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    • Sue-UU
    • By Sue-UU 1st Nov 18, 11:06 PM
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    Sealed Pot Challenge ~ 12
    • #1
    • 1st Nov 18, 11:06 PM
    Sealed Pot Challenge ~ 12 1st Nov 18 at 11:06 PM
    Hello once again Potters and welcome aboard to all new members! I never thought we would have been running THIS long, but here we are starting off with "SPC "No 12"!!! The years have flown past since SPC's birth! We've had 11 fantastic money-saving years, all purely because of the determination in saving of you all - many thanks to you splendid folk who have made SPC what it is!!

    For all newcomers...yes Old Timers too - it's so very important to please read through this entire post to see what the SPC is all about, dates for counting up and our re-opening date etc.. However, if you haven't already done so, please be sure to Join the MSE forum first in order to be able to join the challenge. For ALL SPC members, please chat away on this SPC 12 thread about your conquests, money-saving ideas etc from Post 4 (below) onward, it gives encouragement to all, including yourselves as it keeps the motivation to save far stronger and gives even more ideas of how to save.

    For all newcomers - a really huge heartfelt welcome! We're a great bunch who just adore greeting more members to the flock. Please read through this entire post and you'll be aware of why SPC is so special. You all settle in straight away and become part of our saving family!

    The idea is to save as much as possible throughout the following year until just before Christmas - which this year (2019) will be to open our pots on Thursday the 31st October 2019. We save it in pots that we've pre-sealed to stop us being tempted to open them. Any spare cash can be put away, every day/week/month, whatever is best for you. If you have change left over after you've been shopping - pop it in the pot! After all why not! However small the change...the likelihood is that it won't be missed, and might otherwise have been wasted!

    Most of us put in the difference in that we've been saved on special offers etc, it's all saved at the shop so it makes sense to save it in the pot to mount up!

    Below are the basics for making your pot and sealing it.

    Firstly: Get yourself a pot, and remember - it doesn't need to cost much - if anything! Do please do your best to avoid plastic of any sort, thank you. With the emphasis being on saving money, your pot doesn't need to cost anything I.e a used sweet tin, coffee jar..extremely MSE!! *Next - seal it with sellotape and be sure to make a slit in the lid, big enough for a 50p to go in, that way all coins will fit. Perhaps if you wish, you can always take advantage of finding a cheap pot in the sales after Christmas, or put one you fancy on your Christmas list! You can always buy ready sealed tins from reasonably priced shops!

    It can also be interesting and challenging to make yourself a Papier Mach!! Pig (or any animal or object) etc by using Frugaldom's recipe, by clicking here then going to Post No. 597 of SPC 1 or by going to a totally separate thread papier mach! Animal here. After it's finished, seal as the instructions in the *paragraph above

    After selecting your pot, seal round the lid with sellotape. Again, be sure to make a slit in the top that is the right size for a 50p to go in! NB. If you make a Papier Mach!! Pot you will need to "operate" on it at the end of each challenge! Still, you can always have the pleasure of making a new one towards the end of the year, or getting the kiddies involved - if you're the daring type! The mind could run riot with what to model!

    Terrimundi pots are available in many shops and on-line, they're very attractive and another ready sealed way to save, and though the manufacturers and retailers would have you believe differently, you DO NOT need to smash them to remove your cash!! I've used mine for 11 years...and at the end of each year's challenge, hubby and I have a whale of a time, doing things the 'old' way by tilting the pot and using a knife! Though, a few years ago DH bought a 12" steel ruler in from the shed which is thin and broad and perfect for the job. So be assured that, so long as you go carefully, you CAN use them again and again....unless you drop the darned things!! They are costly though, but this is where your Christmas list comes in handy, though always keep a look out in charity shops too!

    Regarding the Sealed Cans many of you use, apparently the best way to open the sealed tins is, rather than using a tin opener, squeeze the side of the tin, where the seam meets and you can pop the seal and tip the money out that way, better still, turn them upside down and get the cash out as advised above with Terramundi.

    The term roadkill = any money found on pavements, parks etc; even in car parks or on shop floors etc.

    NB. A few notes of interest.

    1/ Any money which is inherited can not be included as savings. Likewise any money put directly into the bank cannot be counted as savings with SPC. Money from second jobs is ok, such as cleaning for Mrs Bloggs down the road/ taking in ironing, a part-time job or anything similar is ok to be saved. Any savings saved via Christmas Clubs can also be used in your SPC Totals, it's another way of saving for Christmas after all. Money received from cashback sites such as Quidco, topcashback etc can be included in your pots. Likewise, any money made from sales on E-Bay, Facebook, Surveys or similar can be saved.

