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    • Cossack
    • By Cossack 25th Jun 18, 11:12 AM
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    Future Energy Administration
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    • 25th Jun 18, 11:12 AM
    Future Energy Administration 25th Jun 18 at 11:12 AM Insert:

    Please don't include personal details of company staff in your posts. Please see our Forum Rules if you're unsure why.

    Thank you.

    Back to the original post...


    I was a Future Energy customer until they went bust in January and I jumped ship to EON. I have heard nothing from them or their administrators until today when I received a letter from RSM Restructuring Advisory LLPs appointed representatives, CDS Global Ltd who claim I owe them some money as a former customer of Future Energy. The amount is not a lot (its under 50) but I am unsure whether the letter is bona fide or not. Accompanying the letter is a statement which has all the relevant information (start date, end date, tariff, unit rate etc.) so it looks genuine. Has anyone else had a similar letter and can anyone confirm if the request is genuine?
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    • Ted23
    • By Ted23 12th Sep 18, 3:52 PM
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    Future energy administrator
    I was with future energy they took 2x DD payments from my bank total 136.00 after they went bust,I tried to claim back through my bank, they said claim through the liqidators who are RSM in Newcastle upon Tyne, RSM have passed future energy's work on to CDS Global who are a DEPT collection agency, I've tried to contact them but they ignore my emails and letters,I've been in touch with RSM they say they have been telling CDS to sort my case this has not happened , now CDS have billed me 30.00 because they have estimated an old bill , I think it's all tactics to make money for the liqidators . I am now going to the Ombudsmen .
    • jooliver71
    • By jooliver71 12th Sep 18, 7:41 PM
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    Not the same CDS Global?
    If you mean the CDS Global in Market Harborough, it's not the same company. They are publishers.
    • charliegolf
    • By charliegolf 13th Sep 18, 7:42 AM
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    CDS are seriously mishandling this. I've found a place where you can complain about the incompetence of an appointed administrator, cant post the link but googling 'Insolvency Practitioner Complaint' should take you straight to the government web page where you can fill in the form
    • hdp
    • By hdp 13th Sep 18, 12:18 PM
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    I am getting fed up with this company. They sent me a wildly inaccurate bill based on estimated usage and old meters. My meters were changed last summer by Future Energy to Smart meters which are now dumb. As to why they cannot get the meter readings is beyond me. Thankfully I took meter readings regularly and on the day Future Energy became insolvent.

    After speaking to them during the summer I was assured my 'debt' would be removed from the system but they are still harassing me for payment. I've now spent around 1 hour setting out calculations showing the correct bill for them based on actual meter readings and the correct tariff. Sent it by special delivery to them as well as by email. I owe them nothing and should, in fact, be in credit. I'm really fed up as I've done all of the billing work for them. Can I charge for the amount of time I've wasted on them.

    My current energy supplier have not managed to set up my electricity account properly so I'm getting really fed up with that. In part it was the fault of Green Star Energy who incorrectly took back my account when I had initiated a switch before Future Energy went insolvent due to a large rise in prices.
    • charliegolf
    • By charliegolf 13th Sep 18, 1:56 PM
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    I was in credit when future went bust, have my closing reading from my opening bill (with EDF, who I went to), sent it to CDS who said they'd have a recalculated bill out to me within 14 days, that was about 2 months ago, 2 debt chasing letters since and no response to any further correspondence from me.

    Think CDS are just the attack dogs, the actual administrator is someone called rsmuk, who presumably employ CDS to do the debt chasing. I've just emailed rsmuk directly to ask them what happened to all the real meter readings and how to deal with CDS.

