'd overpaid!! Been very pleased with it though. Hope that helps...
  • 11thcommandment
    Just as a comparison, I had the whole system replaced last year - boiler,pipes,rads etc.
    With a Baxi platinum 40KW combi, 10 rads on two zones, whole job done for !!!163;4500.
    BG quoted !!!163;7K and another local company quoted !!!163;11K!

    Thou Shalt Not Pay Retail
    (11th Commandment)
  • kymbogs
    Im no heating engineer, but this sales attempt by BG with all the efficiency and sales patter has just led me to feel this is an attempt to pull the wool over my eyes and it is actually expensive. But thats just how I feel, or is it actually a reaonable quote?
    Originally posted by bobadobado
    Hi there

    Earlier in the year we decided we couldn't put off having our 20+ yr old back boiler replaced any longer and got some quotes. British Gas quoted me well over 4k (might have been 4700 but I've had a baby since then so...:confused: ) to fit a new Vaillant boiler, get rid of the host of water tanks and the immersion heater we had, new thermostat, clean out, pretty basic really.

    Like you I asked for a breakdown of the price but was told I'd only get this once I'd placed the order which I wasn't at all happy about. He made out that because I wanted it doing in 2-3 days it would require a 'houseful' of workers and implied that this would be making it more expensive.

    In the end I got a quote from a local guy who had been recommended in the Household Help section on a site that I use for 1800 for exactly the same job with a less fancy but no less reliable boiler and they did the job in 3 days and there was only 2 of them, plus the electrician who came for a couple of hours on the 3rd day to do his thing.

    So after all that, my advice is...don't go with British Gas! As I said to my husband at the time, I'd rather get a quote from a guy in dusty overalls who knows what he's doing than some guy in a suit trying to do the hard sell.

    I hope you don't get pestered too much by them. Luckily when I'd previously signed up for Homecare I'd asked them to 'untick the box' for sales phonecalls on the screen which means they're not allowed to call me without good reason now so I never heard from the guy again

    Good luck!
    Spoiling my two baby girls with love - it's free and it's fun!

    I'm not very good at succinct. Why say something in 10 words when 100 will do?
  • Glasgowkiss84
    British Gas...........

    You seem to be doing better than me, I got quoted 4200 - thats a 3 bedroom, single floor upper cottage (a flat). This was to install 4 radiotors and remove back boiler (Not tank) and replace pipes.

    I think the guys response was ' We charge flat rate, some people win (people with mansions) and some people lose (that would be us!)

    Never again!!
  • daveyliver
    We had a boiler that kept breaking down, but we had bg homecare cover, so the last time it broke down I asked the bg engineer what would it cost to replace the boiler? his answer was "from me 1000 -1500 dependent on type of boiler, but do me a favour dont ask us(bg) for a price we are a rip off" Thats from their own employee! We ended up getting it for nowt with warm front.
    "Instead of saying someone was avaricious I'd say they were bloody greedy"
    • SandC
    • By SandC 16th Sep 08, 11:15 AM
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    In my opinion quotes from British Gas are only useful as a benchmark to compare how much LESS you should be paying for a job. Go elsewhere on personal recommendation (bear in mind that you may have to wait a while to get the work done - most good Corgi firms/guys are constantly busy).

    My house isn't as big as yours, however I paid 1800 for new boiler, removal of old boiler plus water tank in roof space, removal of flue and roof made good accordingly, electric thermostats etc. The work required 2 people on day one and finished off by one guy on day two - around 1.5 days work by my reckoning.

    Word of mouth is my mantra.....
  • vobemarsh
    The british gas sales guy has just left after quoting me 4400 for a boiler replacement and moving 1 rad down the wall a bit. The boiler is being positioned in a different place than the original so the quote includes extending water and gas pipework by approx 5 metres.

    I was given a breakdown and the British Gas 330+ boiler is quoted as 2400 which checking the price of boilers online seems a tad excessive. Note the 4400 included a discount of 400 but only if I sign up before Jan 31st. I think I'll get other quotes.
  • Indi
    Please please don't go with B/Gas...find a good Independent....and get maintainaince contract from not sign for there 30 or 35 plans...thy are biggest ripoffs when you make a claim...I cant expand more ..but have had an awful experience...after few yrs paying monthly..and wen came afault ..thy condemed 2 yr boiler...real nightmare....found it was a 22 swich needed replacing...
  • gasbag1602
    Please please don't go with B/Gas...find a good Independent....and get maintainaince contract from not sign for there 30 or 35 plans...thy are biggest ripoffs when you make a claim...I cant expand more ..but have had an awful experience...after few yrs paying monthly..and wen came afault ..thy condemed 2 yr boiler...real nightmare....found it was a 22 swich needed replacing...
    Originally posted by Indi

    These stories are always exagerated!

    What about the thousands of satisfied customers???
  • Indi would think have no idea of there tactics...atleast 3 other people I know...have had similar experience...Particularly if you are a landlord and thy go to your tenants putting the fear in them...about having dangerous boiler...tenant than pushes you to replace a boiler...earning huge commission...for these chaps...i am not just saying this ...I have full report from manufacturer repair...who came and found fault ...repaired and all was fine...

    By the wayy when the tenant called out second time ...british gas threatend to charge 100 for callout.....and than tenant was told was water pressure he calls waterboard...and thy came out and found no problem...this could hve again cost hundreds of pounds...and in the end there was an intermittent fault ...which thy would not bother fixing...

    Stressful....Apalling service....I truly hope others dont have same scenario...
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