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    • Pops2116
    • By Pops2116 6th Sep 17, 2:48 PM
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    I switched to Origin broadband due to I was paying 28.99/month to sky for their basic package of broadband/line rental, I paid Origin upfront 154.99 so means I got an even cheaper deal! I received asus router free and setting it up took seconds, I was kept informed all through the process of switching and I highly recommend them
    • JasonLVC
    • By JasonLVC 6th Sep 17, 3:40 PM
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    None of my haggling has worked. Sky have raised my monthly landline and broadband by 73%. I have been with them for three years, but no points for loyalty this time around. How has anyone else done it?? Do you have a TV deal?? (I don't.) My broadband is free - like before, my landline is now 18.99 (was 11) and my anytime talk is now 8 (was 4). This 26.99 per month was an online offer when I cancelled. When I phoned it was even higher - 29. I have been trying to get through to them every day for two weeks and hung on for nearly an hour at a time without getting through. They didn't reply to my private message on Twitter even though they tell you to PM them. They have no email address. Their phone number has disappeared from their website for querying your bill - on top of the huge hike in price, they have overcharged me 38 in error. Eventually I got through and they have relocated to India. I finally got the error corrected but the correction will only appear in next month's bill. How can they get away with this when British Gas is headlines in the media for their small increase by comparison?? Isn't broadband and phone essential these days? I feel sick.
    Originally posted by AmberWH
    Currently switching from Sky broadband unlimited to PlusNet Fibre Unlimited. Sky has texted me to confirm the switch over date and sent me a letter confirming no early termination charges and that's it. No deals or begging me to come back, which is fine, I don't want to, but not the usual Sky response.

    Judging by the fact their customer service is terrible - the online chat is always busy, no email address to contact, the phoneline says they are very busy and waits of half hour and even their Sky App chat is slow.....maybe a lot of unhappy people out there not renewing/trying to renew?
    Anger ruins joy, it steals the goodness of my mind. Forces me to say terrible things. Overcoming anger brings peace of mind, a mind without regret. If I overcome anger, I will be delightful and loved by everyone.
    • HWW
    • By HWW 19th Sep 17, 10:19 AM
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    The trick is as your broadband approaches the end of it's contract, contact: say your with BT, they will adamantly say your renewal package is the lowest price they can do. Sign up with someone else EG PlusNet to change over, about 7 days into your "cooling off period" if BT have not yet contacted you with a better offer, contact them & surprise surprise, their lowest price has got a lot lower - now YOU have initiated a change to another provider.
    You have suddenly become a "New customer" which they are now allowed to bribe with lower prices.
    A crazy system, but it seems to work - but you MUST go through the motions of leaving.
    I feel sorry for the customer service bods in the other providers - but it is the nature of the beast.
    This technique also often works with Power Gas & other services where there is competition.
    The logic being " Better some money from a customer, than none at all"
    The most recent "RESULT" from this method, was ADSL2 from BT, with no limits, min 7mbps (actually close to 17mbps usually) with a 12 month contract for 1 a month. This was in conjunction with a 24/7 phone package of up to an hour free of call charges & a 12 month line rental with free caller display & security.
    Moral, never accept the first offer & go through the motions of leaving - a 12 month chore, that can save you lots of cash over a year though.
    Last edited by HWW; 19-09-2017 at 10:31 AM.
    • Wayne19752309
    • By Wayne19752309 22nd Sep 17, 9:35 PM
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    Hi. I have no existing telephone line but want to find the best but most affordable broadband package. I was thinking about videophone but I keep seeing mixed reviews. Help.
    • Wayne19752309
    • By Wayne19752309 22nd Sep 17, 9:40 PM
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    I meant voda phone. Not videophone. Lol
    • Wayne19752309
    • By Wayne19752309 22nd Sep 17, 9:41 PM
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    I meant voda phone. Not videophone. Lol. Write it a little too quickly using auto correct.
    • AmberWH
    • By AmberWH 22nd Sep 17, 10:15 PM
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    Go on to the Moneysavingexpert "Broadband Unbundled" and put in your post code. All the ISPs will pop up for new users from the cheapest to the most expensive in your area. Good luck!
    • Bronvahl
    • By Bronvahl 4th Oct 17, 10:56 AM
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    BROADBAND PRICE WAR? What a crock of Shsh
    I got the MSE newsletter today and the main headline was


    I clicked with anticipation only to find the same of crap offers, Price War? What crap.

    Honestly if the MSE emails are just going to be click bait with nothing but crap then I will not bother subscribing, I will just check Uswitch or other non MSE or MS sites (I do not want to reward people who waste my time).

