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    • Valli
    • By Valli 4th Feb 18, 7:02 PM
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    Weekly Flylady Thread 5th February 2018
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    • 4th Feb 18, 7:02 PM
    Weekly Flylady Thread 5th February 2018 4th Feb 18 at 7:02 PM

    What is FLYLADY? Well, it's our version of the US flylady idea - but we work on the principle that housework is not fun, it's boring, can be time-consuming, is often thankless but, unfortunately, necessary. It's here on Old Style to provide the support we all need and to make the whole task easier and quicker. We also accept that, sometimes, life just gets on top of us and we can't keep up, maybe because we're time-poor, not in the best of health and/or we have littlies who need us. We are definitely NOT control freaks aiming for perfection and utterly spotless show-homes.

    Welcome to the weekly Flylady Thread. You're more than welcome to join us in the everlasting battle against dust, grime and gibble. The aim of our thread is to make those onerous tasks less daunting, and to support each other - and to make time for the finer things in life!

    Please do remember we have to abide by MSE rules; each post should, ideally, include some mention of flying.

    Thank you Natty for last week's thread

    Please follow the forum rules on this thread as Flylady has been here a LONG time and is a fabulous support and resource for lots of us. All posts should have some Flylady-related (ooh a compound adjective) content!

    The idea is that even if you are really busy you don't need to fall off the wagon!

    Every room comes back around next week so please don!!!8217;t stress about catching up

    These lists are only suggestions and not a must do list; you are more than welcome to post and follow your own lists.

    Also adding a declutter mission each day will help to gradually clear the clutter and make flying easier.

    A few of the basics before we start the week

    Hotspots are areas where if one thing gets put there, loads of other things follow!

    Daily routines are anything you need to do on a daily basis like washing, swish and swipe kitchen and bathroom, ironing, making beds, vacuuming high traffic areas, making meals etc.

    Night-time routines are all things which make getting ready in the morning easier, preparing clothes for the next day, making lunches, swish & swipes of the kitchen and tidying the living room before you go to bed plus personals like shower/brush teeth etc.

    Fling Boogie - stick on some loud music, grab a bin bag and whiz around the house finding items that can go out with the rubbish, recycling, for charity shop, basically anything that will stop it cluttering your home.

    Swish and swipe/S&S means have a quick wipe over an area such as a sink or toilet to prevent the build up of dirt. This is usually done on a daily basis

    HHE/HHC/HHI Half Hour exercise/challenge/ironing ... run around for 30 minutes to the Benny Hill music frantically cleaning exercising or ironing.. other music may be used if you prefer!
    WM ~ Washing machine
    TD ~ Tumble dryer
    SC ~ Slowcooker
    BM ~ Breadmaker
    DW ~ Dishwasher
    SOAADFA ~ Sit on 'bottom' and do 'nothing'
    KH/XH/FW ~ Ex-husband and other not so polite versions
    DH/DD/DS/DW/DP ~ Dear husband/daughter/son/wife/partner/whatever
    OH/SO ~ Other half/significant other
    NN ~ nice neighbour
    Toxic (friend/mother/sister/whoever) ~ person in your life that seems to exist to make your life miserable
    AF ~ Aunt Flo 'time of the month'.. nothing to do with flying but it comes up often.
    ETA ~ Edited to add
    Gibble ~ miscellaneous crap that appears forever homeless
    Dot-to-dot ~ pick a small area (not a whole room) like a chair/coffee/table/shelf/worktop or wherever- thats your first 'dot' - totally clear it - clean it - and only put back what should be there - deal with what you have removed (not just move it somewhere else) then if you have time move on and do the same to another 'dot' -the idea is just like a dot to dot puzzle, you aim to join up all the dots and have a tidy room. The trick is to keep each dot tidy until you get them all joined up! All credit to AnW's Mum for this one
    RoD ~ Room of Doom, the one room that feels like it is a permanent pit and cannot be used to its potential!
    MAD half hour
    - Mad is the abbreviation for Make A Difference.
    The idea is that you have a Forth bridge (ie never-ending - or just huge) task but that you work on it in half-hour bursts. This way you know you ARE stooping, and that you won't get it finished but you will make a difference - so it might be clearing out - the garage or shed, or clothes sorting, or weeding - you get the picture - but rather than keep going until you've lost the will to live you do half an hour...but, eventually those half hours will get the job done!

