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    • Hollyharvey
    • By Hollyharvey 4th Mar 18, 4:49 AM
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    O/S Daily Sunday 4th March 2018
    • #1
    • 4th Mar 18, 4:49 AM
    O/S Daily Sunday 4th March 2018 4th Mar 18 at 4:49 AM
    This is an “over the garden fence” type thread where we chat about everything Old Style and maybe a little bit more. It’s a great, inspiring and motivating thread we start each day to discuss what Old Style things we’re going to do today or what we’ve achieved already. Everyone’s welcome, please do come in, put your feet up (although check the fence hasn’t just been painted first!) and join us for an Old Style natter. The more the merrier!

    As this is the Old Style Board, it would be appreciated if posts could include some Old Style content. Please be aware that many people may have small screens, or SLOW internet connections, so please don’t post large pictures, or clip art – links are preferred. When you make a post, if you feel like giving it a title, that will help others that don’t have the time to read everything skim through the thread quickly but if not it's not a problem. Please do not start a new daily thread before you go to bed at night because this often leaves things confusing with two daily threads live at the same time. The idea is that a member would start each new daily thread after they get up in the morning.
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    • flubberyzing
    • By flubberyzing 4th Mar 18, 11:02 AM
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    Morning all, we are starting to thaw here, but there's a long way to go! My little road is nowhere near clear, but the A road on the other side of the fence is running smoothly now.
    We had a little bit more snowfall yesterday evening, but it didn't last long. Unfortunately local weather doesn't seem to think we'll get any of the needed rain. There is a small chance of some around tea time, but we'll see.
    I'm still feeling full of cold (worse than yesterday - typically!).
    There was a bit of talk on Thursday with the best friend, of maybe going out to dinner tonight, but what with my cold, and weather, I don't think it's a good idea. She has twin babies (14 months), and I don't want to pass any germs to them either. We shall try for next weekend instead.
    Have a good safe day everyone!
    Because it's fun to have money!
    • TravellingAbuela
    • By TravellingAbuela 4th Mar 18, 11:11 AM
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    Damned weather forecast was wrong! Grr they forecast sleet and just after we had dug the car out of the garage and Mr TA had slithered to the main road (which was clear) it started to snow - heavily. The drive is now covered again and the main road too. I am worrying he won't get back up. I really am sick of this weather now.

    I unearthed the pots of spring bulbs etc I had put on the top step pre the snow. Poor flowers are all squashed, bent and looking worse for wear. Maybe they will perk up - or maybe they won't! Worse things to worry about I suppose.

    Just waiting for first wash load to finish, drape around upstairs and then put next lot in. I sometimes think the neighbours are filling our basket with their mucky washing as it's never empty!

    Hope you are all having better weather than we are xx
    "If you dream alone it will remain just a dream. But if we all dream together it will become reality"
    • poppy811
    • By poppy811 4th Mar 18, 11:14 AM
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    More snow last night but at last a thaw is starting. A friend put out an appeal on Facebook to see if someone could clear the path so I could get more logs in and within 10 minutes the job was done and a wheelbarrow of logs was delivered to my door. I was so grateful as I know the oil for central heating is running quite low and delivery lorries cannot access the steep hill. The joys of country living! I have managed to take the rubbish out and feed the birds but apart from that I think its fire lighting time and more knitting.
    • csarina2
    • By csarina2 4th Mar 18, 11:26 AM
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    Morning ((((((((((hugs)))))))))) if you need one.

    DD2 is at home, they went in to visit yesterday afternoon, she had stopped vomiting, they were told that if she was ok at the end of visiting, 8.30pm!! she could go home. I had a message from her this morning, she slept from the time she got home until she messaged me, she was going to have something to eat and go back to bed. I have been told very firmly I am not to go in. Rest is what she needs. I will go later in the week and do any shopping she wants, DGD is having a few days off work to look after her. So we can breathe again.

    I still have concerns, we will have to see how this affects her, she is a single mum with a mortgage etc, I have no idea how long the Dr will sign her off for, will have to have a chat when we do see her.

    Another bad night, was reading at 1am, very late getting up......

    It appears to be thawing here, there is still some snow left, but the front grass is clear. I kept the heat on again last night but have left it turned down this morning.

    Roast pork etc for supper, I did another strawberries in jelly yesterday, its one way I can get fruit into OH, we had it with a small scoop of ice cream.
    • Judi
    • By Judi 4th Mar 18, 11:35 AM
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    Morning all,

    Grandchildren have just gone home and I'm wondering what to do next. Such a lot to do but need a kick up the bum to start.

