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    • CRANKY40
    • By CRANKY40 31st Mar 19, 8:31 AM
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    Old Style Weight Loss 2019 Part 2
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    • 31st Mar 19, 8:31 AM
    Old Style Weight Loss 2019 Part 2 31st Mar 19 at 8:31 AM
    Good morning all,

    As we've decided that we'd like a new thread for each part of our 2019 challenge I've changed the thread title slightly. I haven't posted the links to previous challenges either - we're all capable of looking them up by title if we want them. If you do get stuck looking for them give me a shout and I'll find them for you. Please feel free to start posting your weight loss goals for the next challenge which will run from the 1st of April until the 30th of June (13 weeks).

    You do not have to submit a loss or gain for the first week as it's our starting week, you can post your first loss or gain the week after. I for one will be starting new after this weekend (party Saturday and Mothering Sunday today, oh dear! ).

    As usual everyone is welcome - we support and encourage, we don't judge.

    Take care all of you

    Here are some useful links to help your weight loss journey :-

    MSE links
    OldStyle Healthy recipes threads
    Menu Plans Collection

    Outside Links
    Free food/calorie tracking
    My Fitness Pal (iphone and android apps as well as online)
    The rest on google

    Free printable food diary

    NHS healthy eating website
    BMI calculator
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    • Gingerlily
    • By Gingerlily 10th Jun 19, 7:38 AM
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    Wishing you a speedy recovery Rosewood

    -4lbs for me please this week. Now why canít that happen every week

    This week I managed to track my food intake, mostly stick to my calorie allowance, avoided the crisps and icecream lollies and made some recipes from this years diet book ( I try a new diet every year ). I have also switched back to ridiculously expensive raw sugar free chocolate from the nicer tasting ( full of sugar ) dark chocolate so portion size has decreased drastically. And Iíve upped my fat intake so more avocado, nuts and coconut milk curries. Plus I enjoyed 2 glasses of rose with Sunday roast and a few vodka sodas a couple of other nights.
    There wasnít a lot of excercise this week, due to bad weather as I mostly excercise outside including the swimming. So only 1 big long walk, and daily stretching.

    Todayís menu

    Greek yoghurt blueberries chia. Coffee with milk
    Boiled egg, avocado, peanut chilli sauce and butter lettuce. Cup of tea with milk
    Afternoon snack - cocoa dusted pili nuts,
    cup of tea with milk
    Roast chicken with roasted cauliflower red pepper and cherry toms. Soda water
    Evening snack : tiny piece of worlds most expensive raw chocolate.
    Excercise: stretching and housework

    Have a good week everyone
    • vintageteainmywardrobe
    • By vintageteainmywardrobe 10th Jun 19, 10:38 AM
    • 24 Posts
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    Morning all,

    So that's me on it like a car bonnet I weighed myself this morning, on my scales and on the scales at Boots and there was only a .6lbs difference which I thought wasn't to bad.

    I'm 18st 1lbs which is a loss of 2st 2.6lbs from when I started to make an effort but I've not lost anything this year really with my lowest being 17st 12lbs. My aim for next week is to be back in the 17st and stay there/ go down!

    Menu for today
    B - porridge with water, banana peanut butter
    L - Ham sandwich with an apple (if hungry I'll have some soup too)
    D - Jacket spud with cheese and beans (as the other half can cook it as I cooked a load of jackets on Saturday so it's a re-heat job)
    S - HM Macaroon from my boss at work (yummy) and a punnet of strawberries
    E - 11 mile walk home, training for the Parish Walk
    • MrsLottie
    • By MrsLottie 10th Jun 19, 11:59 AM
    • 128 Posts
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    Forgot to log weight last week but it was just STS anyway . I’m on holiday this week with lots of treats so expecting a gain this week .But I’m having a great time and I ll start again when I get back .Have a good week everybody .
    • Brambling
    • By Brambling 10th Jun 19, 7:01 PM
    • 1,241 Posts
    • 6,972 Thanks
    Ouch re the leg Rosewood, hope you're not finding the inactivity too difficult as you seem to be always on the go.

