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    • cuddlymarm
    • By cuddlymarm 12th Jun 18, 12:39 PM
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    Prepping for Brexit thread
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    • 12th Jun 18, 12:39 PM
    Prepping for Brexit thread 12th Jun 18 at 12:39 PM
    Hi guys
    Iím pretty well resolved to the fact that Brexit is going to affect us all. I donít want this thread to be a good or bad, right or wrong type thing.
    Just a positive, what can we prepare to make life easier, less expensive, less disruptive when it does happen.

    My aims are to stock up on items I think are going to get more expensive. Also to try and save up an emergency fund ( that will be slow going as OH took early retirement due to illness) and Iím unemployed at the moment.

    So my aims are to work out what items need to be stocked up
    To look for a job
    To live as frugally as possible while eating healthily
    To make sure the savings we have already donít get touched

    So guys please feel free to join in and list anything you think may be affected. Or just to comment. That way we can help each other.

    Hope to hear from you all soon
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    • Floss
    • By Floss 9th Jul 18, 7:13 AM
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    Water infrastructure should be renewed by investment from the water companies rather than paying shareholder bonuses...although I know locally UU has & continues to invest heavily in renewing supply piping in my home town.
    • chirpychick
    • By chirpychick 10th Jul 18, 1:44 PM
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    Having spent last night at the hospital with my little boy who was very poorly (thankfully doing much better now) it made me think of this post and question things like medicine? Do we think that will be affected? I wonder about things that we use regularly both prescription and not. Youíre obviously not allowed to stock up on prescription medication but also i have an over the counter migraine tablet which is the only thing to give me relief. I normally make sure i have one in use and one spare but now considering stocking up on more. As well as things like paracetamol and ibuprofen both adult and child. I literally have no clue where they are made or anything like that but i will have a good look into it when ive recovered from my lack of sleep. What are other peoples opinions in this area?
    Everything is always better after a cup of tea
    • cuddlymarm
    • By cuddlymarm 10th Jul 18, 3:09 PM
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    Hi Chirpychick
    I hope your little boy is on the mend.
    We have the same problem. Obviously you arenít allowed too much of your prescription drugs but Iíve started popping an extra couple of the cheaper hay fever tablets in my basket when I go shopping. Chances are if there is a shortage only the more expensive packs will be on sale.
    Iíve started on my hunt for a part time job to bolster our saving. I had an interview this morning and Iíve another on Friday so fingers crossed.
    Listening to whatís going on with the government fills me with even more dread of whatís going to happen.
    My food shop from last week is still lasting well so I only needed a few bits this week so Iíve knocked another £15 off my credit card today. This warm weather is great because I donít feel hungry. OH has finally decided after 35 years of marriage that he doesnít mind salad and yoghurt so I will need more later in the week but will pick it up after my shift at the CS tomorrow. No special journeys any more.
    Anyway better go
    Keep well guys
    2019 Grocery Spend £638.28/£2000
    May Grocery spend £47.50/£150
    • MrsStepford
    • By MrsStepford 10th Jul 18, 3:38 PM
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    I am fighting Brexit. 500,000 of us marched in London recently. I don't agree that Brits will stoically put up with everything and pull together. That Dunkirk spirit stuff only applies for OAPs. Younger people like me don't relate to it at all, it's just history.

    If the craziness happens then I can use the stream across the road for drinking water and cooking, through military grade filters. As the garden is full of sunloving drought resistant plants, I haven't had to water it at all through the heatwave. Rain will do. We could be self-sufficient in herbs but there's not much room to grow more than some fruit and salad.

    If the power goes off, we would lose fridge, freezer, washing machine, radio, internet, phone, cooker and central heating. We have an open fire and a stock of wood though. So I need to look into solar-powered phone chargers, wind up radios and the like.