    It's thawing here slowly but its foggy...still not good weather to be out in. I hope my daffodils have survived.

    Csarina thinking of your daughter and sending you big hugs Holly.

    Onwards and forwards.

    Have a great day all
    'Holy crap on a cracker!'
    • poppy811
    • By poppy811 4th Mar 18, 11:44 AM
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    Not sure what happened to my post so will try again! Yesterday a friend put an appeal out on Facebook to ask if someone could clear a path to my log store and within 5 minutes it was done with a wheelbarrow full of logs delivered to my door. I was so grateful as oil for central heating is going down rapidly and no chance that a tanker coult up the hill. The joys of country living!Thawing slowly today so have got the rubbish out and fed the birds. Nothing more planned apart from fire lighting and knitting. Keep warm and safe everybody
    • LameWolf
    • By LameWolf 4th Mar 18, 11:56 AM
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    We had something of a thaw yesterday, and although the garden is still covered (could be interesting for our Council inspection tomorrow) the roads are not too dreadful; the estate roads are a bit hairy, but the grid roads are ok. Anyways, thankfully Mr LW was able to get to the Farmers Market at Olney.
    We are almost out of cheese (our main source of protein) and we don't have many eggs left either. He was also able to get a jar of honey - I like to have a spare in the cupboard, and always ask him to get this when we start the previous "spare".
    He said the beekeeper's wife was manning the stall, as Gunther (the beekeeper) is poorly.
    Anyways, we now also have a goodly supply of FR eggs, and 3.5 kilos of cheese, plus half a round of Warwickshire Bard (a Brie-like cheese).
    No cream to be had (we usually have a tub of unpasteurised cream once a month) so I can't do the planned quiche - never mind, we can have veggie toad-in-the-hole instead.
    If your dog thinks you're the best, don't seek a second opinion.
    • Nelski
    • By Nelski 4th Mar 18, 12:33 PM
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    Is it just me that starts writing this post first thing then the world gets in the way and before you know it its afternoon

    Had a nice chilled morning maddiemay i do the cleaning bursts sometimes usually half hours followed by half hour off (that gives me chance to watch a 4 in a bed episode Today though the bursts have been during the breaks in Sunday Brunch really is amazing what gets done in 3/4 minutes....2 loads of washing, dishwasher emptied filled and on again, a chinese chicken curry made for tonight, fridge cleaned out and lounge tidied and Grammed

    Last night had a chicken breast stuffed with mozzarella and wrapped in bacon with bbq sauce minted new pots and peas twas lush if not a bit messy. Took double the time to cook than expected I fear that my oven is on the way out (fair play though its a built in one which came with the house when bought new ...that will be 27 years ago fair play its done its job) may pick up a oven thermostat to make sure.

    Raining here now so all back to normal then.
    • ancientofdays
    • By ancientofdays 4th Mar 18, 1:07 PM
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    Maddiemay I like working to a list. I know that sometimes my motivation goes giblongey so if I suspect this might happen I start off with 3 things. Get up. Have a wee. Eat your toast. Then I have the satisfaction of 3 things crossed off before I've even got going.
    I was jumping to conclusions and one of them jumped back
    • dumpling
    • By dumpling 4th Mar 18, 1:15 PM
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    Good afternoon everyone

    Thank goodness the snow has all gone here. It was making me very depressed and miserable. I would never cope up country with all the snow there. We had enough so that the kids could go out sledging when the school were shut and then thankfully the temperature went up combined with a bit of rain and the roads were clear again.

    I have been on babysitting duty for my grand children for the past couple of days. They were so excited to actually see snow as it has been over 8 years since we had any so my grand daughter was only 2 and my grand son hadn't been born. The girls took them sledging and built a snowman and then it was time to come in and get warmed up. Unfortunately I shrunk my grand daughters hat in the tumble dryer so I will make her a new one .

    csarina, I was so relieved to hear that your daughter is going to be ok, her angels were certainly looking out for her x
    elona, that day out sounded so lovely with your daughters x
    Holly, if it's any comfort to you, I go days without getting dressed. It is very hard to motivate yourself when you feel so rubbish. You seem to be doing all the right things though, sending you a big hug x
    poppy, what lovely neighbours you have x

    Steve is cooking a lovely bit of beef for dinner and it smells lovely. We have an apple pie for dessert so it feels like a traditional Sunday here. Poor Phoebe has a cold so is walking around sniffing and the others are still upstairs.

    I am knitting a scarf, I had to rip out all of last night's work as I had miscounted and the pattern would not work. It was quite annoying but it happens. I have 5 projects on the go at the moment so I pick and choose according to what mood I am in. I will do some more this afternoon with a good film on the telly to listen to.

