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    • Frugaldom
    • By Frugaldom 26th Dec 18, 4:14 PM
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    2019 Frugal Living Challenge
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    • 26th Dec 18, 4:14 PM
    2019 Frugal Living Challenge 26th Dec 18 at 4:14 PM
    Join us here for year 12 of the Frugaldom challenge on MSE

    The Frugal Living Challenge 2019

    It's that time of year again, the time when we all need to start thinking ahead into the new year and how we are going to tackle any debts, generate extra income and squirrel away some savings.

    Please take the time to read this post in full and if you have any questions, feel free to message me or ask in the forum.

    This is an adaptation of the original NYK/Frugaldom 'Living on £4,000 for a Year' challenge. It has been running here on MSE for several years, although these particular money challenges began back in the 90's, elsewhere. We have seen many changes over the years, so this version is a catalogue of diaries charting the progress of 'debt free wannabe' money savers.

    Your budget is personal to you, it should fit with your personal financial situation.

    If you would like to use a simple spreadsheet for calculating your annual expenditure, you are welcome to download a free copy of the original one HERE Simply overwrite the initial monthly amounts and the totals will auto-calculate. From then, it is a simple case of deducting (use the minus sign in front of the amounts) all your outgoings as the year progresses. It's worth while playing about with it to alter headings to suit your personal lifestyle. I've included a couple of extra columns for things like rent/mortgage & council tax and misc/debt payments.

    Some have already achieved debt freedom and now follow frugal lifestyles in order to stay debt free. Others are still tackling their debts and living a frugal life in an attempt to reach their debt-free and/or mortgage-free day. Whichever stage you are at, feel free to join us and share your journey.

    The following links will take you to previous MSE versions of our challenge:

    The 2018 Challenge

    The 2017 Challenge

    The 2016 Challenge

    The 2015 Challenge

    The 2014 Challenge

    The 2013 Challenge

    The 2012 Challenge

    Part 1 - January to March 2011
    Part 2 - April to June 2011
    Part 3 - July to December 2011
    Introduction to the 2010 Challenge
    Part 1 - January to March 2010
    Part 2 - April to June 2010
    Part 3 - July to September 2010
    Part 4 - October to December 2010
    Part 1 - January to March 2009
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    Part 1 - January to March 2008
    Part 2 - April to June 2008
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    Part 4 - October to December 2008

    How it all began - Saving to buy a house without a mortgage 2007 Challenge

    The original interest beater challenge

    The original £1000 in 100 days challenge

    The original free hobbies thread

    Please respect others' lifestyles and beliefs. We are not here to judge, we are here to support. Thank you

    This challenge is about living a frugal, sustainable lifestyle - establishing your true cost of living, sticking to your budget, clearing any debts and making savings wherever and however you can to enable you to live the life you really want.

    Frugal living isn't for everyone, but everyone is welcome to join us. Methods employed by our merry band of frugalers include batch cooking, stockpiling, preserving, foraging, mending, shopping in charity shops, reducing, reusing, recycling, Local Exchange Trading Schemes (LETS), vegetable and fruit growing, allotments, keeping hens, using cash back sites and earning whatever it takes to become self sufficient in managing the cost of living without incurring debt.

    For some it is initially about clearing debt, for others it's about increasing savings, buying property, becoming stay at home mums or paying off the mortgage early. Some choose the lifestyle on ethical grounds. Above all, this is a fun and supportive way to manage your budget so you have control of your own cost of living. It's about NEEDS and not WANTS.

    Living on a budget = living within our means.
    Frugal = thrifty, living without waste

    Ideas to help you achieve and/or maintain debt free living
    Recognise the differences between needs from wants

    Spend within your means
    Set a proper budget
    Quit expensive bad habits
    Get a lodger
    Shop via cash-back sites and always price compare
    Buy reduced items in stores only if you need them
    Stockpile & bulk buy bargains that you use
    Batch cooking
    Make the most of charity shops
    Join freebie or waste awareness and recycling associations
    LETS trading - become active members of trading & exchange groups
    Grow your own herbs, fruit & veg
    Preserving & winemaking
    Breadmaking & home baking
    Card & gift making
    Order splitting/sharng for better discounts & reduced delivery costs
    Landsharing, allotments & frugal garden systems
    Online trading - auctions, stores, social media pages
    etc, etc, etc...

