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    • coastalchick
    • By coastalchick 5th Jan 18, 12:40 PM
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    2018: Saving for Wedding and potential IVF
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    • 5th Jan 18, 12:40 PM
    2018: Saving for Wedding and potential IVF 5th Jan 18 at 12:40 PM
    As it's a new year, I thought a new diary was appropriate. Plus, I was glad to see the back of 2017 so didn't really want to carry on a new diary.

    About me: turning 40 this year, engaged, 1 cat. 2017 was a strange year. Ups: OH and I bought a house and got engaged, Downs: Cat had to have 3 surgeries (though he is fine now) and I had a miscarriage at the end of August. It was our first child and it was literally the worst experience of my life. Trying again but it's not happening. Seeing specialist 15 Jan to see what he advises. But potentially might need to go for IVF as suspect miscarriage was down to my egg quality with my age.

    We got engaged on a Friday and by the Monday we had decided on a date for wedding 5 months after, On the Tuesday we found out we were pregnant. Planned but unexpected as it was our first go. So we postponed the wedding and set another 2 potential dates for after baby due. However, 8 weeks later, found out we had lost the baby and are now a bit in limbo. Can't decide whether to just elope or just get on and book a big day for say June/July to give me chance to lose weight. Could well get pregnant in that time and worries are, if I do: morning sickness on the day (suffered from it SO badly last time), or miscarrying again. Also put off big day in case we need the cash for IVF. So many bloody issues!!!!

    ANYWAY. I have no debt (though was in debt massively in my 20's) other than mortgage. But savings were massively depleted when we bought house last year. Pension only just been started though have a flat in Tooting which is part of my pension. Ok financially but still worry. And particularly now because of potential costs of wedding/IVF.

    So need to keep self on straight and narrow!!!

    Tonight or tomorrow is big shop and have made a list. Won't be cheapest as we are going to try to do healthy stuff. No plans for weekend going out AT ALL for whole of January which am very very happy about!!!!

    Lunch today will be some fried eggs and wholemeal bread from stores.
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    • coastalchick
    • By coastalchick 26th May 18, 2:50 PM
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    congrats on birth of your granddaughter ES! Yes, fit in back easily as we are test driving Honda CR-V's which have loads of boot space. The iCandy frame also folds up into almost nothing so it's just the carry cot part which takes up the room but even that fits with loads to spare in these cars!

    I think he might be ok with veg tending but we shall see - he's certainly doing a lot on it right now and tbh I think it might be good for him as he hates not having a focus.

    We test drove 2 cars and are now trying to make a decision between them. 1 is 2008 and 1 is 2009 and not much between them. Going for another test drive tuesday lunchtime and will then make decision. Got both garages to agree to allow us to use our credit card without charge which is great. Worked out will only save 412 overall but that's still better off in our pocket than theirs and means we can hold onto our cash and invest it/save it. So pretty good and like it way better than our other car (cue fight over who gets to drive it most- ha ha!).

    Pretty successful day. Now about to book a holiday (using 0% card also!) for end Jan with the baby - also using my loyalty points to get 60 off flights. Having to go with 2 different airlines due to times so a bit more expensive than if we booked a return with same airline, but saves us overnights in hotels. Hotel fees themselves not too bad but it's what you spend when you're there on dinner, breakfast next day etc to be taken into account also.

    We could get flights cheaper but then we'd have to entertain a baby at airport (as we live offshore so have 2 flights to take!) for hours followed by a flight - so thinking better to book the slightly more expensive flight but avoid the long waiting around.

    For me, cost will come out of my holiday account (though paid off gradually because may as well with 0% whereas my holiday account is earning interest (albeit a paltry amount!) so don't feel too bad about that!
    • coastalchick
    • By coastalchick 28th May 18, 3:15 PM
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    Holiday booked! And manageable to pay off. I already have my share in my holiday account but will hold onto that there earning (paltry) interest given 0% card.

    SIL gave us LOADS of baby stuff earlier - it is literally taking over the nursery! But that's good because it's meant OH has had to move his millions of books out of the cupboards in there and start putting other stuff in loft so we can fit some of the toys in the cupboards. Have spent this pm washing the blankets and soft toys which are now drying outside in the sunshine. She's even given us a sterilizer and loads of bottles (which won't really need as planning on breast feeding as long as he takes) but which he might need later on or if he doesn't take and a baby bath. She's also giving us a changing unit and mentioned she'd have to buy some new draws for her littlest's room but great thing is, we have a set of draws in nursery we do not need, so have said we will swap her for the changing unit (which has draws underneath it). Am going to sand down the unit (pine) and paint it white - that will be my little project! Will save us loads!