    Mr S/A/T/M/L/Al - supermarkets Sainsburys, Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, Lidl, Aldi. You get the picture!!

    Click here to read Toots wonderful welcome guide

    ok Here goes this Week...

    Marvellous Monday - Kitchen and Dining Room

    Level 1

    Clear sills and wipe
    Clean Windows
    Wipe tables and chairs - don't forget underneath where sticky fingers linger
    Wash table cloths or wipe placemats
    Wipe switches and sockets

    Level 2

    Empty bin
    Clear sides and wipe down
    Wipe kettle and other small appliances
    Empty toaster and wipe crumb tray
    Check fridge and fruit bowl for anything that needs using or flinging.

    Level 3

    Wipe down cupboard fronts
    Give fridge a proper clean out - wash shelves etc and wipe down the door strips.
    Sweep and mop floor


    MAD half hour - post yours!
    Make a me-time appointment for sometime this week - manicure, hair, coffee with a friend...
    Household accounts - are they up-to-date? Budget on track?
    Check your meal plan for the week - can you make two and freeze one - or even construct some building blocks? - Half Term looms so I'm suggesting this particularly for those with littlies

    Twinkly Tuesday - Blitz those bathrooms

    Level 1

    Throw the windows open wide in your bathrooms, en-suites and cloakrooms
    Remove any rubbish from these rooms
    Flush loos and fling down some cream cleaner or loo cleaner
    Clear all the gibble from round the bath and out of showers
    Scrub bath and/or shower tray
    Wipe down edge of bath, panels and shower screens
    Wipe switches and sockets
    Check lighting is all working and not acting as fly cemetry - clean out if so

    Level 2

    Now the loo has had a soak scrub it out - don't forget under the rim
    Wipe all cistern, handles/buttons, outside of loo, seat and lid
    Flush loo and pour bleach round bowl
    Close lid
    Wipe toilet toll holder
    Check spare toilet roll stock has not mysteriously vanished

    Level 3

    Wipe sills and shelves
    Wipe soap bottles
    Polish towel rails
    clean out sink and polish taps
    Bleach down all drains and in all overflows
    Check for cobwebs in corners
    Sweep, wipe or vacuum floor as appropriate
    Put out fresh towels
    Dirty towels into the WM for a HOT wash


    S&S kitchen
    Wash out toothbrush holder and tooth mugs/glaases

    Mad half hour - what are you doing?

    Wonderful Wednesday Boudoir beckons!

    Level one

    Open the window
    Strip the bed
    Fling the sheets in the washbasket
    Go and get your breakfast/kids off to school etc

    level 2

    Close the window (like you haven't already)
    Dust the headboard or vacuum as appropriate
    remake the bed
    Clear the floordrobe/chairdrobe or any other clutter
    (see - looks better already)

    Dust all horizontal surfaces - vertical too, if you have time
    Polish any mirrors

    Level Three
    Clean the windows
    Vacuum the floor
    Make sure bedside cabinets are clear of clutter


    If you need to keep meds upstairs (eg asthma inhalers) make sure they are in date and ready for use
    HHI - don't let it build up (we will gloss over my little heap then)
    How are those half term plans coming along?
    S&S bathroom
    S&S kitchen

    Thursday Thrills Living room
    Level 1

    Empty out any rubbish
    Cleat coffee table
    Rehome aything which is out of place
    Wipe coasters
    Deal with any flowers/water & wipe plants
    Clear out fire/woodburner

    Level 2

    Dust and polish any wooden furniture or just dust
    Check corners for cobwebs/spiders and remove
    Dust skirting boards
    Wipe handles/sockets/switches
    Dust electricals

    Level 3

    Lift chair/sofa cushions and vacuum under them
    Wipe leather furniture/vacuum sofas
    Sweep/mop/vacuum floor

    clean window in lounge
    MAD half hour - only half an hour - this is a nibble not a mouthful!
    Binbag fling - grab a bin bag, run around t he house and fill it with gibble and CHUCK IT OUT
    Sort out your handbag - make sure you're not carrying unnecessary carp around with you
    S&S kitchen
    S&S bathroom

    Friday Flourish Kids' Rooms/ Spare rooms/guest rooms

    Level 1

    Open the windows wide
    Binbag dance
    Strip the bed and turn the mattress - if you can
    Clean under the bed if accessible
    Remake the bed

    Level 2
    Dust any shelves and sills and flat surfaces
    If a guest/spare room check the lighting is fully-functional
    Wipe switches/sockets/skirtings