    Monitoring and revising the budget is part of a good frugal living plan. Gifts & cards could all to be homemade, livestock needs to pay its own keep, anything else needs to be cash neutral.

    The bits we need to include to make this work

    Please read the MSE forum rules and help us to keep this challenge on track, thank you.
    If you have any questions about this challenge, feel free to PM me.
    The following is taken from the official MSE forum rules section:


    Please try not to take threads off-topic. This can be confusing for new users and makes it especially difficult for people ... Where requests from Board Guides for threads to be brought back on track have not been followed off-topic posts may be removed. We encourage community, but not thread derailment.

    Please bear in mind the main purpose of the site is to save money. The forum team has therefore been instructed to prioritise its time on the MoneySaving forums.


    There are two boards provided for off-topic chat and discussion. The MoneySavers Arms has been set up for fun, more lighter-hearted chat (although do still remember this is a family forum Ė keep it clean please). Discussion Time is for discussion of current issues (read Martinís description).

    If you post a topic that does not relate to the board itís posted on it will be moved to a more relevant MoneySaving board or to Discussion Time/The MoneySavers Arms.

    This challenge is about paying for needs so we can afford to live debt free and save for/afford wants. It runs from 1st January to 31st December. The links will give you an idea of how previous challenges have gone and these will be updated accordingly.

    If you havenít already, join the forum to reply!

    GOOD LUCK IN 2019

    This Forum tip was included in's weekly email!
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    I reserve the right NOT to spend:
    The less I spend, the more I can afford!
    Now running Frugaldom as a lifestyle social enterprise!
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    • stirchleygirl
    • By stirchleygirl 14th Apr 19, 10:45 PM
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    Well done earthgirl
    • stirchleygirl
    • By stirchleygirl 14th Apr 19, 10:55 PM
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    Dave Saver you can do it focus on getting through each day rather than the 2 weeks don't give up now as you've made such good progress and your plans are for good things in your life Frugaldom has given you some sage advice and tips from doing it - so take heart and make those lists of goals that you can cross off when you achieve them.
    • stirchleygirl
    • By stirchleygirl 14th Apr 19, 11:10 PM
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    Are you sure that you can't manage without a car is the first question you should ask yourself.

    Before my disability I used to walk the 2+ miles to work (so 4+ miles each day) as I'd just rented on my own (instead of my previous flat share) I could no longer afford to get the bus. I was full time then so 5 days per week on-site and it kept me fit and a good de-stress on the way home.

    As my health declined I had to start using the bus (trains were not on the route) and was able to get a annual bus pass via a work scheme where they took the payment out of may wages monthly so no big up front payment.

    Now due to my brain problems I'm unsafe to out on my own and have to go to work (and health appointments) in a taxi as I also can't follow a route (some of the cost to work re-imbursed by Govt ACCESS TO WORK scheme.

    Could you get a free or cheap (freecycle, gumtree etc...) second hand push bike and paniers/basket/backpack to carry stuff/shopping or use online SM shop some delivery slots can be as low as 50p or £1 delivery charge.

    (perhaps you already have looked into alternatives and still need a car)

    Is there a car share scheme in your area e.g. GS6DDuPicp28UlQ_USw0PZ16li_N3jzDW5vA5bmUBPix8MaAnW SEALw_wcB appears to cover lots of areas of the country

    or does you work place run a ride share or similar

    I don't have any current experience with car finance this but a quick search on Martin's MSE website gave the following results
    which may be of use to you

    I'm sure others on this list who have experience of buying/running cars on a budget will give you their sage wisdom on the topic.
    Last edited by stirchleygirl; 14-04-2019 at 11:23 PM.
    • Lifeisforliving19
    • By Lifeisforliving19 15th Apr 19, 9:43 AM
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    I've been catching up on posts and you are all doing well. I am still trying hard and have found some Recycle/Reuse groups local to me on FB, which have been useful for gifting and receiving things with no money involved. Probably going to have a spendy week or 2 as we need to get some beds for spare room and do a bit of gardening and decorating. But trying to keep it to a minimum and use second hand where I can.