    Also, it is possible to include all other savings from MSE Challenges with your SPC Totals i.e. the £2 Challenge as, apparently they aren't put down on the challenge threads themselves. Also, the 1p challenge is to be declared. If you're unsure, please ask on the thread, and remember - there's no so thing as a stupid question!

    Second incomes can come in many varied and very lucrative guises and anything such as that would be unfair to other members. However, doing a little job for Mrs Bloggs as described in paragraph 1/ can be included. Mostly the SPC is a challenge to see how much we can save during the year...mostly it's relatively small amounts which are saved from wages, housekeeping, good budgeting etc. Remunerations via the letting of second homes cannot be included in the SPC!

    Whenever you're in the dilemma of "ooh should I buy that?" If you don't need it, but just want it - leave it there and pot the cash instead, you'll be much more satisfied with the accomplishment, pleased with your self-discipline too. All too often, if I go back a second time I find I didn't even like whatever it was anyway!

    3/ You can ask me to put a Target on for you to try to meet (it's put in blue/pink ink alongside your name and number on the 2nd and 3rd posts below) but it's not necessary. If you do set one, but are unable to meet it, don't worry, at least you tried! A few people keep account of all they save, but most of us count what we save daily or weekly, then put it on the thread to help encourage others....ourselves too, then we pot it and forget about it and.... wait for the surprise at the end of the year!
    If you are hoping for a particular amount by Declaration Day but still want a nice surprise come November, work out what amount you would like to save, then work out how much you will need to pot on a weekly or monthly basis in order to achieve it. Save that sum regularly as well as potting any spare change after shopping, that way you are bound to come out on top and have a surprise come October!

    4/ Mainly SPC is a challenge to see how much we can save in a year for Christmas 2019. However, over the last 10 - 11 years we've had some members who have needed theirs at sometime throughout the year for bills, debts etc, and personally I'd far sooner they take the cash out for that than pay more interest or...miss a due date! You can always start again, even if it's getting later in the year, you can even include what you needed to take out on Declaration Day, after all, you will have saved it!! Whatever you need to do, don't worry about it - be happy and proud you have saved!
    Please don't worry about the amounts others save! We are all individuals with such varying jobs/incomes, each with different expenditures and commitments etc so while some find saving a real struggle, for others it's obviously easy. However, it's the pleasure each of us receives from our personal potting results - whatever you manage to pot, be happy with it, and be proud!!!!

    5/ If you wish to save for something special, a holiday, wedding etc then please do so, just please remember to declare it on October 31st. The most important thing, is that you are saving ...and hopefully not tempted to take it out unnecessarily.
    If anyone has any other queries, then please sing out.

    6/ At the end of the year (or when we've saved for what we wish) count up all your money saved and declare your Total either by waiting until the declaration date - or (if you've needed your cash for other things - by putting your Total on your MSE signature to remind you to include it in your full Total; that particularly applies to those using their money for holidays etc, but PLEASE remember to return to the thread on the 31st October to declare those Totals to me.
    Some members prefer not to keep too much money in the house and count theirs up every now and then to bank it, in which case they always pop the amount banked on their MSE signatures.

    7/ KEEP YOUR POT or POTS SAFE!! If you hide it, be sure to remember where you put it!!

    8/ "Holding Pots": To anyone concerned about putting money into their pot - only to possibly needing it later in the week/month: Why not use an unsealed pot or purse as a "holding pot" and pop the money in there first each day/week/month - then, if it's not needed (for car parking costs, little Johnnie's school trip etc) - put it in your Sealed pot so it stays put. Do that each week and it'll save you taking money from the bank. Discipline yourself to only take what's needed though!

    9/ "Where to take bags of cash at the end of the year?": Most banks will accept them providing you have an account with them. Remember also that most banks have counting machines, so any of you who really don't like counting money, take them in and let the machine do the counting for you; you'll get a receipt which you then take to the counter. PLEASE - DON'T EVER CHANGE IT IN ONE OF THE COINSTAR MACHINES AT THE ENTRANCES OF SUPER MARKETS.... THEY WILL TAKE AROUND 10% OF YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!