    I hope you all have a lovely day today whatever you are up to, take care and keep warm xx

    • JackieO
    • By JackieO 4th Mar 18, 1:25 PM
    • 15,889 Posts
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    Hi chums I have a to-do list, and a been -done one and I try to balance them out together .

    Thaw has set in pretty quickly and I can now see, not only the pavement, but the road as well

    I shall be off to DDs later for dinner . Eldest DD came this morning with her Ma-in-law Margaret, and we had a good natter and I made some Melting Moment's biscuits for them (I was virtuous and didn't taste any ,although I was sorely tempted ), Be glad when Lent is over , hard when you enjoy making biscuits as I do

    Hope everyone is safe and dry and warm ,fingers crossed the horrible white stuff will go away and we can have some lovely spring weather for a change

    Enjoy your Sunday

    JackieO xx
    Quot Libros,Quam Breve Tempus. 2018
    Running total for four months food only shopping =£126.24.Freezer stuff slowly going down at last May totals £31.11 freezer and tinned cupboards are going down nicely
    • Gintotmelinda
    • By Gintotmelinda 4th Mar 18, 1:25 PM
    • 967 Posts
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    Afternoon all

    The snow here is nearly all gone, just a bit lingering in the corners of the garden. We went out to Sainsbugs this morning, not our fave supermarket but large potholes have opened up on our route to Lidl. The traffic lights have been out on the big roundabout on the way to Tesco so we decided on Sainsbugs. Boy was it rammed and cars were piling in as we left.

    We got all we needed and was impressed by the stock they did have. No chicken though and not lots of meat or milk, but we bought a loaf of bread baked in store.

    We drove through a heavy rain storm on the way home so that cleared most of the snow from the drive.

    Csarina glad to hear your DD is out of hospital and on the mend.
    LW yay to Mr LW getting the provisions in.
    Holly H big hugs Spring is just around the corner.

    Have a good day folks and may your snow melt soon.

    Last edited by Gintotmelinda; 04-03-2018 at 1:29 PM.
    "It's hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world"
    • nannywindow
    • By nannywindow 4th Mar 18, 2:01 PM
    • 738 Posts
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    Hello all
    I'm late today as no Sunday lunch to prepare. Dad's ok and has plenty of stuff to eat. Spoke to another older neighbour who lives on his own and he's ok too. He asked if the buses were running ( they're not ) and we made him promise to ask us if needs anything.
    We spent most of this morning playing hide and seek with the bins and the car, we eventually managed to dig them out . Young over the road neighbour lent a hand with the car, he's not the sharpest knife in the drawer but his heart is in the right place. We were talking about previous years snowfall, mainly '47 when the snow was as high as the bedroom window, he asked was that in the war then ?
    I also made a path to the bird feeder too and put some food out for the B52's ( wood pigeons) as they are too heavy to land on there. We also have two pairs of aggressive blackbirds and we too saw a thrush which we haven't seen for ages.
    According to social media our local Tes*o Xtra was mayhem yesterday and most supermarkets still haven't had any deliveries. We had the plough across our road three times yesterday, but there is still only room for one car and no passing places. Hopefully we will get a thaw, I can now see across the valley instead of just "whiteness".
    I have put a load in the WM and I am going to do the ironing in a minute, before I get like Nelski and it's next year .
    Tea tonight will be using the bolognese sauce that I made. A good thing about being snowbound is that I am using up bits and bobs from the freezer that have been left since I don't know when.
    Csarina I hope your DD makes a full recovery.
    Holly baby steps with whatever you do.
    Hope everyone is having a good Sunday. Hug bucket at the ready so please take as much as you need .
    P.S. I've just seen something unusual, a patch of blue sky and something round and yellow . Oh spoke too soon, it's gone !
    Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, but this time more intelligently
    • Mrs Salad Dodger
    • By Mrs Salad Dodger 4th Mar 18, 2:26 PM
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    Mrs Salad Dodger

    Another rare sighting we had was a ring necked parakeet on the birdtable. We couldn't believe our eyes when we spotted this bright green bird shovelling seed down as fast as it could. I read that there are quite a few down south but rarely venture up here. It obviously lost it's way home!
    Originally posted by TravellingAbuela
    TA, they really are prevalent in the south - apparently there are several hundred in Greenwich just a couple of miles from us. A few years ago a small flock of about 30 (yes you did read that correctly “thirty” ) ring necked parakeets flew into our very small urban garden and gutted the feeders They are beautiful birds to look at but they can be quite noisy when the mood takes them From that day onwards we have had practically daily visits of anywhere between 3 & 15 - although the very cold weather has deterred them. The sparrows, tits, starlings etc completely ignore them but the magpies will attack a single parakeet

    Today is a quiet/lazy day - our neighbour (who works abroad during the week) came round to warn us that the next couple of weeks will be noisy as he has the builders in replacing & decorating his bathroom. No probs - if his builder does a good job we will hire him next DH is about to do a tip run & then a small sm shop & I will probably make some soup. Then pack for our trip, lazy bath & an early night.