    Been making lots of stock and soup and using up leftovers a lot, which I am very pleased about. And managed to get house insurance down a lot which was a bonus.

    My thing I am trying to do at the moment is work out the best thing to use as reusable make up/face wipes.....Cotton? Flannels? Muslin? Not sure what to try.
    DMP 2015 £57,549, now £42,292 (26% paid)
    EF £195 Mortgage OP's this year £70

    There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow, Shining at the End of Every Day!

    • Working Mum
    • By Working Mum 15th Apr 19, 10:23 AM
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    Working Mum
    Hi Davesaver - this time between action can seen to be wasted or boring and for me that was a "danger zone"!!

    I decided to broaden my fiscal outlook so during the time when I had actioned what I could I read widely on financially successful people or leading a more frugal but good quality life. I gave myself goals for reading/learning and so I never felt I was "doing nothing" towards my debt.

    I also spent a few months last year doing surveys etc so when I felt the urge to spend or felt despondent that I wasn't "doing anything" towards my debts I would check the survey sites and do the ones I could - this enabled me to build a stash of amazon giftcards and cash which I used to chip away at a persistent card I had an outstanding balance on.

    I would set myself mini challenges i.e. 33% of last year were NSD's and my goal for this year is 50%! I am on track to achieve this.

    I still set myself mini challenges to push my food shopping back by a day or two to use up what I had in stores or my fridge. I am quite a queen of random meal combinations rather than waste food!!

    The "Old Style" board here really helps inspire innovative ideas to reduce waste and love a life which is fulfilling but doesn't cost the earth.

    I learned to channel my energy into positive money experiences which weren't always obvious debt busting ones!

    Good luck everyone as we head towards a long Easter weekend
    • little_green
    • By little_green 15th Apr 19, 11:35 AM
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    over this months budget already gahhhh expensive weekend
    i've been over budget all 4 months this year and probably need to actually look at raising it as it's quite ambitious, the only thing I can cut down on is eating out costs... but honestly my partner is a huge factor in that. I do try (really) but their attitude is a bit different.
    • FrankieM
    • By FrankieM 16th Apr 19, 5:06 AM
    • 2,221 Posts
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    What a great post Working Mum and so true. I struggled (and often got wrong) the need for some financial wriggle room and then spending when I didn't need to.

    I'm debt free and the focus now is saving to build the emergency fund and then after that, I'll be saving towards a house.

    I think I've found the debt number going down more motivational than the savings number going up.
    • stirchleygirl
    • By stirchleygirl 16th Apr 19, 12:47 PM
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    Well done :-)
    Might be worth asking on the ZW thread
    if anyone can recommend what they've used for removing make up
    • stirchleygirl
    • By stirchleygirl 16th Apr 19, 12:58 PM
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    Working Mum
    I agree your post was brilliant lots of wise advice.

    Having realistic budgets would mean that although higher than what you would like it to it would still be less than what you were previously spending and give you the sense of achieving it rather than you perceived current failure - have you spent less on each of the 4 months than you previously did? If so congrats you achieved your goal!!!!
    Unwilling family are a bu**er but why not try not partaking with their eating out and you do what you would like to do so that they are eating on their own (instead of you joining in) as then they may not want to do it - also honest conversations about finances (if they aren't indenial/head in the sand) and your family goals (pointing out that they are spending on un-necessary meals out instead of getting out of debt or saving towards xyz) might perhaps show them the reality/impact of what they are doing - warning this doesn't always work and can back-fire as they spend even more in reaction/spite
    • Frugaldom
    • By Frugaldom 16th Apr 19, 4:12 PM
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    Any tips for financing a car on a low income would be appreciated


    Originally posted by Rosst534
    Personaly, I would never recommend finance and I would look seriously at all the other options for alternative transport. Having had to do without a car for a few years, I resorted to walking, cycling and public transport but that doesn't always suit when it's to get you to and from work when there are no other options.