    Level 3
    Clean the windows
    vacuum curtains/dust blinds
    Deal with floor - sweep - mop -vacuum - sandblast as appropriate


    S&S kitchen
    S&S bathroom
    MAD half hour
    Check smoke detectors and outside lighting is all functioning
    Last edited by Valli; 09-02-2018 at 7:14 AM.
    "I would like more sisters, that the taking out of one, might not leave such stillness" Emily Dickinson

    Thank you Honey Bear
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    • Mumof2
    • By Mumof2 8th Feb 18, 1:36 PM
    • 2,639 Posts
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    Thank you Donnajt - I do feel better than I was yesterday thanks

    The lounge is looking much nicer than it was and I've swept the entrance porch and even washed the front door - many thanks for putting muddy prints all over my white front door Whiz Whippet! Just about to hang up some washing to dry and think I'll fling another load in too. Need to pair up some of Z's trainer socks too - she has copious amounts of odd socks all round the place so need to sort them out methinks!

    Just had a lovely lunch out with a friend - jacket potato with prawns so feel stuffed now. Best not doze off when financial adviser is here had I!!

    Catch you all later x
    • LameWolf
    • By LameWolf 8th Feb 18, 1:48 PM
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    I'm fed up of picking up a 'clean' cup to find tea stains left in it and having to wash it again)
    Originally posted by Jojo the Tightfisted
    I get this a lot; mugs, cutlery, dinner plates.... I am so sick and tired of having to wash items before I can use them. I'm hoping that the situation will improve now Mr LW has his new spectacles. It's great that he often volunteers to wash up, but pointless if he's not going to do a proper job.
    LW - I found something that works if we need to give our hound a tablet - dunk in cold KFC gravy. It's so gloopy that it completely covers the tablet and he's swallowed it before he even knows what it is. Not quite so easy with the cats.
    Originally posted by MrsChaos
    I'm sure everyone's seen a version of this before, but it always bears repeating.
    With dogs - yep, go with whatever works. With my own little Penny-Dog it was always fish; one piece with the pill in, then another piece with no pill for being good and taking the pill.
    Of my guests, Sidny and Harriet both liked their meds wrapped in a little of my HM bread. Pip had her Metacam liquid squirted into the middle of a slice of ham and folded round to contain it (her "sister" Pandora used to just get a plain slice of ham so that she didn't feel hard-done-by). With Jack, the pill went in his food bowl and was hoovered up with the food.
    Hi ladies - just lurking this week as I'm decorating like a demon. Tiled and grouted the cooker splashback yesterday and I'm very pleased with the end result....
    Originally posted by Dizzy Imp
    Imho, that counts as a form of Flying - it's getting your home to a nicer state to be in, which is essentially what Flying is, after all.

    I'm feeling unwell again today, after yet another night of less than 2 hours sleep. Mr LW did us some packet soup (I keep some in for emergencies) and a slice of bread for lunch. He's WU, and has been informed he needs to DUPA before Blokey comes to fix the kitchen tap.
    If your dog thinks you're the best, don't seek a second opinion.
    • Honey Bear
    • By Honey Bear 8th Feb 18, 3:15 PM
    • 4,968 Posts
    • 49,821 Thanks
    Honey Bear
    OH doses Devil Cat up several times a day with pills and a liquid. We can both do the liquid on our own. The pills are a two man job and now involve a pillpopper, but even so I found one of his antibiotics on the kitchen floor yesterday. He's highly adept at pretending to swallow it and working it into his back teeth for spitting out later. Little bu**er. I have to say if he struggled at all at pill time he wouldn't have made it this far because struggling opens up the area where the tumour is and that isn't good. He's an utterly amazing cat and OH is brilliant in the pill department. As for all the dogs - I've never encountered a dog that can't be fooled by a bit of cheese, or chicken with a bit of natural yoghurt gluing the pill to it. Kelpie's bright, but he's not that bright when it comes to his innate greed. (He loves, loves, loves his snuffle mat.)