    10/ Members who do not return by two weeks after closing date will lose their numbers as, many people who sign up to the challenge then don't bother returning! To be fair, I think a lot get swept up in the excitement of it all, but then, for one reason of another, can't or don't wish to keep it up, but that then leaves me with a long list of non savers on the list which makes things very difficult over time. Any saving members won't be at all worried about this - but if those 'defaulting' (bad word, but...!) members remember, then - come on back and ask for another number, you will always be be more than welcome!

    On the 2 posts below is a list of members and their numbers, always display your No on your signatures please, that makes life so much easier for me and my DH when counting up all of our Totals. In December or thereabouts I declare the Grand Total of ALL that we members have collected, and what a terrific sight that is! Please declare your savings ASAP on or close to the 14th November please.

    Once again, we've just had an amazing year, let's keep it up and see what we can achieve this year. Good luck everyone and save well!!

    PLEASE take note everyone Thursday 31st Oct is the closing date for 2019, the day we declare what we've saved on the thread, kindly declare your monies saved within 2 weeks of the 1st, thank you kindly.

    It's Never Too Late To Join Us! and You Never Need To Re-join....well, unless you stop visiting us in November! can always return to the fold and be made very welcome!

    Many thanks for reading
    , Sue.

    This Forum tip was included in's weekly email!
    Last edited by MSE Tine; 27-11-2018 at 12:08 PM.
    Sealed Pot Challenge 001 My Totals = 08 = £163.95 09 = £315.78 10 = £518.80 11 = £481.87 12 = £694.53 13 = £1200.20! 14 = £881 15 = £839.21 16 = £870.48 17 = £871.52 18 = £800.00 Grand Totals of all members (2008 uncounted) 2009 = £32.154.32! 2010 = £37.581.47! 2011 = £42.474.34! 2012 = £49.759.46! 2013 = £50.642.78! 2014 = £61.367.88!! 2015 = £52.852.06! 2016 = £52, 002.40!! 2017 = £50,456.23!! 2018 = £47, 815.88!!!!

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    • Chutney86
    • By Chutney86 13th Apr 19, 6:19 AM
    • 303 Posts
    • 2,764 Thanks
    £10 potted for me today
    SPC #23 - 2015 = £319.60 / 2016 = £315.50 / 2017 = £490.75 / 2018 = £295.50 / 2019 =
    MFW #93 - 2017 = £1942.84/£1900 / 2018 = £8591.23/£9050
    MFiT-T4 #28 = reduced mortgage from £109,000 to £77,000
    MFiT-T5 #34
    • Saving Glut
    • By Saving Glut 13th Apr 19, 7:02 AM
    • 197 Posts
    • 1,497 Thanks
    Saving Glut
    Welcome Treadingwater02!

    Potted a grand total of 20p today and purchased another two Premium Bonds with contents of SPC. There is just a minute chance I might win anything before the end of this year’s SPC challenge, but “if you’re not in....”
    IO BTL1 Mortgage was £97,693.54 on 09/08/18; £88,959 on 15/04/19.
    Sealed Pot Challenge 12: #078: £158.25
    Make £2019 in 2019: £777.03 / £2019
    • Loz2018
    • By Loz2018 13th Apr 19, 10:39 AM
    • 63 Posts
    • 379 Thanks
    I added £15 to my pot this morning and then took the contents into the bank.
    In total I had £153.45 so I’ve now moved that to my savings account and will amend my signature.
    In total so far I’ve saved £224 as I also banked £71 from my pot in Jan/Feb.

    I’ve just added £2 to restart my pot off.

    Hope everyone has a good weekend!
    Credit Card Debt: £535 Emergency Fund: £700 S&S ISA: £130 Sealed Pot Challenge #042: £23 (£224 banked)
    • Whatshername
    • By Whatshername 13th Apr 19, 11:35 AM
    • 106 Posts
    • 597 Thanks
    £4 added today x
    #030 Sealed Pot 2019 Challenge - Declare 31st Oct
    #064 Pay debts by Xmas 2019 Challenge - £1006.50/ £3390
    #015 £2 savers club 2019 - target £200
    • 32b3in2013
    • By 32b3in2013 13th Apr 19, 5:54 PM
    • 2,236 Posts
    • 19,078 Thanks

    Sorry I have been missing, work has been so busy i do not know whether I am coming or going most of the time.

    I have been potting though. Some days 5p, some days over £5, so all good.

    I hope everyone is well.