    Enjoy your holiday MrsLottie, hope you're somewhere dry

    Food wise I've been a bit up and down this week, with the usual weekend blip, I worked from home Saturday and picked rubbish during the afternoon and evening Sunday there was a Spanish event in town which had food stalls including churros and dipping chocolate, I did share with my sister so not as bad as it could have been

    B - banana, nectarine and strawberries with FF Greek yogurt
    L - large chicken salad, 2 apricots
    D - lamb biryani
    S - 2 chocolate biscuits

    Hope you all have a good week
    • MovingForwards
    • By MovingForwards 10th Jun 19, 8:44 PM
    • 2,311 Posts
    • 2,737 Thanks
    Speedy recovery Rosewood
    • zafiro1984
    • By zafiro1984 11th Jun 19, 8:43 AM
    • 1,540 Posts
    • 11,694 Thanks
    1lb loss this week, not a lot I know but at least it's in the right direction.

    I have taken note of how my daughter eats, she is staying with us at the moment. She only eats when she is hungry, seems to have a fair amount of porridge (laced with double cream) but eats what she fancies which seems to be mainly fruit or highly spiced things. She is not overweight.
    On the other hand my DH (also not overweight) has three meals a day, and has done so for the last 55yrs that I've known him. He expects breakfast, a quick lunch, but dinner is a longer meal, always two courses, sometimes three and I've even known him to have cheese after his pudding, plus we sit at the table for at least a couple of hours chatting.
    So my dilemma is - I would love to be like my daughter and think that if I was on my own it would be achievable but I have to cook for my DH and therefore I eat. Our lengthy time chatting at the table has become part of our culture and I don't really want to alter that - problem!!! Is it solvable?
    • CRANKY40
    • By CRANKY40 11th Jun 19, 8:55 AM
    • 3,364 Posts
    • 36,675 Thanks
    Old Style Weight Loss Challenge 2019 Second Quarter

    01/04/19 - 30/06/19

    Imperial (lbs)

    Brambling 3/10 -/////STS//STS/STS//
    chocolatebum 7/14 -///STS/STS/STS////STS/
    Cranky 5/9 -//STS//STS/STS//STS///
    dandy-candy 0.5/7 -//STS///STS/STS/STS/-/
    Doing it my way 0/13 -/-/-/STS/-/-/-/-/-/-/
    ellie99 4/10 //-/STS/-//STS/-//-/
    enthusiastic saver 8/14//////-/-/-/-/
    fit and freaky 2/18 -//-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/
    Gingerlily 4.5/14 -///////STS/STS//
    GreenEcoGirl +2/11 -/STS//-/-/-/-/-/-/-/
    hatful of hollow 2/11 -/-/-//-/-/-/-/-/-/
    Izadora 1/18 -/////////
    K9zz 3/12 -////-////-//
    katiepants 6/13 -///-/-/-/-/-/-/-/
    kazwookie 3/12 -////STS/STS/-/STS/-/-/-/
    MovingForwards 14.5/20///////STS/STS/
    MrsLottie 2/7 //////;STS///STS/
    Munchin 2.5/10 -///STS//STS////STS/
    Rose Wood 3/7 -///STS/STS/STS/-/-/-/-/
    s_glover 12/16/STS/STS///////
    s_glover STS/
    SIRENS 9.5/10 -//////STS/STS///
    star trek fan 1/14 -///-///-/-/-/-/
    VickyV 14/16 -//////////
    vintagetea 3/? -/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-//
    zafiro1984 5.5/14 -/-/-/-/-/-/-//-//

    Metric (kg)

    butterfly2507 0.2/9 -////-/-/

    Weight Loss week 1 ..................8.0 lbs
    Weight Loss week 2 ............... 35.0 lbs & +0.5 kg
    Weight Loss week 3..................12.5 lbs & 0.7 kg
    Weight Loss week 4....................8.5 lbs & 1.0 kg
    Weight Loss week 5....................4.0 lbs
    Weight Loss week 6 ..................14.0 lbs
    Weight Loss week 7 ....................5.0 lbs
    Weight Loss week 8 ..................11.5 lbs
    Weight Loss week 9 ................... 8.5 lbs
    Weight Loss week 10 .................11.0 lbs
    Weight Loss week 11 ...................5.0 lbs
    • CRANKY40
    • By CRANKY40 11th Jun 19, 9:14 AM
    • 3,364 Posts
    • 36,675 Thanks
    Good morning all,

    Sorry that I've been missing again. My friend who had cancer was moved to end of life care so from last Wednesday if I wasn't as work, home feeding the House Troll or sleeping I was at the hospital or making cakes etc for the other visitors. I'm pleased to say that from that time until she died on Sunday evening she was never alone, there was always a group of us with her. We talked, laughed and remembered and supported each other and her husband. Until Friday my friend was able to join in with us although she couldn't talk much. Even my 14 year old house troll was touched by the love in that room and by the way good friends can pull together when they need to.

