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    • mumblingtaff
    • By mumblingtaff 1st Apr 18, 3:23 PM
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    All change.....
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    • 1st Apr 18, 3:23 PM
    All change..... 1st Apr 18 at 3:23 PM
    I think this is my third diary - I posted regularly for a long time a year or two ago and then life just got in the way and my focus changed.
    So much has happened recently that I think a new start and a record of my successes and hiccups will help to keep me on track.

    So, what's changed...? Well, I'm on the senior leadership team at a large secondary school, live alone with an ancient fat little dog and am in the process of becoming single again after 5 years. My OH became my boss in September and its been downhill since then really, I won't bore you with the details but it's not been great and I finally broached it with him last week and he hasn't spoken to me since ...... Not the reaction I'd hoped for but perhaps expected.
    Earlier this year, I was passed over for a job that I've been doing informally for almost a year and that didn't help matters and have finally found the gumption to start applying for new jobs. That didn't go down well with OH either but he encouraged me to at the time of the original job issue, don't think he thought I would. I've found the work situation really difficult as nobody knows the real reason I didn't get the job and now it's at the point that I don't want to be there anymore.

    On top of that, I had some health news that stopped me in my tracks in February - I have the breast cancer gene and have a one in three chance of developing it in the next 8 years.... The hospital have been great and there's a prevention and monitoring plan in place including taking tamoxifen (not lovely side effects but better than cancer!) and lots of screening, but if I'm honest, it's made me reevaluate life a bit.
    Add to that lot that my dad has prostrate cancer that may have spread ( new biopsies soon to confirm ) and the worry that brings (my mum is useless and my sister has disabilities and with the best will in the world still needs care) and I've just had to say enough is enough - I'm 46 and things need to change, life is too short!!

    So to sum up.... Relationship going down the swanny, need a new job, health needs serious attention and family all need looking after.

    So a new start..... Here we go!! Xx
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    • mumblingtaff
    • By mumblingtaff 13th Jan 19, 12:25 PM
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    Had a fairly busy morning so far - have taken the dogs to the big park for a good walk in the muck, then straight to sainsburys, put petrol in the hire car (little and often as I'm not sure how long I'll have it for) and home to tidy away clean washing and sort the kitchen, then, before I lost momentum, out for a 5km run. Felt quite good today even though it was blowing a gale. Hard work but kept going....

    Have lost 4lbs since Xmas and would like to lose 3lbs more in January to make it a nice round half stone. Hopefully the hormones settling down will help that process.

    Bought some hair dye so will sort out my roots today and give my nails a good file and buff. Need to keep on top of things a bit better, things have been so hectic for the past two weeks that I need to get back into a routine.

    Going to whip the Hoover and a duster round, clean the bathrooms and wooden floors, put the last load of washing on and make sure everything is sorted for the work week. I'm in school tomorrow morning but at a meeting in Leeds in the afternoon so hopefully the traffic will be ok and I'll be home at a fairly respectable time.

    Feeling quite positive today - it's amazing what some sleep and exercise do.
    • DD265
    • By DD265 13th Jan 19, 3:47 PM
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    I had to laugh at the 'hound from hell' comment - I bet there'll be a big sigh of relief when it's gone home.

    I'm glad you're feeling better today MT!
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    • mumblingtaff
    • By mumblingtaff 13th Jan 19, 6:29 PM
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    Was thinking about it being half way (almost) through the month already and wondered how far I'd come on the goals for January here's an update.

    1. Lose weight - I need a stone to disappear and want I make a good start on this in January -4lbs down
    2. Get back into the habit of running again - I feel so much better when I do and the winter nights should not be an excuse - going well, running 3 times a week
    3. Drink less - there really is no need for a glass of wine after work - have cut right down, Friday nights seem to be an exception though.....
    4. Go back to being a total vegetarian - I've eaten chicken once or twice a week but am happier when veggie. Once the fridge is cleared of the few bits left that's it. - done, not missing chicken at all, so the right decision
    5. Investigate a new kitchen using the PPI refund - [COLOR="rgb(255, 0, 255)"]the break in has put pay to this, will reevaluate when all of the insurances, car etc are finalised[/COLOR]
    6. Get the downstairs loo properly fixed - it's usable but not totally right - not done yet
    7. Economise for January and pay off 400 from the credit card again, the unexpected expenses of the break in have scuppered this but I will pay off between 250 and 300
    8. Buy a new night cream and use it! - done
    9. Read books - have fallen out of the habit because I think I'm too busy - that's an excuse and I have lots of new books that are unopened - [COLOR="rgb(255, 0, 255)"]read half a book so far - could do better[/COLOR]
    10. Use up things that are in the house - food, toiletries, household stuff - before buying new. - been quite good with this one, stocks are dwindling
    Originally posted by mumblingtaff