    1) Look at all the reasons why you need a car and make sure they are all needs, rather than just being wants

    2) What are the alternatives

    3) If you can't afford to buy something suitable, are your finances in a reliable enough place to cover all the regular costs (finance, tax, insurance, MOT, servicing, parts, repairs, maintenance, emergency measures in even of breakdown, savings towards replacement in future.

    4) If you discover that you really cannot live without a car, speak to your bank rather than getting involved with a finance company. It may be possible for them to arrange an overdraft facility for a year or so, allowing you to buy a cheap but reliable runaround that can be paid off at any time you have spare cash. Garages often offer far better deals with cash discounts.

    5) If it isnt absolutely essential, calculate all costs and then compare them with paying for taxis. Depending on the make, model, age, cndition of the car, you may find it cheaper paying someone else to drive you if it's only occasional trips etc.

    I had this debate with myself only last year, but had been saving for a car for sme time, just in case. When the time came that I really did need one, I still doubted myself, so held off a bit longer until I had enough to buy outright from a secondhand car dealership. The car will now need to last me the next 20 years so I hope Fords are still reliable and easily maintained/fixed!
    I reserve the right NOT to spend:
    The less I spend, the more I can afford!
    Now running Frugaldom as a lifestyle social enterprise!
    • stirchleygirl
    • By stirchleygirl 16th Apr 19, 4:18 PM
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    Keep up the good work towards your emergency fund :-)
    • stirchleygirl
    • By stirchleygirl 16th Apr 19, 4:19 PM
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    Words of wisdom (as always) :-)
    • Crafty Lisa Hampshire
    • By Crafty Lisa Hampshire 16th Apr 19, 4:32 PM
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    Crafty Lisa Hampshire
    Greenbee - that would explain why I can never get gym stuff in charity shops then if that is the case.

    Lifeisforliving - as to make up wipes I gave up with wipes altogether (due to the plastic they contain) but I decided to crochet some make up pads to use with make up remover (a stash of which I am working through at the moment) to take make up off. They can be used then put in the wash with the towels and then they can be used again. Saves on buying cotton wool and wipes. When I run out of make up remover I am going to try Body Shops camomile make up remover which is a cream that comes in tins (so plastic free).

    I have had to have a bit of a spend recently. I am participating in a dance show to raise money for charity and we are currently sorting out costumes. Although I have the basics they needed us to get hold of some diamante jewellery that stands out from the stage. I don't own any and I wasn't able to source some to borrow from any friends or families. I did look in the charity shops but most of their jewellery are beads. However, I did go into Debenhams and found a necklace which is bold enough and it was in the sale for half price so managed to get that. I didn't really want to spend money on something like that but its for charity and I can keep it in my costume stash for any further shows I may be in. I did look at buying bracelets as well but I think I will try and make do with just the necklace.

    I also had to buy some new dance trainers as my current trainers are starting to hurt my feet. Again I have found some in the sale on line and ordered them. Hopefully they will be good enough as they are only £20.00 compared to usual price of £40.00 odd. For the other costume I have got some fabric which I am hoping I can make something appropriate with. I would rather not have any more expenditure like that this month.

    In respect of my groceries expenditure this month I am still on target but there are still 10 days to go before pay day with £20.00 left in the budget. I was very good last week. I had a load of veg that was getting past its best so I threw it all in a roasting tin and baked it in the oven. I then used it over the next few days with pasta for my lunches. I was rather chuffed that I was able to do that. Thanks to the advice on here I am now starting to see the benefit in my evenings of batch cooking/freezing portions. I now get proper evenings as I just have to throw something in the oven to cook that I have previously prepared so by the time I have had my shower it is ready to eat and then I have time to relax before bed. I shall be doing my best to keep this up.

    My challenge for this month was to try and increase my no spend days. I don't think I am going to have done much better than last month (which was only 5 days) but I will have a check when I do my monthly tally/spreadsheet on 25th. The problem is that it is now "allotmenting" season and, although I do make my own compost and do have lots of seeds which I have bought previously in the sales, there are always things needed. I still need to put some glass in the shed and replace some trellis work and my compost I am making isn't quite ready yet so I have had to buy some to start the seeds off. I love it when things start to warm up and you can start to look forward to planting crops. Potatoes are in as are the onion sets and broad beans (although I may be a bit late for them). I'm looking forward to the long bank holiday weekend to really get cracking on the whole plot to get it up together so I can then stay on top of it.