    It's over a year since I left Future, they owe me about 90 and there doesn't seem to be anyone who can deal with things properly.
    • AnnieK24
    • By AnnieK24 13th Sep 18, 3:00 PM
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    Afternoon, I've recieved a new email today from Corporate Debt Solutions so I am guessing that despite the previous emails I'd sent to the adminstrators that they had not sent accurate information regarding the bill which they have not responded to that they have now passed my details to a debt collecting company. This is so wrong, what will it be next, threats of court action?
    • lala2018
    • By lala2018 14th Sep 18, 1:03 PM
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    I've had yet another email today chasing payment, no response to my numerous emails or phonecalls from CDS, RSM or Ofgem. I'm copying them all in to replies and have copied in Watchdog today also with a link to this thread. I'd recommend you all do the same then maybe someone at either Watchdog, Ofgem or RSM will pay attention and we might get something sorted. It's bordering on harassment now.
    • Ted23
    • By Ted23 14th Sep 18, 1:40 PM
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    Future energy dept collectors
    I was with future energy I had meter readings I was in credit when they went bust it was passed over to green star energy, I paid future energy up to those readings and paid Green Star from those readings, future energy took 2 payments from my bank after they went bust, I forgot to cancel, now CDS has billed me for electric estimated, (smart meter by the way) gas was ok how can they do this after I had a FINAL bill, they are trying to intimidate people ,trying to wear people down so they just pay up, my emails don't get through, my letters are ignored even regesterd ones, when I ring and complain they have a buzzer on their line which makes it sound like a bad line So i can't get my point over , they are bullies don't give in to them I'm prepared to go all the way to court , the liquadators are RSM in Newcastle they have employed them to claw money in ,it's a money making set up for RSM. I've been in touch with RSM they pretended to be on my side they owe me 2 payments which I made to Future energy, it's a game what they are playing, it's legal robbery it really is shameful we should all get together in the northeast and put a picket on RSM in Newcastle.
    • Ted23
    • By Ted23 15th Sep 18, 11:46 AM
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    Big rip off
    RSM the liquadators the person in charge of this situation is a girl called Julie Willis her email is but I'm afraid she will fob you off just like CDS , if you Google her name it comes up with her and RSM getting a charity award for helping victims of crime, is harassing and threatening people for money legal, I'm afraid it is when it's done like this,these people are thugs and they are hiding behind another bunch of thugs who do their bidding, do not give in to them, do not let them wear you down, put official complaints into them RSM and CDS use recorded delivery keep records and question their bills, put their bills into dispute and maybe the Ombudsmen can then get involved.
    • Jarvy73
    • By Jarvy73 17th Sep 18, 3:13 PM
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    I've (I hope) resolved my issue with CDS. As mentioned in my 1st post, I had received the same correspondence as others (starting 20th June), asking for about 170. I advised them I didn't agree with their calculations and that I had evidence of the correct tariffs and actual readings.

    Long story short, they have finally recalculated based on the original FE tariffs and actual readings. The final bill was about 19 (150 less than they originally asked for). Mind, even the final calculations had some basic mathematical errors that I had to correct (and save myself a fiver).

    I'm not confident I won't hear from them again, but here's hoping.

    Good luck to the rest of you and, as a few have said, I'm concerned that some people will have paid over the odds if they didn't query the initial bill, or have the necessary evidence.
    • charliegolf
    • By charliegolf 19th Sep 18, 8:30 PM
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    I managed to get them to accept an actual reading as my final one but even the recalculated bill was still high. I got them to re-break it down for me and managed to find an old bill. The standing charge they billed was almost twice what is should be and the electricity unit price was also wrong so check for that.
    • Bill laurie
    • By Bill laurie 20th Sep 18, 7:23 PM
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    Bill laurie
    I have been trying close out this matter with CDS but are not getting very far.
    I have an an email from FutureEnergy dated 23rd January, stating that my account was 27 in arrears.
    I received a bill from the administrators almost 6 months later claiming I owed 322. This is based on there assessment of my usage, not my meter readings, which they have as I had a smart meter.
    This can't be correct, s this something the energy ombudsman can look into ??
    • Bill laurie
    • By Bill laurie 21st Sep 18, 10:45 AM
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    Bill laurie
    I have contacted the ombudsman this morning, and they say they can't help in this matter.
    They can only help where FutureEnergy owed customers money.
    I phone Grenn Star Energy this morning to query the opening balance on my meter readings, as they didn't match the ones I sent in.
    Surprise suprise the initial readings on the meters were supplied to Green Star by Ofgem.
    So the information on final readings is available out there, so check your initial Green Star bills.