    Feel like there is a lot to sort in house but we have made a good start. Loads of OH's books going to charity shop which is good. He has millions of the things!! If we had the money I'd love a house with a room we could make a library - maybe one day!
    • coastalchick
    • By coastalchick 30th May 18, 7:49 AM
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    We got the car. Managed to get them to knock 1500 off and allow us to put it all on a 0% card, saving around another 400 compared to if we'd got a loan from the bank. So think it was a good deal. And something we needed. Really hate dealing with car dealers but done now. Pick it up friday as they need to fully valet it etc.

    Our insurance for our other car is pretty cheap (200) but that's cos I have over 10 years no claims. OH had his own insurance until 2016 when he sold his car due to parking issues so the quote was coming out at 450 yesterday. Anyway, he called the insurers and explained he had had 3 years no claims until 2016 but had then sold car, but had been named driver since then on my policy and we've not made any claims. They've agreed to honour his 3 years no claims which brings it down to 239 and gives him chance to re-build his own new claims, so putting it in his name rather than mine (other car in my name and he just gave me half of what I paid for it so we now jointly own both).

    Def pays to call up and ask!

    So, whilst scary we've spent a fair whack on a car this week, at least I feel we did it as MSE as possible.
    • coastalchick
    • By coastalchick 1st Jun 18, 9:03 AM
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    Bought OH sunglasses for his birthday. They were 115 but because he needs special ones for flying. And he is always very generous to me. Going to get him a couple of boxes of lindt balls too (his fave) to open on the day.

    He annoyingly filled the (old) car up with petrol - 60!!!!! He said it's annoying that we are always running out as we usually just put 20 in at a time. I suppose it makes no difference really as we probably would have got through that this month anyway, but psychologically!!!! We seem to get through an awful lot of petrol at the moment, and it's not something we spent much on previously.

    Pick up new car tonight so no doubt will have to fill that up too!

    Cooking lunch for my old boss today so got the stuff last night - 15. But there will be leftovers hopefully that I can freeze for a meal for us.

    Tonight is a thai take out but probs relatively cheap as will share a starter and a rice.

    Need to do a shopping list for this week's shop. OH and I both out Thursday and we have NCT wednesday and I have yoga sunday night so we need easy meals for those nights, then just something for Mon and Tue. So hoping not too bad. Need sandwich stuff for work too and cereal/loo roll/milk as always.

    I'm also secretly (hopefully!) baking OH a birthday cake tomorrow so need to get the stuff for that - much cheaper to buy one but just feel should make effort as it's his birthday. He'll be 35 this time! I'm 40 this year so have myself a toy boy!

    Ordered the baby some summer stuff for the Tenerife holiday as otherwise will all sell out as we will go in Jan so usually summer stuff not then available. Was only 20.80 and got him a sun safe hat (you know the ones with the lip at the back to cover their necks?!), a shorts and t-shirt set, a smart little shirt with dinosaurs on it and a plane romper (as OH obsessed with planes, as is baby's grandad!). Don't think he needs too much else clothes wise now other than one of those UV body things for swimming so will also get that shortly.
    • coastalchick
    • By coastalchick 5th Jun 18, 7:56 AM
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    Literally no point posting at the moment as we are just spending like it's bl**dy water!!!! And we have OH's dad and stepmom coming for a week from next Thurs so need to feed them for a week, plus host a family bbq for father's day. Going to try to get OH's sisters to bring some stuff but we will probably end up funding the lion's share.

    Have told OH that next month needs to be frugal. Think it's just been a matter of timing this month. Just every day is more bills/spending and it's driving me insane!!!

    I know we are ok for money generally but having been in bad debt before I think I just worry. And am not getting paid for 2 months of my maternity leave and we have a wedding to pay for so just worrying about that. OH much more relaxed (but then he is more relaxed than me generally about most things!)
    • enthusiasticsaver
    • By enthusiasticsaver 27th Jun 18, 11:25 AM
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    Sorry the finances seem to be taking a beating. Just keep an eye on it. Hope your pregnancy is going ok.