    Let me be explain the issue,

    A Price War means prices lower than ever seen before

    A Price War means all parties are fighting and offering such low prices

    Neither of the above applies,

    Lowest price we have seen in last year or so is 5 a month deal from Sky, the so called price war offer is double that at 11:45 but you have to pay 300 UPFRONT to get it, not only that but it is one of these crap Mastercard deals that you have to ask for in 60 days and we see people on here complaining do not pay out.

    If you do not take that the next best deal is 17.50 a month from Sky, that is about the going rate so nothing to get excited about at all.

    So nobody offering anything special, not competing AT ALL, so again, hardly a Price War.

    Honestly if MSE is going to go down this road of wasting our time by creating expectation then delivering the same of crap then I think they are going to lose a lot of subscribers.

    Do not lead with average deals, lipstick on a pig is still a pig and if you are going to get these deals get them to do something special. There was a time when MSE offered deals better than anybody because they shared their commission, is this over now that Money Supermarket bought the site?
    • teddysmum
    • By teddysmum 4th Oct 17, 12:16 PM
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    I got the MSE newsletter today and the main headline was


    I clicked with anticipation only to find the same of crap offers, Price War? What crap

    Originally posted by Bronvahl
    I am due to change/renegotiate, this week, and agree with you, as prices are nearly all the same for those not wanting Virgin. The line/bb prices are slightly different, but add an anytime calls pack and they level out.

    Sky's offer of 15 (for new and existing customers was good) with my sister, as a new customer, getting Anytime extra included for total of 20.50...but as it's gone, the 'war' is over . (MSE are always behind with news, telling us about topics we've been discussing for days, already.)

    There is a mention of 100 card with EE, but I can't find any recent evidence of it,on EE's site or via Google.

    Oh for the days, just two years ago, when you could haggle with Sky for line half price and the ADSL broadband free,for about 10 (calls an extra 8).

    Once we're trapped in one of the current useless deals, you bet that someone will introduce a brilliant offer.
    • Bronvahl
    • By Bronvahl 4th Oct 17, 1:01 PM
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    Your are so right

    I remember the days when there was real competition, when TalkTalk went as low as 24 per annum and gave you kit or the 5 a year deal from Sky for BB and Line rental.

    I reckon there is a cartel going on and they are all just pretending to compete and taking turns to make offers that are nothing like what we used to have.

    As for Sky, I recommended them to two people, both have had problems.

    I did hear that with Sky you have to ask for the WinBack team if you are an existing customer who is leaving but was too little to late for me.
    • bristolleedsfan
    • By bristolleedsfan 4th Oct 17, 2:55 PM
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    Sky's offer of 15 (for new and existing customers was good) with my sister, as a new customer, getting Anytime extra included for total of 20.50...but as it's gone, the 'war' is over ..

    Originally posted by teddysmum
    When the 15.00 offer was on SKY stopped offering its prepaid Mastercard and reduced the rate it was offering via cashback sites, now its gone back up to 20.00, Sky have put the prepaid Master Cards back on, currently 50.00 ( has been 75.00) + whatever is offered via Quidco/TCB.
    • teddysmum
    • By teddysmum 4th Oct 17, 4:42 PM
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    My sister hasn't done as well as she thought as she's found that Sky cannot take her (originally BT) number to the new house, even though it's only a few hundred metres away, so on the same exchange.
    • AmberWH
    • By AmberWH 4th Oct 17, 4:55 PM
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    That's a pain. I found that Talk Talk accepted my BT number, Plusnet accepted my Talk Talk number, and then Sky accepted my Plusnet number. However the other day when I was so fed up with the huge hikes by Sky to my BB and Anytime Talk bill, and tried to sign up with EE, the forms I was filling in said no to transferring my number. The next day when EE rang me to find out why I hadn't gone through with it, they said they could have kept my phone number after all.

    I still can't believe this isn't in the media - how could they raise the charges so much and call previous years' charges as "discounts"? British Gas was in the headlines for a much lower hike in prices. It is a cartel for sure!
    • R.A.M. It
    • By R.A.M. It 5th Oct 17, 9:49 AM
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    R.A.M. It
    Ring you provider threaten to leave

    I have been with BT for 5 years now and every time my contract is coming close to an end I ring them up and threaten to leave and they come back with a better deal.

    most notably was what happened to me recently, in this week.

    I looked at my services online as I was paying 53/mnth for unlimited fibre broadband and phone with caller display and free evening+weekend calls.