    Vacuummed the ground floor, tidied the kitchen and did another volunteering stint. Mostly things are under control, and H2H will, in my case, clearly be a fits-and-starts project. Today I've been pouring a few kettles of boiling water on the green gunge on the sundeck and front steps which we've discovered is a far more eneregy-efficient way of dealing with it than scrubbing it. It means looking out of the kitchen on to it is a pleasure, rather than a sinking feeling of despair over the state of it.
    Last edited by Honey Bear; 08-02-2018 at 4:20 PM.
    Keeping it AF
    • tboo
    • By tboo 8th Feb 18, 4:21 PM
    • 644 Posts
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    Thursday Thrills Living room
    Level 1

    Empty out any rubbish

    Cleat coffee table
    Rehome aything which is out of place

    Wipe coasters
    Deal with any flowers/water & wipe plants
    Clear out fire/woodburner

    Level 2

    Dust and polish any wooden furniture or just dust
    Check corners for cobwebs/spiders and remove
    Dust skirting boards
    Wipe handles/sockets/switches
    Dust electricals

    Level 3

    Lift chair/sofa cushions and vacuum under them
    Wipe leather furniture/vacuum sofas
    Sweep/mop/vacuum floor

    clean window in lounge
    MAD half hour - only half an hour - this is a nibble not a mouthful!
    Binbag fling - grab a bin bag, run around t he house and fill it with gibble and CHUCK IT OUT
    Sort out your handbag - make sure you're not carrying unnecessary carp around with you
    S&S kitchen
    S&S bathroom

    WM x 1
    DW x 1
    Cleaned window in dining room
    started on No Clutter thread
    “You’re only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry, don't worry and be sure to smell the flowers along the way.” —Walter Hagen
    • atypicalblonde
    • By atypicalblonde 8th Feb 18, 4:26 PM
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    DH has work for next week thank f...... for that, he is driving me bonkers at home!

    3 dog walks done, loads of errands run, food bought and put away, DW run etc etc. The usual basically!

    We have decided to stay as a family of 4, and that is the final decision. LW's utterly brilliant advice of tossing a coin and seeing what your gut reaction is to the outcome is something I will use again and again throughout life. So huge thanks, sweetie xx
    Mortgage 8.2.15 - £171,064.64 Mortgage 17.4.18 - £103,870
    Aiming to be MF 1.10.2020
    • LameWolf
    • By LameWolf 8th Feb 18, 4:38 PM
    • 10,415 Posts
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    You're very welcome, atb. It's a method that has seen me safely through many an insoluble dilemma.

    Still waiting for Blokey to come and do the tap - though he's not actually Officially Late as yet. Mr LW has been sat at the pc playing "The Witcher: Assassins of Kings" for most of the afternoon.
    If your dog thinks you're the best, don't seek a second opinion.
    • Fayolle
    • By Fayolle 8th Feb 18, 5:17 PM
    • 571 Posts
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    Evening all. Apologies for the absence. I wish I could say that the time was spent flying, but that would be a massive lie!
    Hugs, sticks and spoons where needed, especially to the injured Flychildren.
    I've been unintentionally kick starting the slinky challenge, with (what I certainly hope is ) a 24 bug of some sort. Suffice to say, not a lot of last night was spent lying down in bed, and first thing this morning was eventful too. Today's diet has been water, water and more water. I'm just now risking a peopermint tea. To add to the fun, DD had her braces sorted yesterday, so between us we have been a bundle of laughs. DH is thankfully out this evening for a curry. As long as he doesn't bring any home, or even have the faintest whiff of curry about him when he gets back, all will be fine.
    At this rate, weekend flying will be in order. Never a success when DH is under my feet!
    • ionafan
    • By ionafan 8th Feb 18, 6:12 PM
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    GWS to all poorly Flyladies and splattered Flykids.

    to hear you've got a house and a holiday, FBO, but about the loss incurred on your original booking.

    DH has been in horse piddle as a day case today, so two of my working hours were spent taking him in at 8.00 and fetching him home at 12.30. He says that having the injection in his hip was far less painful than he had expected, so perhaps he will smile a bit more now (I am envious because I am in need of another shoulder injection but haven't been given a date yet.)

    My sole flying achievements today have been to S&S kitchen and bathroom, and my essay progress is painfully slow - not helped by getting only about 3 hours' sleep last night, so I had to have zzz this afternoon.

    Rosie has not missed out on her walk, although while I was out fetching DH she managed to get on the kitchen table and knocked over a vase of flowers: the water went all over DH's car tax renewal letter and his new railway magazine. Guess which one he was most cross about - I might have to iron it - will that count as flying too?

    My brain is on a go-slow, so I think food is called for...