    Impressed you taking a young baby on a plane both from cost and hassle factor point of view. We didn't brave a foreign holiday until ours were 3 and 4 years old. Hopefully January won't be too hot and you have an easy baby

    My DDs 2nd baby is now 9 weeks old and refuses to sleep in her next to me cot so she either needs to be held to sleep or my DD co sleeps and son in law sleeps on settee.
    Early retired in December 2017

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    • coastalchick
    • By coastalchick 10th Aug 18, 8:02 AM
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    Haven't posted in a long time - not sure why really. Now only have 3 weeks (poss 2 if I decide to take some more holiday) left at work and 5 weeks 3 days before due date! All very scary as currently can't decide whether going to go for a natural birth or an elective C section (for private medical reasons I won't put on here).

    Pretty organised, still a few things we need for baby but mother in law and sisters in law have very kindly organised me a baby shower for sunday so going to wait to see as people may be gifts (I personally wish they wouldn't). We've had a lot of stuff second hand from SIL which has been brilliant. Cleaned it all last weekend.

    Work is tough at the moment - was signed off all last week due to pelvis and have WFH one day this week. For next 2 weeks it's office 2 days and WFH 2 days. TBH am finding it horrid WFH as next door (we share a bl**dy driveway) are STILL having their extension done (4 months later) so whole drive is literally full of cars and vans and feel very trapped in, plus it's noisy. Also not sleeping!

    MSE wise has not been too bad. As we've been buying things as we go each month it's not seemed too bad. We are also due a "payout" on birth from various things of 700 but will put that away. My Tooting flat apparently needs chimney replacing as next door doing a loft extension and builders have noticed it's bad. Looks it from photos. Quoted 1800 but that might be split by 2 or 4 depending on how many flats it actually services (we are not sure) so put 900 away last month for that. However, next door are not getting on with it and ignoring emails now so it might not happen.

    Been putting 100 a month away since last month as we're having kitchen re-painted (OH does most of our decorating but kitchen is v difficult as is vaulted ceiling) in January when we're away and have been quoted 1400 (any tradesmen are v expensive where we live) so we've both started putting cash away from last month to pay for it, esp as January will be my last pay packet until April.

    Just looking forward to baby getting here now - feels like we have been waiting for an absolute eternity!
    • coastalchick
    • By coastalchick 18th Aug 18, 10:10 AM
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    Spoke too soon! OH picked up a photograph of his we'd put in for framing and had forgotten about - 260 of which I've paid half!! And we now have no hot water so plumber coming round at 1030 - we had a new boiler earlier this year at a cost of 4000 so if it's that is should be covered by warranty but OH think's its the emersion heater so god knows if that needs replacing. It really is rather irritating!

    I'm also going to go over budget this month - due to the forgotten picture - I had cut my budget by 250 this month but clearly that's not working! Wouldn't mind but we are barely going out - we went out for dinner last night but that was only 29 each.

    Baby shower was lovely and he was bought some gorgeous stuff. Still got a fair list of things to get (which seems to have grown since I last looked!) but get paid Monday so going to order and take from that money.

    Doesn't look like the work on chimney going ahead as next door gone incommunicado so have transferred the 900 into savings.
    • coastalchick
    • By coastalchick 5th Oct 18, 7:41 PM
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    Helloooo. Just to say, had our little boy on 12 September. Totally and utterly in love - he's a little sweetheart!!!!

    MSE is NOT going well, but will improve I hope!

    Hope everyone is ok!!!
    • Cumbria lass
    • By Cumbria lass 5th Oct 18, 7:52 PM
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    Cumbria lass
    Many congratulations to you all, you must be over the moon.

    Thinks all go awry when you have a little one, enjoy every minute with him , they grow up way to fast.
    CC1 2980 Feb 2019.
    • katsclaws
    • By katsclaws 20th Oct 18, 6:20 PM
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    Congratulations to you both.
    • ImpulseSpender
    • By ImpulseSpender 21st Oct 18, 12:57 AM
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    FD CC - 258.78/258.78, Santander CC - 507/3883.17, MBNA CC - 760/3144.96, Savings - 400/5000
    • enthusiasticsaver
    • By enthusiasticsaver 21st Oct 18, 8:07 AM
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    Congratulations coastal. Glad all going well.
    Early retired in December 2017

    I'm a Board Guide on the Debt-Free Wannabe, Mortgages and Endowments, Banking and Budgeting boards. I volunteer to help get your forum questions answered and keep the forum running smoothly. Any views are mine and not the official line of Pease remember, board guides don't read every post. If you spot an illegal or inappropriate post then please report it to
    • Honeysucklelou2
    • By Honeysucklelou2 21st Oct 18, 8:48 AM
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    Congratulations, lovely news. Enjoy those early days, they are so precious even if sleep deprived.
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