    Bought a Use By label dispenser to make sure I know what to use up first and how to store once opened, at a glance. Did all my tins yesterday.
    • MrsLurcherwalker
    • By MrsLurcherwalker 11th Jul 18, 8:05 AM
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    Sadly not true Mrs.S people are much tougher and resilient than they think they are whatever the generation they come from. The Dunkirk Spirit could be labelled the Brexit Spirit with some truth us humans are programmed to survive whatever situation of adversity they find, we don't just roll over and die, we fight no matter what age we are. New skills and ways CAN be learned if they have to, goodness how do you think all we oldies survive in this new and technological world if they can't? it's just as hard to learn new skills from the older aspect and many older folks (me too in a way) are just as reluctant to embrace each new bit of advancement that happens as you younger ones are to be forced into a situation that you feel is not right for you BUT we do it, we've always done it or I and many others wouldn't be on these OS forums on the computer on the internet. Backbone girlie, you CAN you know! there will be life after Brexit and who knows, we all together might even be able to make it GOOD!!!
    You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself!

    Ours is not to wonder what is fair in life but finding what may be, make it up fair to our needs.
    • mardatha
    • By mardatha 11th Jul 18, 8:43 AM
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    The thing about history is that it's always with us. It's constant. What they were, we are. It isn't a long ago world peopled by strange different humans... people are always just people and they will react the same way to threat. I always think it's a big mistake to ignore history..
    • fuddle
    • By fuddle 11th Jul 18, 10:40 AM
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    Cracking good posts from two oldies *ducks!

    I think it's quite blindsighted to box off oldies in such a way. Each oldie has had their own personal troubles that have made them them into the fighter that they are. What happened as a country may or may not have exacerbated troubles but be under no illusion life is really quite rotten sometimes.

    For me, it is the people who have got through their periods of rot who can cope with change because essentially we are all individuals getting on with our own lot. Marching also has it's place in history. Protesters, activists, and strikers are all steeped in history. You mention to my grandparents who would have been in their 90's if they had still been alive that they stoically put up with stuff and you would have got short shrift I can tell you!
    Be like a tree.
    Stay grounded. Connect with your roots. Turn over a new leaf.
    Bend before you break. Enjoy your natural beauty. Keep growing.
    • MrsLurcherwalker
    • By MrsLurcherwalker 11th Jul 18, 11:30 AM
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    Not knowing and having the imagination to consider what MIGHT happen during or after Brexit is even for us older folk quite a challenge, but until we have the reality of what actually DOES happen that's all it is, an imagined situation. I would rather wait and see what we have to deal with before going into a tailspin of panic about what is only a might!
    You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself!

    Ours is not to wonder what is fair in life but finding what may be, make it up fair to our needs.
    • MrsStepford
    • By MrsStepford 12th Jul 18, 10:04 AM
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    Went to biggest local Tesco last night. It was deserted because of football. Started stocking up on tins, because I am NOT going to be caught in a panic buy situation in March. Once you start looking, it's easy to see why 60% of our food is imported. The tinned tomatoes are Italian, corned beef French, HP sauce Dutch, salmon American.

    Brexit insanity gets crazier every day. Whitehall plan to cope with electricity shortage in NI was leaked yesterday. Government would requisition portable generators and place them on barges in the Irish Sea. Mr Stepford fell about laughing at that one.

    It was an advisory referendum and the Government went ahead and triggered Article 50 before putting any impact assessments in place. There aren't any workable plans for Brexit. It's all propaganda.

    The government cannot propose a plan whereby they pay in for things they want but don't accept the rules of the club we've been in for 40+ years. EU has 447m other citizens to think about.

    Farage and Banks are in Bermuda, Cleese is leaving, Lawson has applied for residency in France, Boris Johnson is American, David Davis can get an Irish passport, Gisela Stuart is German, Farage's wife is German so his kids have German passports.

    They want us to think it will all be spiffing while making plans to leave. Jacob Rees-Mogg has moved part of his hedge fund to Dublin.

    Having used savings to pay off loan and credit card we're now embarking on doing up kitchen and bathroom. Mr Stepford is looking for a job outside UK now.

    If Brexit happens Britain will be a third world country not a third country. When the banks leave, the country is in trouble.

