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    [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM] "Shopper Discount & Rewards"
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    • 26th Mar 08, 9:24 AM
    [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM] "Shopper Discount & Rewards" 26th Mar 08 at 9:24 AM
    Note from

    Please also read the information contained in the Beware costly subscriptions when shopping online news story.

    Back to the original post....


    You may want to check your credit card statements for an entry like "shopperdisc" probably an 8 charge. I just discoverred that this appears on mine every month for a year !! ( shame one me for not checking before) . I had no idea what the charge was for so did some research. [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM] for want of a better word, they charge you for membership of an "online discount shopping club"!. Not entirely sure how they got the card details as its certainly not something i knowingly subscribed to but its been suggested that a number of well known (and i thought trusted) retailers have been connected with unauthorised subscriptions to this service. If you google shopper discount & reward you'll see who the offenders are. Virgin , my card provider have refused to stop the payments so i am trying to contact these charlitans direct. Hope to get my money back and will update.. but highly recomend you take a minute to check your card statements.

    sorry for typo in title, unable to edit
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  • vikkinkit
    Shopper Discounts & Rewards
    Hello, this is my first post... [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM] I have also been rather remiss in noticing the 8 debits (very stupid of me). NatWest were helpful but said they could not stop the payments and warned me that they have had a lot of complaints about Shopper Discounts.
    I called Shopper Discounts and asked who they were and why they were taking money from my credit card. They then told me that I had purchased online from Interflora in April 2007 and (apparently) clicked on a pop-up and entered my email address twice. This subscribed me to their reward programme and allowed them to debit my credit card. When I asked if they had stolen my credit card details from Interflora she simply said 'you didnt read the terms and conditions properly'. Anyway, she offered a full refund within 10 working days and sent an email confirming this. NatWest fraud department have sent me a form and require a copy of the cancellation email from Shopper Discounts. This will then prevent them taking any further monies.
    I called Interflora about this and they said that they had altered the wording of their terms and conditions since last year when they had a lot of complaints about Shopper Discounts.
    I also noticed the save 10 on your next booking' on the EasyJet website a couple of months ago and didnt click on it. I am now going to double check all my credit card statements! Will keep you posted as to whether I receive my refund from Shopper Discounts.
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    • trisontana
    • By trisontana 26th Jun 08, 5:22 PM
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    The Mirror are reporting this story today :-
    • sylv123
    • By sylv123 26th Jun 08, 6:36 PM
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    Rip off!!!!!!!!!
    This has just happened to me bought tickets on easyjet then clicked the 10 cash back offer - luckily I do check my statements. Apparently by entering your email address you agree to easyjet forwarding your bank details. Appalling!!!!!!!!!!!! Have just contacted them and they promised me a refund in the next 10 days. How can they get away with this?
  • kt2003_uk
    I have just cancelled my Shopper Discounts suscription online and been told I will receive my last month's 8 back. However, I was charged for 3 months so am trying to get all of my money back.

    EASYLIFE are responsible for me being subscribed to this service.
  • simbo36
    I was caught in the same way, thankfully a quick phone got my money back.
  • Spamface
    It is interesting to see how some people have been paying for months without realising. Does that mean that the Shopper Discounts company does not send out the details of all the 'great' discounts that you are subscribing to? Surely they should send out confirmation emails and information through the post regarding all the discounts and also one of those 7 days cancellation notices.

    I'm still to find someone who is intentionally subscribing to this service.

    Definitely sounds like one for Watchdog!
  • ElectricPeace
    I've only just noticed two payments of 8 for the last two months to Shopper Discounts and so I phoned the number on the credit card details, and I think I've cancelled it. I'll have to wait and see. I've just remembered how it happened: I clicked on a 10 voucher after buying a laptop from Misco. Be careful where you click!
  • miningmaven

    This is type of opt-out [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM] was big in the eighties with banks and insurance schemes and I honestly thought it had been run out of town by Trading Standards.

    I innocently claimed my 10 cashback from easyjet. They get you to give your credit card and give you some reassuring blurb along the lines that they need it for the purpose of giving you cash back...