    I agree watchdog, Martin Lewis himself, and ripoff Britain need to be made aware of this, it effects about 10,000 customers mainly n the North East and Yorkshire
    • Dawsa101
    • By Dawsa101 21st Sep 18, 2:28 PM
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    My Update:

    I have received another email from the CDS vultures today headed ‘THIS IS NOT A CIRCULAR’ & asking me to contact them as a matter of urgency!! Ha ha ha ! Well if anyone from CDS or RMS or any other company connected to the recovery agents are reading this..... please- please- please answer your phones & check your e-mails, you complete scammers!
    I’ve lost count how many messages I’ve left you, not to mention numerous long informed emails, explaining that you are wrong.
    Here’s my top tip for future energy administration:
    1/Answer your phone & e-mails & you have a better chance of collecting any disputed balance.
    2/Ignoring genuine hardworking people like myself makes me not wat to pay you more.
    3/ I would rather have my day in court with you all! You absolute bunch of inept vultures!
    • rocket_llama
    • By rocket_llama 22nd Sep 18, 11:52 PM
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    Hi Guys,

    I received an email on August 23rd this year to say I owed 170. The letter attached was addressed to my letting agents office, and the it said the bill was for 'the above address'. Furthermore we'd moved out of that flat in August 2017 and had paid our final balance, so I am confident I owe nothing.

    I replied asking for a breakdown of the bill but received no response, so I assumed it was a scam. I waa sent another, identical email last Thursday, but based on the conversation here I am worried proving I owe nothing is an impossible task.

    What am I supposed to do in this situation? I'm not paying what I don't owe but I don't want a black mark on my credit record if I can't get in touch, however on the other hand I am not sure I should be worried, since it sounds like they aren't organised enough to take action against anybody.

    On another note: I am not surprised CDS are pulling numbers out of thin air as FutureEnergy have tried to overcharge me by more than 7x what I owed in the past and every time I had a week+ long argument with condescending customer reps who couldn't do sub GCSE maths and calculate my bill without my handholding and written calcs!
    • charliegolf
    • By charliegolf 24th Sep 18, 7:24 AM
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    I also contacted the ombudsmen before I got my thing sorted out with CDS and they said there was definitely something to be looked into with the way this was being handled and to send examples of bills and demands etc.
    I also sent them a link to this forum.
    Probably work everyone else who feels they've been treated unfairly doing the same.
    • squirrelz
    • By squirrelz 26th Sep 18, 8:07 AM
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    I've just spent ages calculating my usage and payments, and think we actually owe more than CDS are asking for with their estimated amounts :/
    Last edited by squirrelz; 26-09-2018 at 8:13 AM. Reason: Found the conversion on an old bill
    Why pay more than you have to?
    • BillyBarker
    • By BillyBarker 1st Oct 18, 2:42 PM
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    Just received a further demand today (01-Oct) from CDS after responding to their same one of last month (31-Aug) and after a protracted email exchange with them (mid-Jul) giving firm evidence that it's actually me that's owed money not them.

    How do I make this stop before I get a bad credit rating and have debt collectors banging on my door?

    I have contacted the ombudsman this morning, and they say they can't help in this matter.
    They can only help where FutureEnergy owed customers money.
    Originally posted by Bill laurie
    Sadly not, I've raised a case and spoken to them at length. Future Energy owed me money but the ombudsman won't help and have rejected my complaint.

    I also contacted the ombudsmen before I got my thing sorted out with CDS and they said there was definitely something to be looked into
    Originally posted by charliegolf
    They've changed their minds then because as of today it appears that they've completely washed their hands of it.
    • ascaley
    • By ascaley 9th Oct 18, 6:29 PM
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    I’m still receiving demands for payment, despite them notifying me via email that they owe me money!

    Surely there must be someone regulating this or a body we can complain to? Or do we have to take the company to court?
    • Michelle0042
    • By Michelle0042 9th Oct 18, 10:30 PM
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    I am having all the same issues with CDS & RMS UK, neither company are very helpful on the rare occasion you can get through. I have just messaged watchdog after seeing all your posts, hopefully if there are enough of us consumers with complaints they will look at trying to get some answers for us. I was told by FE in January I was in credit. Green star was paid the credit & then they took it back. Something is seriously a miss with the way in which this all being handled. I think if I don’t get a resolve shortly I may look into paying a solicitor to take action myself. ��
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