    I'm not prepared to waste the rest of my life under an authoritarian regime led by criminals. Vote Leave, Leave EU, BeLeave - they all broke the law. Prosecutions WILL follow. But that won't be compensation for deprivation of EU citizenship and shattered dreams.

    I'm stockpiling and aiming to be gone before transition is over. That's IF we don't crash out.
    • MrsLurcherwalker
    • By MrsLurcherwalker 12th Jul 18, 10:23 AM
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    For those of us who won't have the means or the choice of leaving I maintain that whatever happens we'll make the best of what we find as there is no alternative and nothing that can realistically be done to stop it!
    You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself!

    Ours is not to wonder what is fair in life but finding what may be, make it up fair to our needs.
    • mardatha
    • By mardatha 12th Jul 18, 11:47 AM
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    MrsStepford, there isn't much point in stockpiling if you're not staying though is there? You'd be better selling everything off and clearing the decks..
    • VJsmum
    • By VJsmum 12th Jul 18, 12:01 PM
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    Mmm I think it could be stopped, i still think it might be. I do wish we could get a vote on the final deal - if it's good, I'll vote for it...

    but i guess the thread is about prepping... I just wish I knew - or someone knew - what we are prepping for.....
    I wanna be in the room where it happens
    • Mrs Salad Dodger
    • By Mrs Salad Dodger 12th Jul 18, 12:21 PM
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    Mrs Salad Dodger
    Have noticed that A*DA seem to be charging £1.15 for f&v that used to be £1
    • MrsLurcherwalker
    • By MrsLurcherwalker 12th Jul 18, 1:38 PM
    • 13,259 Posts
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    We can only make a guess VJsMum until it happens (or doesn't) the biggest problem seems to be the rift and absolute bitterness that is beginning to show between both groups of voters, the remainers seem to want someone to blame and the leavers seem to be trying for the moral high ground. It was such a close result and you can't blame half a nation for not agreeing to vote leave just as you can't feel smug for a 4% victory if you did vote leave, we'll have to see how it all emerges as we go along. I wish I had the ability to look into the future and bring all of us some peace of mind but we will still have a government of some kind, laws to be obeyed, a police force and in extremesis the armed forces if there is much civil unrest to enforce those laws and we won't starve because we will still grow some of our own and have trade with other parts of the planet than Europe. I wish I had answers but all I can do is say 'Hold your nerve, it probably won't be as awful as any of us think it will and life WILL go on' and we'll see if I'm anywhere near correct!
    You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself!

    Ours is not to wonder what is fair in life but finding what may be, make it up fair to our needs.
    • Primrose
    • By Primrose 12th Jul 18, 8:10 PM
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    We're eating a lot of red peppers now which mostly seem to be from Spain or Italy so I.m growing quite a few of my own in a sunny garden this year and when they ripen they will be sliced and bagged up in the freezer.

    Gas and electricity are undoubted going to be more expensive. We eat a lot of casserole type dishes in winter and I think looking out for a good asutomati slow cooker will save the cost of cooking in an oven.

    The one thing we won't compromise on is good quality bread. Our Panosonic automatic breadmaker really works for its living and produces good quality artisan breads cheaper than the shops but the cost of quality flous will go up. Not much to be done that . You can hardly grow your own! But it also produces lots of different cakes which are better than shop bought.

    I think food coats will inevitably rise. The best protection is learning how to cook imaginative and tasty dishes using inexpensive ingredients and batch cooking, to reduce the amount of fuel used.

    I think it would be sensible to cut back on debts too. Nobody quite knows what the future will bring but it does not seem a good time to be going mad with credit cards. However retailers will continue to feel the pinch. When even ppundworld goes into administration you realise retail may be an unreliable sector in which to work so if ai worked in that area I would definitely be getting my finances in order and setting up a redundancy "emergency fund".

    I would also be stocking up on essential domestic household dry goods, laundry liquid and such goods whenever I found bargain offers. Having twice been in a redundancy situation I know how omfortimg it is not having to spend money on essential items if your cupboards are well stocked.