    Sooo.....I haven't eaten that healthily in the last week but I have STS so although it wasn't great nutritionally the quantity couldn't have been over the top. Back to it now. The HT has also expressed a desire to eat more healthily. He said that he might like to try lettuce. As it's like winter outside that may not happen this week. Oh I've had the results of my x-ray too. My vertebrae shown normal wear and tear so it's most likely a trapped nerve that's causing the problems with my arm. I've been referred to muscular skeletal physio which is different from the normal physio department apparently. They will scan my shoulder to see where the problem is and act accordingly. I'm happy with that - I was dreading there being something horrible wrong with my spine (or more wrong that the bits that I already know about).

    Rose Ouch! That's going to take a while to heal. You'll be able to walk ok soonish but don't try running or tennis until you're really sure it's ok or it will tear again.

    MrsL have a great holiday. Isn't that why we diet the rest of the year - so that we can eat and drink on holiday?

    zafiro I reckon that it's possible with a little plotting. A veg soup or other healthy soup for starters, for mains you have extra veg and a little less carb then for dessert you have something different to him. Sugar free jelly made into shapes in a fancy ice cube mould looks good and it you add a little extra gelatin you can pick them up like sweeties. Add a little milk or evap to half of them and you have a really pretty dessert - you could serve them with a little fresh or tinned fruit. If you want cheese then there are lots of lower calorie spread type cheeses (some even come in individual squares) which again with a couple of maybe ryvita thins wouldn't break your calorie bank.

    Take care all of you
    • zafiro1984
    • By zafiro1984 11th Jun 19, 11:08 PM
    • 1,540 Posts
    • 11,694 Thanks
    CRANKY40 There are times when dieting is not important. It's lovely to hear that your friend was loved so much by everyone.
    I expect you are relieved about the results of your x-rays and I hope they manage to solve the problem with your arm.

    Thanks for the comments regarding my dieting problems and yes I agree plotting is the way to go. After 50 yrs of marriage I'm a master at manipulation and plotting; but that's a female trait!!!

    B:- my usual black peach tea
    L:- whilst he was eating egg on toast I was sitting at the table peeling and cutting up some fruit for both of us.
    D:- was leftover turkey, leftover mushrooms/leeks and the first of the new home grown potatoes casseroled and then made into a pie. I kept back a bit of the turkey casserole minus potatoes and pastry but added more carrots, cauliflower and broccoli to fill the plate. - success.
    Unfortunately pudding was cranachan but I refrained from helping DH and daughter in finishing it off.

    I'll now put my brain into gear and plan tomorrow. I'll know if I've been successful if he makes no comment.
    • Brambling
    • By Brambling 12th Jun 19, 7:27 PM
    • 1,241 Posts
    • 6,972 Thanks
    Weigh in
    -2.5lb Please Cranky. I'm sorry about your friend she must have been a special person

    I'm happier with my weight in this week, just goes to show I know what to do I just need to want to do it my head has been in a better place this week and I've eaten a lot better

    B - mixed berries, nectarine with FF Greek yogurt
    L - large chicken salad with loads of raw veg
    D - lamb biryani, green beans and broccoli
    S - two finger kit-kat, banana
    • star trek fan
    • By star trek fan 13th Jun 19, 8:38 AM
    • 63 Posts
    • 572 Thanks
    star trek fan
    Been missing for a few weeks, just too busy and dealing with black dog.
    My sympathies to all those who are struggling with things (from a quick catch up seems like most of us) and congrats to those who have managed to lose. I've put on 8lbs since the start of this challenge, but I'm not beating myself up about it; I know how much better I feel when I eat healthily but it's difficult when you're not in a good place.

    Since last posting I have quit one of my voluntary jobs (I had 2 + a part paid/part voluntary job). Don't miss it but do miss the people I was with - we've arranged a BBQ for the weekend to catch up. I'm now very busy making stuff for a local carnival at the end of July and I've decided that I'm not volunteering for that again. This will only leave my part paid/part voluntary job, which I mostly enjoy but it can be very frustrating.

    I've come to realise that it's about time I put myself first. I'm tired due to lack of sleep and never having enough time to do everything. OH works so I fit in housework/gardening/etc. or not as seems to be the case at the moment. My sleep consultant (I have sleep apnea controlled by CPAP machine) tells me that being tired means that I eat more - proven by the fact that I'm hungry and I had a full bowl of porridge at 7.30 am. I could eat it again.