    One very small frugal thing I have done this month is I have now registered for online prescriptions so I don't have to send a request through via post and provide a stamped addressed envelope for it to be sent back. I know it is a tiny amount (cost of two stamps) but it is something.
    • stirchleygirl
    • By stirchleygirl 16th Apr 19, 4:54 PM
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    Week 3 of using up my food stocks is going well and no mini shop from the local shop was needed this week.
    Due to Easter staffing my working from home days this week are Mon, Tues & Thurs and I've only 1 on-site day which is tomorrow and Friday is a bank holiday so no work required and I've also given my wonderful PA the day off :-)
    So only 1 packed lunch needed of H/M pasta salad, H/M egg mayo, H/M mango & ginger smoothie, H/M veggie fruit jelly, 2 satsumas.
    There are still plenty of veggie sausage pasta bake in the freezer and as I had the last one out of the fridge for my lunch I'll probably use up the rest of the H/M egg mayo in sandwiches for my tea. I've given my PA the list of what to make for my tea tomorrow and Thursday all from using up stores. Making some interesting/unusual combos :-)
    Wednesday tea will be slightly out of date parsley sauce (granules) poured over last bit of frozen cauliflower 'rice' with some frozen veg, a chunk (the frozen ones are about 1/3 - 1/2 of a fresh corn on the cob) of corn on the cob and a frozen veggie burger.
    Thursday tea will be using a couple of cup-a-soups mixed with less water than normal in order to make a sauce to pour over 2 egg noodle 'nests' with frozen veg & corn on cob and the other frozen veggie burger.
    There are still quite a few veggie sausage pasta bakes and 2 portions of cooked pasta in the freezer that my PA made last week.
    I'm a bit disappointed that I broke my resolve of not doing an online shop for 5 weeks (I'd forgot about Easter and my PA being off for an extra day with the Friday B/H) and placed an online order to have some treats for Easter (see my 14th April post) but I've thought some more about it and whilst I do want (want not need) some treats (as due to my disability apart from work and medical appointments I rarely go out or do anything) I've been back over my food inventory (now about half of what I had 3 weeks ago) and strategically planned items to buy (as they would be cheaper at the S/M than the local shop) that would go with my existing items to make meals so I amended the order accordingly. So I'm classing that as only half failing my challenge.
    I haven't 'given up' as I'll still be making my way through my existing stocks of food and am really trying to use up those items that are well past date but as they are dried/tinned they should still be ok to eat (the veggie jelly packets were absolutely fine and they were years out of date).
    I've got a few packs (different sizes) of dried circles of the thin covering that you use for 'spring roll' type food that I purchased about 20 years ago and have never used which I found 'lurking' in the back of the mug cupboard. I'll have to do a bit of research on those to see how you use them (soften them) and then get my PA to have a go with one sheet to test if it is still edible - and if they are then she will be working her way through the packs.
    • stirchleygirl
    • By stirchleygirl 16th Apr 19, 5:16 PM
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    Crafty Lisa
    Praying your charity show goes well.
    Go on you can do it :-) and make that £20.00 last 10 days especially as you are batch cooking/freezing meals and not wasting food - have a good rummage through your food stocks even if it makes for some 'interesting/unusual' combos.
    Enjoy your allotment and consider the money you are spending on it now as an investment in future money saving (which is exactly what you are doing so why not create as M/S investment column in your budget spreadsheet and then over the year keep a running total record of the weight of each type of produce that you have grown and compare your investment to the cost of buying that amount of produce at a S/M) and with a by-product of improving your physical & mental health thrown in - which you can't put a price on.
    Well done on the stamp savings as every little helps - do you get free prescriptions? If not have you got a prescription pre-pay card as depending upon how many prescriptions that you have in a year it could save you loads of money
    They do 3 months or 12 months and you can pay all at once or by monthly direct debit
    • chocolatelover93
    • By chocolatelover93 16th Apr 19, 5:28 PM
    • 944 Posts
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    Just a quick check in for me.