    Oh, and I'd come to advance arrangements with familand friends about reducing the nightmare that often surrounds the exchanging of costly Christmas presents. Christmas spending often totally derails bidgets which are already under strain.
    • Nargleblast
    • By Nargleblast 12th Jul 18, 9:37 PM
    • 9,328 Posts
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    A few words of wisdom? Firstly, the prepper's mantra - prepare for the worst but hope for the best.
    Secondly - if you constantly focus on the negatives in any situation, you often end up getting just that (one of those weird putting thoughts out to the Universe things).
    And finally - we are in the final eight months of sorting out leaving the EU. Nobody ever said it would be an easy process, it is completely new territory for everyone as no country has ever dropped out before. People will naturally be anxious about what is ahead, but we should not let ourselves be dragged into headless chicken mode, panicking. By all means, sort your finances, stock up on foodstuffs etc, but we will still be trading with the EU when all this is over. They will still want to trade with us, and if they slap heavy tariffs on us then we will do the same in return, so nobody wins. It is in the interest of all 28 countries to sort out a workable arrangement, whatever that is. Some stuff may become slightly dearer, but other stuff may become cheaper, who knows? Just don't let yourself get dragged into mass hysteria - remember, it is in the interests of the powers that be to have the population unsettled and frightened, because it gives them more control and hides other serious stuff that could be going on without us knowing. This time next year we will probably be doing the same old stuff and worrying about the same old things. And a prepper can handle anything that happens.
    One life - your life - live it!
    • mardatha
    • By mardatha 13th Jul 18, 3:27 AM
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    I keep saying this we lived for a long time without being in the EU and we will manage just fine doing that again. The current total guddle is a problem until we get things sorted out again. If somebody wants to sell a product and somebody else wants to buy it, then mankind will find a way to make it happen. Been doing it since the Romans lol
    • kittie
    • By kittie 13th Jul 18, 5:40 AM
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    yes we knew what it was like to be free from those shackles but then again we had the experience of parents and grandparents who fought two long wars to keep our freedoms. The younger ones don`t have those experiences and are a bit frightened but sometimes you just have to be brave and that takes courage

    It is awfully like me and moving house, scary by myself at my age and scary to expand and go to a 1/3 of an acre and a big enough house but nothing wrong with a good adventure, better than sitting back in a comfortable hole,nothing wrong with opportunity, change and a challenge, bring it on

    I am not stashing anything, no need, there is more to fear from tempestuous weather.
    Last edited by kittie; 13-07-2018 at 5:44 AM.
    • MrsLurcherwalker
    • By MrsLurcherwalker 13th Jul 18, 6:01 AM
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    I'm using up all our stores before we move but I shall replace judiciously when we have moved, I'll have a decent space to keep them in but I'll be selective in what I keep and not just go for whatever is cheapest and on offer. Things to give flavour and interest to everyday staples will be top of the list so herbs, spices and sauce /relish ingredients along with canned pulses fruit and veg and some good oils and flavoured oils will be the bulk of it. I'm also going to dedicate a whole freezer drawer to flour and rice and I'm only going to keep in various kinds of lentils rather than beans as they take little time to cook. We have a fantastic wholefood shop in the little town we're moving to so I will be able to build up supplies a couple of things a week with my weekly shop.
    You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself!

    Ours is not to wonder what is fair in life but finding what may be, make it up fair to our needs.
    • MrsLurcherwalker
    • By MrsLurcherwalker 13th Jul 18, 2:02 PM
    • 13,259 Posts
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    I went to the wholefood shop in the city today and got some flavoured TVP mince, we don't mind it replacing meat (I know some of you don't like either the idea or the taste) and it will go into the box to take when we move. It's a good source of protein and I dress it up with lots of flavour and it's cheap (under £3 for a decent sized pack) and reconstitutes to at least double it's volume and keeps for a long time. Ideal preparedness food IF you can take it!
    You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself!

    Ours is not to wonder what is fair in life but finding what may be, make it up fair to our needs.
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