    I'm going to start by decluttering my bedroom - 5 double warderobes (3 full of stuff I'm selling on behalf of local community group) - large bookcase full of books, CD cabinets also full, 3 large storage boxes full of DVD's, tins of paint plus bed which sags in the middle (support legs broken) and rock hard very uncomfortable mattress. Mattress topper does not help and I struggle to sleep and wake up with pain in back, hips and shoulders. OH has his own room as he is a very restless sleeper. Once it's decluttered, I'll redecorate and buy a new bed. Hopefully then I can get a decent night's sleep, I can tackle my weight problem and declutter the rest of the house.

    Sorry it's a bit off topic. I'll keep reading but for now I'm not weighing myself as it's depressing.
    #77 Make 2019 in 2019 £164.04 / £2019
    Weight loss challenge#11 5 lb
    • zafiro1984
    • By zafiro1984 13th Jun 19, 2:57 PM
    • 1,540 Posts
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    star trek fan I have never been in such a dark place as you so cannot imagine what it is like. However, on a positive note I think you are doing the right thing by taking control of what you do. If decluttering is the way to go may I suggest that instead of looking at the whole picture you break what needs to be done into very very small achievable targets and put each in a set time frame.
    For a completely different reason I had to set myself small goals around the house last yr and for the first part of this year. I did one small goal a day, I remember one was sorting out the spice and herb drawer, another day was sorting out under the sink. The sense of achievement when each target was met and the feeling of not being guilty because I hadn't finished the whole job kept me on track. In fact within a short period of time I could see that things looked and I felt better.

    Food today
    B usual black tea
    L 2 hard boiled eggs and salad leaves from the plot plus dressing, followed by half a pear, one apple and two satsumas
    D will be squash and parsnip soup as they are a bit bendy in the fridge and need using up, then probably turkey plus veg, DH can have roasties as well (that will keep him quiet), then sugar free jelly with some frozen fruit from last yr.
    • SIRENS
    • By SIRENS 13th Jun 19, 8:23 PM
    • 893 Posts
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    Weigh In
    Small gain this week of +1/2lb

    Am a little disappointed but will plod on.

    Very hectic week this week at work, plus parents evening and various other bits and bobs, will be glad to get to Saturday evening.

    Sorry to hear about your friend cranky sounds like she was much loved x

    Star Trek fan sounds like you are moving in the right direction, small steps, sending positive thoughts xx

    Tomorrow I have some housework to catch up on, will update my slimming journal ready for the next week and I have to make some choc chip cookies for my mil who is popping down on Sunday, I shall (try to) resist the urge to sample although I shall make extra to last the kids for next week.
    Plan for tomorrow
    B fruit and tog
    L dd will be home so I may try and make some sweet corn fritters and salad
    D trying a new recipe for chicken in a honey mustard sauce with rice and broccoli from the slimming eats website
    'You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose' - Dr Suess

    OS -1.5/16
    • Brambling
    • By Brambling 13th Jun 19, 10:21 PM
    • 1,241 Posts
    • 6,972 Thanks
    StarTrekFan you seem to be juggling a lot at the moment, you can only fight so many battles at a time and at the moment prioritising your mental health is more important than anything else Zafiro offers good advice breaking up the jobs into manageable chunks is less daunting, you know what they say about the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. Although on a weight loss thread I'm not sure I should say that

    To avoid picking tonight I have sorted through a couple of ring blinders full of paperwork found when decluttering the spare bedroom, not sure I should admit to the age of some of it it's all sorted and ready to take to work to use the bigger shredder and no food eaten

    B - FF Greek yogurt with banana, strawberries and figs
    L - smoked trout and egg salad
    D - mackerel fillets panned fried with tapenade and served with French beans, edamame beans and tender stem broccoli
    S - sugar snap peas, grapes and 2 finger kit kat
    • Rose Wood
    • By Rose Wood 14th Jun 19, 6:18 PM
    • 867 Posts
    • 9,503 Thanks
    Rose Wood
    Evening Everyone

    Thanks for all the good wishes re my injury. I've just got back from a physiotherapist appointment. It looks like it might take quite a while for my calf muscle tear to heal. I can now walk short distances in heels but not in flat shoes. Am feeling very cooped up at the moment. I had a few days of comfort eating so have put some weight back on - oh dear. However, I have now started again as there is no point in wallowing in self pity - whats done is done! I decided to have a kickstart and did a 22 hour fast overnight and missing lunch.