    Not too bad I suppose. Need to keep going with some........
    • crazy_cat_lady
    • By crazy_cat_lady 13th Jan 19, 8:39 PM
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    I'm always amazed at how much you get done. You've had a cruddy start to the year but you're still going strong.
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    • mumblingtaff
    • By mumblingtaff 14th Jan 19, 9:17 PM
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    Well, the family have been and gone thankfully..... Could have quite happily smothered them at 3am when all three were snoring their heads off and I had to get up for work at 5.15...... But, my house us now my own again, just me and the dog tonight and it's lovely and tidy and quiet

    Had a long day at work including the trip to Leeds for the afternoon but the traffic was fairly good coming home so managed to be back by 5.30. Took the dog for a nice long walk and have had a diet friendly tea and a nice bath. Just having a quiet evening, making the most of the peace and quiet.

    It's pay day tomorrow so will spend some time trying to work out the finances - it's quite difficult to know what I need to pay out until the insurances are sorted - the house insurance excess has been paid and I don't need to think about extras on that front but still waiting for the car insurance to settle. Might need to pay for my own hire car in 3 weeks if I can't get a car ordered soon, but don't want to order one until it's all sorted.

    Early night tonight, Silent Witness then bed......
    • Little Miss Winner
    • By Little Miss Winner 15th Jan 19, 1:06 AM
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    Little Miss Winner
    Just caught up, so sorry to hear about your burglary - absolute scro@tes need locking up!! I would be absolutely furious.

    Take some much needed you time and look after yourself, sending hugs xx
    • mumblingtaff
    • By mumblingtaff 15th Jan 19, 9:26 PM
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    Just caught up, so sorry to hear about your burglary - absolute scro@tes need locking up!! I would be absolutely furious.

    Take some much needed you time and look after yourself, sending hugs xx
    Originally posted by Little Miss Winner
    Thank you LMW - your thoughts are much appreciated.

    Well, it's pay day at last and I've spent an hour sorting out the finances. It's not as bad as I thought (unless I've forgotten something huge).

    Have paid off all the bills and transferred money into savings accounts for holidays, house and garden, Xmas and general savings. Have also put money into the contingency account and some aside for extra petrol, a haircut and the dog's vet bills.
    Have budgeted 200 for groceries but hope to spend less than that, and 300 general spending money for the month. There's not much in the calendar for this month, going to a friends house for dinner on Saturday and have a works night out late in the month but other than that no big commitments. Hopefully, I can economise a bit more as the month goes along.

    Some good news at last - the car insurance have settled the car finance for me and it's not cost me a penny. They even included the excess in the settlement so I don't have to cough up that in cash. 350 less to worry about
    I've been to the showroom tonight and ordered a new car that should arrive in about 2 weeks - they've been really good too and have promised me the free use of a car in the interim period between me having to give the insurance hire car back at the weekend and delivery of the new one. I think they're understandably desperate for business this month.

    Just waiting for the new windows to be fitted at the end of January and then I'll be back to normal at last. The claim for the stolen/damaged items is progressing and anything I get back is a bonus. The new alarm system is being fitted on Thursday and my neighbour is installing another external security light for me so I'm as protected as I can be going forward.

    It's 4 and a half weeks to the next pay day which is the day we break up for half term and so the end of January/beginning of February has the potential to be frugal if I try hard. I'd like to try to rebuild a bigger cushion of savings and try not to dip into the contingency money. I've paid 200 off the credit card today and have kept another 150 to one side in case I need it but, if not, that can go towards the card too later in the month.