    Because I trusted easyjet i filled it in. There was nowhere in that application that told you specifically that you were going to be paying 8 per month for the service. If it was mentioned, it was buried in small print and certainly not detailed as a consideration of receiving the 10 cash back.

    I only just noticed the 8 debited today as I was paying my credit card bill online.

    I will be speaking to someone tomorrow at my card company (morgan stanley owned by Goldfish) and also shoppers discount direct.

    I am also livid with They are in the Airline business and should stick to what they do.
    As far as I!!!8217;m concerned they are equally culpable for facilitating this scam.

    This is going to back fire on them something stupid.

    Firstly I intend to contactSaad Hammad, Chief Commercial Officer of Easyjet to let him know in no uncertain terms how disgusted I am with their involvement and ask him for more details of their commercial relationship with shoppers discount !!!8211; If my suspicions are correct I have a sneaky feeling that they also get a cut of the 8 per month. We shall see.

    His details are here:

    London Luton Airport
    Luton, Bedfordshire LU2 9LS

    United Kingdom

    Phone: 44 15 8244 3330 CapId=2089681&previousTitle=easyJet%20plc

    Anyone else who feels as strongly as I do I suggest you do the same.


    The sooner this is picked up by trading standards and watchdog the better.

    Needless to say i will be doing my bit.

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  • miningmaven
    also suggest people post tehir comments on the daily mirror blog.
  • miningmaven
    I just made a quick call to one of my contacts who is in sales promotions.


    He also wishes to remain anonymous.

    What he confirmed to me I had a sneaky suspicion about and now it is all starting to make sense.

    The bottom line is that Easyjet, Interflora, National Express et al actually get kick backs for every one who signs up for 8 per month.
    Whether they are ongoing monthly payments (up to 50%) or one off upfront will depend on the agreement. But the bottom line is that your airline, flower-shop or coach company is much more culpable than you may have originally thought.
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  • Salvador69
    Beware Of Expedia
    I booked a hotel room through Expedia in early April and have only just noticed that when booking I also had been suckered into the Shopper Discounts & Rewards [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM] as since then 8 has been taken off my credit card each month!!
    Today I called their phone number printed on my credit card statement (0808 2341539) and was able to cancel my 'subscription' of 8 per month through their automated system and this has since been confirmed by e-mail. Hope this cancellation is genuine! [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM]
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  • elvis girl
    Has anyone actually seen any of the discounts???
  • FedUpCostumer
    Warning_Shopper Discounts & Rewards [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM]
    When booking a flight with, the website asks you if you want to save 10.00 on your booking. If you click "yes", it re-directs you to the Shopper Discounts & Rewards website. They ask you for your email address, and while you think it is some type of newsletter you are signing for, what you are really doing is signing on for a direct debit of 8.00 a month, from the same credit card that you used to pay your flight. You don't have to give them any details, only your email address. I am sure they get the information from Easyjet. It took me 3 months to actually realise that they were charging me this monthly amount on my credit card. When you phone them to cancel, they are ready for it, they even have a cancellation automated service (I bet they get quite a [COLOR=blue! important][COLOR=blue! important]high [COLOR=blue! important]rate[/color][/color][/color] of cancellation). After cancelling, I tried to talk to an operator, who read me a 10 minutes speech about how it was my fault and I should have read the small print. When you phone them, they are ready for it, I bet they get lots of phone calls from people as upset as I was. I finally got them to refund 2 payments they took from my credit card, so I suppose they are not doing anything completely illegal, but in my opinion it is totally immoral. I haven't got any service for this money they took from me, and I wasn't even aware that I signed for this service in the first place. People, be aware! and about Easyjet, who I considered a reputable company, the only thing I can say is that I am very disappointed with them for associating with this type of company, and I will avoid flying with easyjet in the future, as they lost my trust on them as a customer for sharing my card details with third parties.

    By the way, Shpper Discounts & Rewards changes its name, so be aware., or may have appeared on your statement. Check them out in the internet. There are a few interesting reviews from USA and UK. They charge $12.00 direct debits in the States.