    Already I have realised how much I spent on carp. I can't just pop to McDonald's now or order a takeaway and I'm checking my fridge everyday to see what needs using up and adjusting my meal plan to fit that

    I ran out of money yesterday but made sure I saved a few £ for hospital parking tomorrow as DS has an appointment. It means no buying a xhoccie bar when were there. So I'll make sure I take us a drink and snack each. I'm hoping that this will be good on my wasitline as well as my wallet!!

    C xx
    Read my diaryHere
    • Kerry Woman
    • By Kerry Woman 16th Apr 19, 5:45 PM
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    Kerry Woman
    Came back from my holiday last week. Still trying to catch up with sleep and sorting out things in the flat. I have to be more frugal until I put my flat up for sale and move to a new location. Hoping to put the flat up for sale within the next 3 months. Did bring back some of the spending money. Planning to be meeting up with people from where I used to work, went to school/college with before I move. Checked my cash ISA and am happy with the amount of interest added.
    Frugal Living Challenge 2019
    Mortgage free as of 1st August 2013
    NST April 2019 - Spring Forward NSD 14/15
    • Hettyhound
    • By Hettyhound 17th Apr 19, 10:46 AM
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    My grocery budget is looking very tight for the rest of the month but I should be able to stretch it. Bought a couple of off list items today leaving me with £9 food budget until payday on the 30th. The mushroom and feta (actually salad cheese!) quiche that was plannned is now mushroom feta and beetroot and Iíll make some beetroot falafels with the remaining beets and a tin of chickpeas from the cupboard.

    Seeds Iíve planted for bits of veg over the summer are doing well. After promising only to plant 2 courgettes I planted 3 as there were only 3 left in the packet and all 3 have germinated; courgette bonanza again this year! Strawberries starting to flower and most of the plants now are the freebie runners and Iíve located a free rhubarb supply. A friend has an allotment with an inherited rhubarb and they donít eat it.

    Got my tax credits altered to take into account new job but waiting for payday to see how much Iíll actually take home as salary increase, pension increase and staff parking increase. I can then redo budget and work out overpayment and savings amount, food budget wonít be going up though
    SPC #120
    MFW #90 Mortgage start Dec 2015 £79,950; March 2019 £63,380; 2019 OP £164.47/£1500
    • Crafty Lisa Hampshire
    • By Crafty Lisa Hampshire 17th Apr 19, 4:17 PM
    • 47 Posts
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    Crafty Lisa Hampshire
    Crafty Lisa
    Praying your charity show goes well.
    Go on you can do it :-) and make that £20.00 last 10 days especially as you are batch cooking/freezing meals and not wasting food - have a good rummage through your food stocks even if it makes for some 'interesting/unusual' combos.
    Enjoy your allotment and consider the money you are spending on it now as an investment in future money saving (which is exactly what you are doing so why not create as M/S investment column in your budget spreadsheet and then over the year keep a running total record of the weight of each type of produce that you have grown and compare your investment to the cost of buying that amount of produce at a S/M) and with a by-product of improving your physical & mental health thrown in - which you can't put a price on.
    Well done on the stamp savings as every little helps - do you get free prescriptions? If not have you got a prescription pre-pay card as depending upon how many prescriptions that you have in a year it could save you loads of money
    They do 3 months or 12 months and you can pay all at once or by monthly direct debit
    Originally posted by stirchleygirl

    That's not a bad idea about keeping a tally of what we manage to grow and logging it but it may not be a great success as when my nephews are up there the cherry tomatoes seem to go before I get to pick them as do any berries. Its definitely worth a try though.

    As to the prescriptions I did think about the pre-payment plan but it wouldn't be worth my while. I only need one prescription every other month or so so even though prescriptions have gone up it wouldn't save me anything.
    • Dave Saver
    • By Dave Saver 18th Apr 19, 4:29 AM
    • 32 Posts
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    Dave Saver
    I just downloaded the receipt hog app to track my spending better. Anyone else use this app?
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