    So, it's going to be a month of use it up and stretch it out - there's quite a bit of food, household stuff and toiletries in so my aim for this weekend is no more than 25 on groceries - might be tricky and take some thinking about but it's doable if I'm careful.
    My aim for this pay month is to recoup, regroup and recover (in more ways than one), get some small jobs round the house sorted and to just have a quiet life!
    Last edited by mumblingtaff; 15-01-2019 at 9:32 PM.
    • Honeysucklelou2
    • By Honeysucklelou2 15th Jan 19, 11:55 PM
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    Just catching up with you diary and sorry to read about your recent burglary. Hope the repairs etc go smoothly.

    Glad the car insurance were able to sort out the car out for you.
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    • Cumbria lass
    • By Cumbria lass 16th Jan 19, 6:37 AM
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    Cumbria lass
    MT I have caught up with your diary today , I am sorry to hear about the burglary whilst you were away. I have a feeling you may live close by to me , if it's the area I am thinking off there were indeed quite a few break ins over that period of time .

    You have carried on remarkably well I would have been a nervous wreck,. Anyway as you said nobody was hurt and goods can be replaced.
    Your weight loss is going well , in fact all your goals are doing well , keep going and am sure you will be successful at them all.

    Glad to hear your new car is on order.
    CC1 2980 Feb 2019.
    • enthusiasticsaver
    • By enthusiasticsaver 16th Jan 19, 8:04 AM
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    Sorry to hear about the burglary and your car and such a rotten start to the New Year. At least things can be replaced though and you have a new car on order. Such a pain to sort it all out though. Hope they catch the thieves.
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    • Moneyfordreams
    • By Moneyfordreams 16th Jan 19, 12:05 PM
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    sorry to read about your burglary
    Thank goodness you are a strong woman and are really keeping it together. Glad your neighbours are helping too.
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    • mumblingtaff
    • By mumblingtaff 16th Jan 19, 7:06 PM
    • 584 Posts
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    Thank you all for your kind thoughts - I'm getting there now thankfully.

    The electronic goods insurance has been sorted today - part cash payment (that's already in my bank account) and another item replaced like for like and will be delivered within 3 days. Just the jewellery to sort now and I've spent half an hour on the phone giving descriptions etc.

    No other big news really - long day at work followed by delivering some training to NQTs. The dog has been walked, last night's leftovers had for tea and the kitchen tidied. Have also had a quick bath to warm up again after the very cold dog walk.

    Going to see OH later - not seen him since the weekend so it will be good to get together. My alarm is being fitted tomorrow evening so that's another night spoken for.
    Going to do a little stock take and write a shopping list for the weekend trying to stick to the bare essentials, mostly fresh things. I'll try to shop at Aldi to minimise the cost and limit choice and unnecessary spending.
    I've also started a little electronic spending diary to try to keep track of the spending and grocery budgets.
    I also need to claim back my expenses for the trip to Leeds on Monday - will only be about 20 but better in my pocket than theirs. Will try to do it tomorrow.
    Also need to register online so I can see my council tax account - I'm not sure how many payments are left to go. Don't want to be giving them more than they deserve either!
    • mumblingtaff
    • By mumblingtaff 19th Jan 19, 11:58 AM
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    Busy end to the week - work was bonkers (as usual) and there were lots of little jobs to get finished too.
    Had to pop back to the car dealers yesterday on the way home to sign some more paperwork - they've been really good and are giving me a free loan car to tide me over until the new one arrives. I'm picking it up this afternoon with OH giving me a lift there. The insurance hire car is going back tomorrow so I've just hoovered it out and wiped down the surfaces - two dogs in it made it quite messy but it looks ok again now.
    The alarm man was going to be really late on Thursday evening so we've rearranged for tomorrow instead. I plan to do my school work whilst he's here so it's not a waste of weekend time.
    Supposed to be having dinner at an old friend's house this evening and have just texted her to confirm - hopefully it's still on. I've bought some nice bunches of tulips to take as a thank you - really pretty but not too expensive.