    So ring them to discuss and they aren't budging, so I scan the deals on all the comparison sites and find the one which gives me the same services and I find the cheapest with John Lewis Broadband for 35, so I apply then ring BT to say I am leaving and why, I also find that the new provider applies the cancellation within 14 days and you shouldn't pay just the same as cancelling after 30 days.

    BT then ask what I will be paying in total, so I say 35/month and the operator knows I have 14 day cool off with the new provider. They then comeback and give me the same as what I am on for 30.79/month. So I accepted, keeping my 14 day cool off in mind.

    I have gone through all the comparison sites and I can't seem to beat it for my area with the same services.

    My wife & I also have a Sim only Mobile contract with them and I said I also wanted to cancel it as I found that 3 do 4GB with unlimited voice and text for 9 then then got me a deal which I can't find on their website for the same keeping both mobiles with them for 18/month.

    So conclusion ring them threaten to leave if they don't budge apply for new contract with new provider then with-in your 14 days ring them up and see what they can do, if they can beat it then ring new contract and cancel with new provider.

    Easy only hassle is ringing call centres ring very BT start from 8am so try ringing from then or 9am is the best time as you usually get straight through at that time.
    • arealhighlander
    • By arealhighlander 7th Oct 17, 6:23 PM
    • 570 Posts
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    I too cannot see this 100 back offer from EE anywhere but mentioned on here, u Switch are offering a 50 Amazon giftcard.

    My current BT Infinity deal is about to end and will increase to about 44 a month.

    I currently had BTs %4 Meg service but it appears to have been upgraded for free as its currently sitting at about 70.

    Looking at deals, EEs 76 Meg deal works out a 32 a month (26.45 if the 100 back works)

    So I guess Ill go ahead with that and then contact BT and see if they will get it down to nearer the same, it would be handy to keep BT as I get free caller ID and access to BT Wifi when out so would be worth paying a few quid a month more for, but not 20 odd
    • mocksy21
    • By mocksy21 8th Oct 17, 4:23 PM
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    I've tried in the past to get broadband with Talk Talk and when they've come to install the phone line they won't do it saying i only have a cable box and to sign up with Virgin as it's compatible with the cable box in the street. I've now been with them for 3 years and they won't give me a cheaper package . Is there an alternative to this as it seems i have no choice but to pay them more for my loyalty?

    • teddysmum
    • By teddysmum 9th Oct 17, 6:19 PM
    • 9,047 Posts
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    Having spoken to my sister again, it appears that she cant take her number that has been from BT, to Post Office (then TalkTalk)to PlusNet, because it is a move to a house which has never had a phone line.

    Unlike my sister with her poor 1 offer from PlusNet,I was immediately offered the same deal that I have had for a year, less the 40 voucher and line rental accounting for last year's 1 increase in line rental. I asked for a reduction on a calls package , but was told that BT charge directly for line and calls so don't let them deal on them ;just broadband and extra,so I got free caller display.

    Last year 15.49 line, caller display 99p ADSL free,calls 8 : 24.39
    This time : line 16.49,free ADSL and caller display,calls 8 : 24.49
    • Mister G
    • By Mister G 9th Oct 17, 6:30 PM
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    Mister G
    Having spoken to my sister again, it appears that she cant take her number that has been from BT, to Post Office (then TalkTalk)to PlusNet, because it is a move to a house which has never had a phone line.
    Originally posted by teddysmum
    I think that Ofcom would be interested to know the reason why Sky can not do this. Under the Ofcom number portability rules, there is no reason why the number can not be moved.
    • electrician
    • By electrician 12th Oct 17, 10:30 AM
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    keeping your phone number
    Hi All, I am looking around to change broadband and phone line and currently with Talk Talk, so going on the Plusnet and EE websites it came up I would need to change my phone number ! It was originally a BT number and still goes back to there exchange !
    • ffox
    • By ffox 12th Oct 17, 12:03 PM
    • 39 Posts
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    I had problems with Plusnet in getting refunded of advance credit paid to them. They were unable to provide a service and refused to reimburse the advanced credit citing a legal precedent that allows them to do this. I eventually got my credit back but not without some difficulty. If you're ever given the opportunity to pay in advance don't do it.

    In other news, on the few occasions that I have had to get in touch with them it has more often than not ended up in a more confounding situation than a resolution. They always misunderstand and misconstrue what is said to them or requested of them. Their call centre staff are based in UK (Sheffield say) but English still turns out to be a foreign language. They have figures right in front of them and they can't add them up. This is almost what you'd call borderline illiteracy. Call centres abroad do a better job and I can imagine why they have been working so well for some other companies.

    I can't imagine how any customer could trust any of these companies, this one in particular, to provide an internet service.
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