    ... but first, here is some Extreme Flying to amuse you

    Have a good evening, all x
    Last edited by ionafan; 08-02-2018 at 6:16 PM. Reason: Added link
    Wannabe Slinky! Target 10 st 10 lb
    02/01/2018: 11 st 10.5 lb
    24/04/2018: 11 st 2.5 lb
    • kazwookie
    • By kazwookie 8th Feb 18, 7:11 PM
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    HM chicken noodle soup for dinner tonight, made enough for 3 days...

    Washing u pdone
    Kitchen done
    Busy day at work
    Sun, Sea
    Slinky start date 29.01.18 28 to go / -10 so far and counting!!
    • roundtuit
    • By roundtuit 8th Feb 18, 8:49 PM
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    Good evening

    Just popping in to say no movement on the slinky challenge chez moi this week. .

    Flying? Just the usual: bed made and birds fed every day before setting off for work. I'm on a training course all day tomorrow: Strengthening Personal Resilience. Then weekend yayyy

    Healing hugs to all the splatted fly children. Sounds like Pixie started a trend!

    I'll be back to fly on Saturday. Enjoy your Friday everyone

    D'oh - just been looking for Winter Olympics on tv - I've been convinced all day that it's Friday

    Slinky Challenge 2018 target - lose 56 lbs
    Start Date: 02.01.18. Lost 16/56
    • MrsChaos
    • By MrsChaos 8th Feb 18, 9:16 PM
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    Thank you LW - this had me crying with laughter. Just what I needed.

    No flying other than daily stuff. Half-term starts tomorrow and I'm chilling tonight before an early night.
    • Narc0lepsy
    • By Narc0lepsy 8th Feb 18, 11:14 PM
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    what I said yesterday I would do today:
    - get to gym early enough to have a bit of a run on treadmill 'bit' was the operative word; about 6 mins as I arrived later than planned owing to still being typing a report at 1.30am. However 6mins is better than none, and it was faster than I run outsidebefore I have eyelashes and eyebrows 'done'. Go to Mr T on the way home as Mr N remembered something he forgot today.He went himself when he took MIL to the doctors
    - finish and send the last reportWork in progress but it will be finished tonight and checked tomorrow.
    - sort out all electrical leads, chargers etc to take away
    - do a car insurance quote as you get a couple of £ on TCB for it.
    - pack!I will admit that I put everything on the bed and Mr N offered, as he is neater at it than me and I was doing other stuff. Final bag weight 13kg which I am ok about lugging around.
    - Put my CPD on the system, transfer money and renew my assessment cert. Not quite complete but will be a 15min job tomorrow

    Also checked train times, filled bird feeders, checked in on-line and printed boarding passes, spoke to friend/brother/mum on the phone, put away all the "might take" items back in their cupboards, checked fridge and veg rack for anything which needs flinging or eating tomorrow.

    Have a great half term everyone, happy hols to those going away the same time as me, sorry can't remember all of you except fbo.
    Remember...a layer of dust protects the wood beneath it.
    • atypicalblonde
    • By atypicalblonde 9th Feb 18, 7:10 AM
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    Morning all,

    We have half term a week later than everyone else it seems, still a week to go here!

    Eye infection still bothering me despite getting new drops yesterday. Trying not to rub it but it's soooo hard!

    I've unloaded the DW and written DH a to-do list for the day DS watching tv with a hot cross bun, DD still asleep. The laundry dried in front of the woodburner last night so will put that away shortly. The promised ebaying NEEDS to happen today, that's the priority.

    Have good days all xx
    Mortgage 8.2.15 - £171,064.64 Mortgage 17.4.18 - £103,870
    Aiming to be MF 1.10.2020
    • Valli
    • By Valli 9th Feb 18, 7:18 AM
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    Sorry it's late; was offered a surplus ticket to see Reginald D. Hunter last night so it was dash home, run in-eat-the dash back to the steel city.