    Stayed at OHs last night and had a bit of a lie in together then I took the dog to the park, whizzed round Aldi and B&M then came home to clean the car, Hoover and dust the house, clean the kitchen and wooden floors and have a general tidy. The house looks ok again now and I'm feeling much more organised.
    Need to do a load of washing, change the bed and clean the bathroom after I've had a soak in it, then everything is sorted and I can relax.

    In the spirit of economising, I did the shopping at Aldi for the basics needed (just fresh stuff and toilet roll etc) and spent 20 including 5 worth of flowers, then popped to B&M for dog wee mats and diet coke - another 8 spent. So, a total of 28 including the flowers which won't come out of the grocery budget - 23 from that, so not too far off where I'd hoped for this week.

    Right, bath time
    • mumblingtaff
    • By mumblingtaff 20th Jan 19, 11:22 AM
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    Had a lovely evening at my friends with her and OH - she has a new house and it's beautiful. Definitely given me some ideas for mine. Got home about midnight and we went straight to bed - shattered after a long day.
    Drove OH home this morning then dropped the hire car off and, in my infinite wisdom, decided to run home even though they offered me a lift - 7km! Knackered now but glad I've done it.

    The alarm man is coming this afternoon so once he's done I'll pop over to OHs for a couple of hours. Need to do a couple of hours of school work, do a couple of loads of washing, have a little tidy round and get ready for the week. I now have a loan car from the dealers until mine is delivered so at least I'm mobile.

    Right, need to have a shower, I'm a sweaty mess!
    • mumblingtaff
    • By mumblingtaff 21st Jan 19, 5:47 AM
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    Morning all.
    Had a fairly productive day yesterday, with the car returned, run done, 3hours of school work and the alarm being installed. Saw OH in the evening but came home to sleep as its an early start this morning.
    Have already walked and fed the dog and just about to have a shower and get ready for work.

    Few jobs to do today in addition to work - have an SLT meeting after school, need to pick up the dogs tablets from the vet, go to the doctor for my repeat prescription, walk and bath the dog (he looks like a little old stray at the moment), sort the bins and recycling and Hoover through again.
    That should keep me busy enough!
    • mumblingtaff
    • By mumblingtaff 21st Jan 19, 8:10 PM
    • 584 Posts
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    Long day at work but got quite a bit done and presented some good stuff at my meeting this evening.
    Left late but remembered to pick up the dog's tablets on the way home so he's sorted at least. Then killed two birds with one stone and walked the dog to the doctor's to sort out my repeat prescription- 11500 steps done today.
    Have also sorted all the bins, tidied the kitchen and bedroom and changed the spare bed. Had a little read of my book in the bath - I'm determined to get at least one book finished in January!

    The dog has had a reprieve on the bath front - it's too late now for him to dry before bedtime so it will have to be tomorrow - lucky escape for the pooch

    With economising in mind, I've used up a carton of soup and some bread for tea and made a sandwich for work tomorrow. It's an ageing quorn ready meal for tea tomorrow to get rid of more stuff in the fridge. Have used up a shampoo and conditioner and a bubble bath over the last couple of days too, there's still plenty of toiletries to last until the weekend and beyond so won't need to buy more until at least then.

    My Audible credit has arrived today so might have a little peruse for a new audiobook later - I listen to them whilst walking the dog.

    My mum transferred some money into my account in Friday but it still hasn't shown up due to the lloyds banking issues - she's checking it again tomorrow and will resend if necessary - I haven't asked how much but anything is lovely and they just wanted to help out a little bit with all of the expenses incurred from the break in. Bless them.

    Going to watch some telly -Corrie and Silent Witness - and have an early night - have run out of steam now......
    • Starmummy
    • By Starmummy 4th Feb 19, 3:43 PM
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    HI MT

    just checking in.

    I've not seen you for a while.
    I hope you are ok

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    • joeyjimbles
    • By joeyjimbles 4th Feb 19, 7:12 PM
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    Hope you're just busy and not got one of those dreadful lurgies that seem to be so prevalent at the moment.
    • DD265
    • By DD265 10th Feb 19, 7:59 PM
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    Hi MT, hope everything's OK!
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    • Little Miss Winner
    • By Little Miss Winner 24th Feb 19, 12:53 AM
    • 4,026 Posts
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    Little Miss Winner
    Hows tricks MT xx
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