    SPC9 #125 - £816.85
    SPC10 #125 - £851.81
    SPC 11 #7 - £968.46
    VSPC #19 - £40.52/£250
    • weenapoops
    • By weenapoops 14th Apr 19, 12:00 PM
    • 221 Posts
    • 532 Thanks
    Hey everyone

    Lots more potting done (plants not money ) , Spring is truly my favourite season, so many beautiful things budding. Lots of seeds sprouting, so hopefully i'll have lots of veggies this year

    Trying not to spend all my money on pots, seeds and compost

    Another £37.56 in the pot
    You've got to be in it to win it!! Just believe to receive!!

    2019 Wins - January - Yardie DVD, February - Tickets to Cocktails in the City and free cocktail
    Sealed Pot Challenge #085 - £323.34
    1p Challenge - £73.53 (Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr crossed off the list)
    2019 1% challenge #7 - 18% of 100%
    • Dreamworlded
    • By Dreamworlded 15th Apr 19, 1:11 PM
    • 17 Posts
    • 133 Thanks
    Happy Monday potters! Off today with a bit of a tummy bug but thankfully now well enough to get about.

    Did a survey for some research at the university and netted a nice £15! That went into the pot. Also been holding onto some roadkill for a while and now potted - 9p!!
    SPC12 #055 - +£67.60 to final total (put a coin in the jar and spin the Martin )
    • Purplemumof2
    • By Purplemumof2 16th Apr 19, 8:09 AM
    • 7,028 Posts
    • 27,007 Thanks

    Quite a few bits potted for me over the past few days. The demi-john is getting quite heavy now but my terramundi still needs working on as it holds my £2 coins.

    Have a great day xx
    Official DFW Nerd Club - Member no. 791 - Proud to be dealing with my debts
    MBNA: £4800.00 Lloyds: £9100.00 BC: £840.00 Cap One: GONE
    Apr LTW 4/14 - Apr NSD 1/5
    PAYDBX 2019 #041 PD £2369.46/£5604.30
    Savings for Christmas £200.23/£500
    20p Savers 2019 £2 Savers 2019 50p Savers 2019 SPC 12 2019 #003
    • Homegrown0
    • By Homegrown0 16th Apr 19, 9:32 AM
    • 867 Posts
    • 4,697 Thanks
    £2 into the sealed pot yesterday and found 11p in the car for my smash jar.

    I've not done as much potting as I'd like lately, but I'll keep on keeping on.
    Sealed Pot Challenge 075
    Pay off by Xmas 2019 #02 - target £10,000
    • Loz2018
    • By Loz2018 16th Apr 19, 1:22 PM
    • 63 Posts
    • 379 Thanks
    I potted £2 today and around 15-20 1/2p coins that my Mum gave to me as she had a random bag of change so my pot is now up to £4.
    Credit Card Debt: £535 Emergency Fund: £700 S&S ISA: £130 Sealed Pot Challenge #042: £23 (£224 banked)
    • Treadingwater02
    • By Treadingwater02 16th Apr 19, 3:46 PM
    • 37 Posts
    • 226 Thanks
    Yay Iím off the mark, potted my first £2.55 itís not a lot but itís a start!
    • Hettyhound
    • By Hettyhound 17th Apr 19, 10:30 AM
    • 64 Posts
    • 632 Thanks
    Only 92p potted today leaving us £9 for groceries until payday which is 2 weeks time. Should be able to make it stretch though. This has been another very expensive month hence low potting. I have been scurrying money away elsewhere though so at least I know where itís going. Iím potting plants too and my strawberries are starting to get flowers on so hoping for a good crop; less purchased in the shop equals more money in the pot!
    SPC #120
    MFW #90 Mortgage start Dec 2015 £79,950; March 2019 £63,380; 2019 OP £164.47/£1500
    • Choccygirl123
    • By Choccygirl123 17th Apr 19, 10:36 AM
    • 569 Posts
    • 1,731 Thanks
    Hit my £5 pay out from pa surveys so have just transferred £4.85 into my sealed pot bank account. It was joined with a £2.80 payment from Quidco. This takes my account to £141.35.
    Always counting down to pay day, but making baby steps getting life on track! Looking forward to cracking the debt once and for all.
    SPC 090 - £69.45 / £500
    • Loz2018
    • By Loz2018 17th Apr 19, 6:00 PM
    • 63 Posts
    • 379 Thanks
    Added £4 to my pot today so I’m now up to £8.