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday everyone.

    • dp1
    • By dp1 4th Mar 18, 2:28 PM
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    Afternoon everyone
    We had a little more snow this morning, but it's turned to rain and it seems to have started to thaw now. I managed to dig our wheelie bin out and get it to the other side of the side gate, hopefully it will get emptied this week.
    I walked to our nearest shop this morning with my mum as she needed a few bits and wanted to get out the house, as she hadn't been out since Tuesday. It took some discussion as she doesn't shop on Sundays...but I convinced her that if God was watching, he would rather she shopped on Sunday than fall over on Monday! As it happens, the path from her house to the shop was almost clear...not the case going up and down our hill, I had to walk on the road. A gritter has just been into the estate though.
    The main roads all seem to be clear now so I'm assuming we'll be back at work tomorrow.....could have done with another day to finish my book! - Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine - it's really good.
    • flubberyzing
    • By flubberyzing 4th Mar 18, 3:33 PM
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    We're pretty well thawed now. A bit is left on the roads, but it just looks like pure slush that'll break up as soon as someone drives over it. The grass is still snow-covered, but that's always last to go anyway.

    I sent a text to my teaching assistant, who lives in the village where my school is, just to ask about the roads. She said that although there are still big drifts, everything is passable, and melting fast. So I should be fine for getting in without drama tomorrow! About time too! It's a positively tropical 6C out there!
    Because it's fun to have money!
    • TravellingAbuela
    • By TravellingAbuela 4th Mar 18, 3:36 PM
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    This morning's unexpected blizzard finally stopped, leaving a deep covering on the drive and steps we had only just cleared! Mr TA got back up the main road ok but said our road and the slope up to the garage were exceedingly dodgy! Now we have dense fog!! Where's the blue sky and sun hiding?!

    Phone call from my DB this morning wanting to arrange another country drive and lunch out. We had all enjoyed the last one and once the snow has gone they'd like to do it again. That'll be nice having another mystery tour up in the Dales somewhere. The date depends on when Mr TA's stent op is booked for. It's 3 weeks since the pre-op and still no op date!

    I seemed to be busy doing nothing this morning and now CBA doing anything! Mrs SD thanks for info on the parakeets - 30 OMG that lot would have taken some feeding! The solitary one we had all but cleared the bird table!

    Take care all xx
    "If you dream alone it will remain just a dream. But if we all dream together it will become reality"
    • Mrs Salad Dodger
    • By Mrs Salad Dodger 4th Mar 18, 3:59 PM
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    Mrs Salad Dodger
    TA, they obviously knew that I was thinking about them Six parakeets appeared at the feeders whilst I was washing up - they really should have the name “gannet” attached Asquirrel also made an appearance

    • csarina2
    • By csarina2 4th Mar 18, 5:09 PM
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    Update on DD2. She rang me this afternoon, she is not too bad, her words, not mine, still quite sore, especially her head, says its painful to move.

    Apparently she was on the crossing, the green man was on, the lorry was only going at about 20mph, but half his windscreen was obscured by snow, he did not see her, so he will be going to court for dangerous driving and driving without due care and attention.

    DGD and his partner were there cooking supper for her, and DGD is off next week. Stitches to come out a week tomorrow...............

    We are going in on Tuesday to see her.

    I am so thankful it was no worse, she could so easily have been badly injured or killed.
    Last edited by csarina2; 04-03-2018 at 9:24 PM.
    • FurryBeastOz
    • By FurryBeastOz 4th Mar 18, 8:32 PM
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    TA, they obviously knew that I was thinking about them Six parakeets appeared at the feeders whilst I was washing up - they really should have the name “gannet” attached Asquirrel also made an appearance

    Originally posted by Mrs Salad Dodger
    You must be down the road from my parents in Blackheath. Those parakeets sure are noisy. And permanently hungry

    We’ve dug ourselves out. I hurt. A lot. I have a photo of DH in the middle of the main road - knee high in snow. We’ve made the national news for ‘community spirit’ with the entire village turning out to dig.

    Csarina So glad the news is positive.
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