    Had to pay £10.50 to park
    "I would like more sisters, that the taking out of one, might not leave such stillness" Emily Dickinson

    Thank you Honey Bear
    • Mademoiselle
    • By Mademoiselle 9th Feb 18, 9:02 AM
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    Bonjour, snowing hard here and freezing cold so no excuse not to stay in and get on with some flying.
    So far: WM is on, email document to DD2 and another document scanned to appropriate file.
    As you can see my motivation is lacking and my GUAG seems to be absent without leave.
    • donnajt
    • By donnajt 9th Feb 18, 11:10 AM
    • 1,058 Posts
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    I have decided that my kids are old enough to dust and polish their own rooms (17 and 8), I will go and tidy (groundhog day) 8 year old's room and make his bed and hoover but the dusting he can do after school

    other than that I am catching up on living room, Mum still in hospital, will go up after lunch to see her when visiting reopens

    Annoyingly gained 1/2 lb last night - completely unexpected, all the cheaters in the house got on the scales and lost and i have had an angelic week - 2x walks per day, strollercise class and started gym yesterday bloody gained, after group therapy chat it was agreed i'm just not eating enough carbs and food in general so this week i'm eating galore and see what happens very scared that i might gain but we shall see, also possibility that its pain meds as i am taking all 3 to the max again
    Slinkies 3st by summer (loss to date 10.5lbs)
    FlyMarketeers £1k by summer (sealed tin)
    • hex2
    • By hex2 9th Feb 18, 12:12 PM
    • 4,713 Posts
    • 80,037 Thanks
    Hi all, just nipping in to say I am still going strong with my H2H challenge, much progress on long term mess is being made. The work project is peaking and about to end shortly after which I should have a few weeks free to really attack the mess. I'm managing the dailies which helps a lot.

    DS1 has invited a friend over next week which is great (he isn't very sociable so want to encourage and support him) but oh my someone in the house who will be going upstairs
    'If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need' Marcus Tullius Cicero
    • pigpen
    • By pigpen 9th Feb 18, 1:16 PM
    • 36,690 Posts
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    Donna.. are you due AF soon? I usually gain loads the week before she turns up with bloating and fluid. I am expecting to not lose this week as I am expecting a visit next week.

    salmon omelette with beetroot for lunch... I love beetroot!

    Packing almost done for visit to you-know-where, just mine to finish.

    Washing up to date, TD on, lots folded.

    bother.. small likes beetroot!!
    LB moment 10/06 Debt Free date 6/6/14
    Hope to be debt free until the day I die
    Mortgage-free Wannabee (05/08/30)
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    24/03/2018 £53974.15 (5.15% int.)
    • LameWolf
    • By LameWolf 9th Feb 18, 1:22 PM
    • 10,415 Posts
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    Recently I have posted about my inability to a) sleep more than 2 hours a night and b) make and headway on the Slinky Challenge. I may have found a correlation; in an effort to get Mr LW to take the sleep issue seriously, I did a spot of web trawling, and found:
    Copying'n'pasting the bit in question:

    8. Losing Sleep Can Make You Gain Weight
    When it comes to body weight, it may be that if you snooze, you lose. Lack of sleep seems to be related to an increase in hunger and appetite, and possibly to obesity. According to a 2004 study, people who sleep less than six hours a day were almost 30 percent more likely to become obese than those who slept seven to nine hours.
    Recent research has focused on the link between sleep and the peptides that regulate appetite. !!!8220;Ghrelin stimulates hunger and leptin signals satiety to the brain and suppresses appetite,!!!8221; says Siebern. !!!8220;Shortened sleep time is associated with decreases in leptin and elevations in ghrelin.!!!8221;
    Not only does sleep loss appear to stimulate appetite. It also stimulates cravings for high-fat, high-carbohydrate foods. Ongoing studies are considering whether adequate sleep should be a standard part of weight loss programs.

    Food for thought??

    Anyways - plumber blokey says we need the kitchen tap replaced, so he's going to be back this evening with a new tap; and as we're regular customers, they're not charging us silly money for a call-out.

    Flying-wise I have cleaned all the kitchen surfaces with anti-bac spray (stores own version of Dett0x) and taken yet another armful of recycling out to the shed, and that's about it. I am a Bad Flylady!
    If your dog thinks you're the best, don't seek a second opinion.
    • Honey Bear
    • By Honey Bear 9th Feb 18, 1:23 PM
    • 4,968 Posts
    • 49,821 Thanks
    Honey Bear
    Hi Hex!
    Ionafan, that extreme flying video unfortunately reminds me that I have a crystal thing on the landing upstairs that hasn't been touched since I put it up 10 years ago. No wonder it's looking a bit dingy.
    V. jealous Valli. I'm a big Reginal D Hunter fan.

    Flying today is on hold as OH has a meeting in the dining room, which he didn't tell me about until 10 minutes before everyone arrived. Frantic 10 minutes. Now dealing with my In Tray which is harbouring all sorts of horrible stuff. Not enjoying Friday much.
    Keeping it AF
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