    I’ve done an online food shop this month so I think the amount I’ll be potting will go down as I hopefully won’t be going to the supermarket 2/3 times a week anymore lol. But I am starting yoga classes the week after next so I can pay in cash and pot some change from that at least.
    Credit Card Debt: £535 Emergency Fund: £700 S&S ISA: £130 Sealed Pot Challenge #042: £23 (£224 banked)
    • hickles69
    • By hickles69 18th Apr 19, 7:11 PM
    • 855 Posts
    • 4,601 Thanks
    Evening folks. Just popping by to say my first pot filled and so banked to keep it safe -£151 in bags. The rest popped in a bag till the next pot filled. Will update my signature when i can
    SPC#077 - 7-£666.54, 8-£489, 9-£264 10-£376 11- £305.8p SPC 12 target - £151 / £400

    Swaggers - 2015/£285, 2016/£270, 2017 / £460, 2018 £420 2019 - target £200 for next Christmas
    • Homegrown0
    • By Homegrown0 19th Apr 19, 7:09 AM
    • 867 Posts
    • 4,697 Thanks
    93p in 5ps and coppers went into our change tub and £2 into the sealed pot this morning.

    It's still over a week until payday so trying to still pot but not leave us short!
    Sealed Pot Challenge 075
    Pay off by Xmas 2019 #02 - target £10,000
    • Loz2018
    • By Loz2018 19th Apr 19, 9:35 AM
    • 63 Posts
    • 379 Thanks
    I added £7 to my pot this morning but as I’m also counting down the days until payday next week I don’t think I’ll be adding anything else until then. I’m now up to £15.

    Hope everyone has a relaxing Easter/Bank holiday weekend!
    Credit Card Debt: £535 Emergency Fund: £700 S&S ISA: £130 Sealed Pot Challenge #042: £23 (£224 banked)
    • jakes-mum
    • By jakes-mum 19th Apr 19, 2:27 PM
    • 4,470 Posts
    • 43,210 Thanks
    Aternoon Pottersssssssssss

    Well after all the holiday drama, first Jake can't come, then he can, then Mum falls over in South Africa and fractures her Ankle and Toe with torn ligaments that wasn't healing so was looking like she then couldn't come She finally got into the xray yesterday and was told its all healing nicely, her space boot can come off and she's good to come with us So I can FINALLY start planning and getting excited!

    I have told everyone that if anyone else finds a reason that they might not come I will be going by myself

    Just need to remember to speak to our Georgie whilst we are away on facetime to my dad (he will be bird sitting), as last time we went he was fine with mum and dad for about a week and then got really quiet and wasn't leaving his perch we facetimed and mum happened to be sitting in the kitchen, as soon as he heard my voice he was chirping and running round the cage so we think he might have been missing us.
    Birds are funny things, they do get attached to you, he likes to groom us which I did read means he sees us as his family

    Anyway! I am about to start a new shrapnel tin and £2 coin tin is not far behind, I must find more £2 coins

    Enjoy this glorious weather this weekend everyone, its so warm here I was actually contemplating swapping my jeans for some 3/4 lengths, now as someone who wandered round Orlando in August in 3/4 lengths this tells you how cold I always feel so for me to swap out my jeans, its got to be darned hot!
    SPC No 002 SPC(3) £285/£250 (4) £519.84/£500 (5) £768.32/£500 (6) £911.30/£600 (7) £913.23/£600 (8) £1184.82/£750 (9) £2864.04/£750 (10) £3846.25/£1000 (11) £1779.72/£1000 (12) 0/£1000
    Total Wins Of 2012 = £3015.03 Wins Of 2013 = £4427.11 Wins of 2014 = £2361.97 Wins of 2015 = £1754.90 Wins of 2016 £267.98 Wins of 2017 £25 Wins of 2018 £59
    • Maddie57
    • By Maddie57 19th Apr 19, 6:25 PM
    • 147 Posts
    • 665 Thanks
    Been an expensive month so not potted as much as I would have liked (did a few bank shifts last month) but raided my change jars and put £65 into my pot today so it's not too bad.

    Maddie x
    Growing old is mandatory
    Growing up is Optional
    SPC no:56
    • Homegrown0
    • By Homegrown0 19th Apr 19, 8:13 PM
    • 867 Posts
    • 4,697 Thanks
    2x 5ps found in the pocket of a pair of jeans this morning, so added to the pot! It won't make a massive dent, but it's a start!
    Sealed Pot Challenge 075
    Pay off by Xmas 2019 #02 - target £10,000
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