    As a final note, I would like to say that I placed this same review in another website a few days ago, and I just received a [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM] email from the Shoper Discounts & Rewards Team. I just want to thank this people for reminding me once more the unpleasant situation of having to deal with them. As a result of this, I have decided to, not only not to withraw my first review about them, but to post as many as I can, to try to warn other people about the way this company makes business. Thanks!!
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  • mozzy75

    I have the same problem, 8 has been charged to my account twice.... I don't remember when I clicked something online or gave out my email adress though, but I must have done it sometime

    Does someone have an easy explanation on how to cancel this charge? Do I have to phone them, and which number? I live in Sweden but lived in London for quite a while, that's when I must have clicked something when ordering something....

    I would be really grateful for any help on how to proceed!


  • miningmaven
    yuo should call Customer Service team on 0808 234 1539

    speak to a human not the automated system. if you insist they will refund all your payments.

    if you sound weak they will not.
  • marsupial_mama
    A big thank you again for this! Just checked the statement online and I had 24 refunded within 3 days

    If you do not specifically demand refund they just want to cancel the subscription. If you insist, they do it!

  • moneycheats
    Shopper Discount & Rewards - [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM]
    After a heated telephone conversation with Shopper Discounts & Rewards upon discovering that I had been charged 8 for 'membership' I am a somewhat comforted that I am not the only one [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM]. I am disgusted that Interflora allow [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM] on their sight - as if their flowers weren't costly enough!!

    The lady on the phone agreed to cancel my membership (of which I was not notified) and refund my money - she was very agreeable which obviously means that she has dealt with other irate 'customers'.

    Can something not be done to halt such advertising, esp. through reputable companies such as interflora?
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  • shaz22
    Shopper Discounts via EasyJet
    I fell for this one as well and would not have realised had I not read it in the Daily Mirror's Consumer Investigation page. Realising that I'd booked two flights with EasyJet, I checked my statement and lo and behold...for the last 4 months.

    But my branch of Lloyds TSB couldn't have been more helpful kitting me out with Disputed card payment and Fraud numbers and offered me their phone to use. The Disputed Department straight away gave me Shopper's number [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM]- to which I proceeded to tell them I thought EasyJet were giving me a 10 discount for booking two flights and that I'd read about it in the Mirror and I wasn't the only one who had not realised.

    He immediately asked me what I wanted, as soon as I mentioned the newspaper, and I told him I wanted my "membership" cancelled and all my money refunded which is supposed to happen within 10 days. I will be checking!

    Just how money saving is it to get 10 off, but pay 8 a month for the privilege? Go figure.
    Last edited by MSE Investigator; 09-12-2013 at 3:08 PM. Reason: pending investigation
  • takeiteasy
    I had a similar problem with who are connected to Vista Print and they took out !!!163;9.95 from my account. I would advise everyone to regularly check statements as too many companys seem be be profiting from customers ignorance and abusing our trust. I managed to get a refund and the membership cancelled and it seems that the staff are well trained in dealing with complaints about the scheme, suggesting that they must get loads.
  • urjms
    Easyjet grubby scam
    I too get caught out by this grubby and low scam whilst booking tickets with Easyjet. I sent an email querying the charge, they sent one back telling me how it happened and cancelling my subscription, I replied in no uncertain terms what I thought about it and they offered to refund the money....this was from Australia via email - whether it turns up or not will be a different matter.
    I find it staggering that Easyjet and other companies would pimp out their web based customers to some shonky 3rd party all for a grubby kickback. It's DUMB business and makes no sense at all. All we can do is complain loudly and vote with our feet, DO NOT FLY EASYJET. I will never fly them again and bad mouth them at every opportunity...and all this for a few quid...dumb, dumb, dumb.
    If they have such disregard for their customers at a management level, it must permeate through to all staff at all levels, right down to the check in desks.
    Again, a staggering way to conduct business on the internet in 2008. I noted their CFO's address from an earlier post and I will put in writing my disgust.
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