    So just one meal today which was scrambled eggs followed by an apple. I did think I might stick to 800 calories for the next couple of days - but still low carb. I shall have to abandon my step target for the next few weeks and definitely won't be doing tennis or Yoga. However, I am still ok with Pilates and might try swimming next week.

    Keep up the good work all.

    Weight Loss Challenge 5/7/19 10st 6lbs
    Target 8st 12lbs

    Daily Steps Challenge 16,000
    Average daily steps: January 19,317, February 19,449, March 20,330, April 22,026, May 20,412 June 15,690
    • VickyV
    • By VickyV 14th Jun 19, 6:57 PM
    • 169 Posts
    • 2,094 Thanks
    Weigh in...
    Hi all,

    I'm logging a STS this week. I've stuck to my calorie budget every day except Sat and Sunday (lots of vodka, fried chicken and potato wedges on the way home, remedial bread and grease on the Sunday) and done extra exercise each day so I'd have liked a bit off but never mind. I'm slightly worried about this weekend, I've got 2 'barbecues' which will obviously be inside but will involve wine. I seem to struggle if I have one night out, 2 will be a real challenge! I'll enjoy it though.

    Hugs to all that need them.

    Vicky x
    Grocery challenge July 2019 £0/£260.
    2019, Q1 Weight loss challenge 20/11lb
    Q2 weight loss challenge 16/16
    Saving money, decluttering and getting fit. How hard can it be?
    • zafiro1984
    • By zafiro1984 14th Jun 19, 10:19 PM
    • 1,540 Posts
    • 11,694 Thanks
    you know what they say about the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.
    Originally posted by Brambling
    I've never heard that before and it really made me smile

    B;- usual black tea
    L: whole tin of scotch broth soup, one apple, one pear, half a banana
    D; I was really pushed for time so, one avocado, few strawberries (no cream) 75gm cheese 4 ryvitas, butter, 3 walnuts half glass red wine.

    I'll try and do better tomorrow!!
    • MrsLottie
    • By MrsLottie 15th Jun 19, 7:21 AM
    • 128 Posts
    • 1,479 Thanks
    Just got back from a very wet but thoroughly enjoyable week away .Lots of walking with the dogs and eating out every evening, no puddings as too full after the meals .Pleased to say and very surprised that I have lost 1lb .oneards and upwards - hopefully !
    Keep trying everyone and have a good week .
    • Rose Wood
    • By Rose Wood 15th Jun 19, 4:28 PM
    • 867 Posts
    • 9,503 Thanks
    Rose Wood
    Evening All

    My kickstart to my diet yesterday meant I was three pounds lighter this morning than yesterday morning. Hurray! Now to keep up the momentum. Unfortunately I'm still heavier than when I started the challenge which is not so good.

    DGD came today and we managed to find not too active things to play including charades and blindfold tasting tests! I've got work tonight so hopefully will cope with being on my feet. I normally wear flat shoes for work but am only comfortable in a heel at the moment so shall have to see how it goes.

    Lunch: Tinned salmon with cucumber and tomato
    Dinner: Sole with a lemon and pepper dusting, green beans, half a very small jacket potato with butter. Greek yoghurt with lemon juice and sweetener.

    Weight Loss Challenge 5/7/19 10st 6lbs
    Target 8st 12lbs

    Daily Steps Challenge 16,000
    Average daily steps: January 19,317, February 19,449, March 20,330, April 22,026, May 20,412 June 15,690
    • zafiro1984
    • By zafiro1984 16th Jun 19, 9:56 AM
    • 1,540 Posts
    • 11,694 Thanks
    Morning all,
    I had such good intentions yesterday until I discovered a freezer door had been left slightly ajar. The afternoon turned into salvaging what I could and throwing the rest away. Fortunately it wasn't my 'meat freezer' but the one I use for leftovers and HM grown veg/fruit so it wasn't that full as I'm running it down ready for this years glut. On a positive note, at least it's had an early defrost/clean.

    b:- usual black tea
    L: scrambled eggs - no toast, fruit
    D: had to make a flan using defrosted pastry/vegs and a bit of salmon, plus defrosted plums made into a crumble.

    I've a couple more days worth of defrosted things in the fridge which I'll need to use up. I think it will be defrosted turkey soup for lunch, hard to count the calories as I made it a few months ago
    Last edited by zafiro1984; 16-06-2019 at 9:58 AM.
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